How you respond and how you react to feedback

Feedback is your chance to respond in a way. Where you come out the winner of the situation, and Feedback is your most important tool to know How to respond.

What great feedback actually gives you?

Lets be honest how much do you work with feedback?

How much do you think, that the only thing that matters is how you respond, look, smile, talk, stand and listen? This is what matters – nothing else. This is all about you.

Helpers go wrong?

We go so wrong?

You look at the person; you are talking to; thinking: I want to help; I want to see them succeed, and therefore you give them feedback?

– you believe they need to achieve the goal?

You look at what they need to achieve and what resources is needed to achieve the goal? – am right? if you do you are the helper on the wrong path.

It is not your challenge – it is not your goal – listen to the feedback.

Feedback is given with the purpose





It really matters and if you think about it. Someone can have said something to you a 100 times and yet, one day you get it.

What was the difference between the 1000 times you got the same message?

Listen and feedback:

How you choose to listen? how you make the person who is talking feel?

Feedback and compliance

When do we have compliance?

We have compliance; when there is alignment between the parties involved. Compliance is used in the Pharmaceutical industry a lot, to ensure that there is compliance in production, in raw material, in sales, and among employees.

Compliance is why you need feedback.

Working for compliance you need feedback. Feedback is your navigating tool the agile way to gain the alignment you seek and need.

Healthcare and compliance

Every one who works in the pharmaceutical industry knows, how you tough gaining compliance can be. We need a solid QMS to handle and control the initiatives to ensure compliance.

The QMS system is a feedback system where employees document their call to actions and training.

Do we in the rest of the world need similar system to help us gain the compliance we aim for.

Pharma for Compliance

So much money, so little time. No one can effort to fail in the process. This is why Pharma is run by process and procedure. We aim to secure our way going forward. It’s important; we know; How they do it; When they do it, and who did it.

To you these questions may not be relevant, but think again:

  1. If you know; what needs to be done?
  2. You know how to do it?
  3. And you know who is going to to do it?

You have the recipe to success without failure! and if there is a mistake you know where to correct it?

It’s the simply life quote to succeed.

The opposite of compliance

– is often things you do not want

– if you think about it


Compliance Feedback is a must.

We collaborate with who solely works with feedback assessments to help businesses gather and analyze information in real-time. We do that to help our customers and clients have max opportunities to reach their goals with minimum spend of resources.

No one can compete with real-time analysis.

It is the insight you need to optimize your initiatives and performance.

Compliance, feedback and procurement

The procurement department is dependents upon compliance, the work with spend, demands and specification.

I use to work in a department, where we talked cost before we talked specification and I can tell you that came out very wrong. When you read this, you say, you cannot ask for a service before you know what you want and how must you want.

I tell you; you can. When the complexity and the overview because too tough to oversee, you can. This is very smart high paid people who are still there working hard to achieve the cost savings.

Feedback is the key for compliance, and compliance help you minimize risk, because it is all about alignment.

Do we are agree?



I do not know.

It is okay to disagree it is okay to have different points of view, what is not okay, it not telling. If you know the other part depends on your service. In the forum here we – align on how to work with real-time analysis and how you can benefit across the business from having insigt.

  1. Stakeholder management
  2. Supplier pre-qualification
  3. On going monitoring
  4. Trends and improvements

We are never better than they feedback we get. We can never establish compliance without feedback.

The key to achieve compliance is from a strong feedback solution.