5 Reasons why you must know your own strength and power in business and how it changes your results and performance.

It’s time for the rising ME

It’s not worth anything unless you know the power you process. Why do I say that, because, if you do not know how good you are or how bad you are? You cannot navigate.

You need to know yourself and who you are and what impact your performance has on other people. It is the keystones to achieve success in life.

Why do I say that?

Because if you think about it, when you Read the rest

Why Good Habits start Here and How to get them

Keywords are like habits. It is what you get out of it.

When you search on google you enter the keywords for the results you are looking for. Habits are the same, you do things to get the results you want.

If you do not get the results you like with the keywords you enter, you enter new keywords. That’s the transformation that we will need to come to as humans too.

Because you do not like what your employees … Read the rest

Integrity is the key to higher performance.

How to be who you are?

It’s not that simple you do as your boss pleases to keep your job, or you get fired, but do you get fired for wanting to do a good job?

Where is the hidden treasure, why are companies losing profit and sales? what is the missing link

Join our talk

About leadership, balance, goals and how to progress to higher levels.

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‘I have the audacity to believe.’ (Martin Luther King)

January 2019. New Year. It seemed impossible. A devastating typhoon created a mountain mudslide that left a house destroyed. The people inside barely escaped with their lives. It was a terrifying ordeal for this poor family in the Philippines, yet what astounded me more was their courage under fire. Instead of tending to their own needs, they focused first on the needs of their neighbors whose homes, too, had been … Read the rest

We all want a good life. We all know what we want; it’s how to be happy?

How to be happy and what tool can support you stay on track – here are guidelines

First, let us define happiness: because happiness is so much more than any of us can possibly imagine, and what is happiness to me, does not need to be happy for you. There is no “one” recipe for happiness. What we have in common about happiness is the peace of mind and feeling joyful.

How to proceed and get that is a … Read the rest

Why It Is Important to Believe in Yourself

The Secret To Happiness

By: Shelia Heard

Why It Is Important to Believe in Yourself

You may wonder why it is important to believe in yourself. The simple answer is that no one else will. Your spouse and your family will believe in you to a certain extent. However, when times get tough, family support tends to wane. It’s not that they don’t love and care about you. It’s just they stopped believing in you.

While this doesn’t always happen, … Read the rest

Habits is How To Achieve Life’s Accomplishments

How To Achieve Life’s Accomplishments

By: Shelia Heard – a trust parterne of Coachingandlife

The Job Of A Life Coach

A life coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life. They help you to get out of your head and start taking action in the areas of your life that you wish to change. A life coach is a source of motivation and inspiration that gives you the push you need … Read the rest

How to be happy, is something very personal.

What do to and how to get it, is a tool that belongs to you solely. We aim to support you get the tools and support you need to find the way to your happiness and outcome. The first step is to get yourself a

Personal life coach to track and trace yourself, at Coaching and Life we first seek to find out what is it that you are spending your time on, what is your mind spinning around

The … Read the rest

Win Some, Learn Some

Shift your Perspective and Shift your Results.

So often we believe that we have only 2 options generally. #WinOr Lose. The expression we frequently hear in order to appease our sensibilities is “#YouWnSomeYouLoseSome.” And that is a fair statement; though I would venture to say, not entirely factual.
I believe in the #PowerOfChoice. When we take control of our perspective on a situation, we can modify our viewpoint to accept the “loss” or to use the “loss” and make … Read the rest

Sorry for being so happy

I am so sorry for being so happy – will we be awarded?

What do you think?

We all want happiness it’s how to be happy that is the challenge. Most of the time I do not know what I really want in life, I know what I do not want but this setting goals and saying this is what I want I find difficult. I am not sure why it is because everyone says to me you must set … Read the rest

Creating Good Habits

Good habits are essential for life success.


Good habits are essential for life success.

Why? Humans are creatures of habit.

Bad habits lead to failure.

The goal is to form good habits and become a slave to good habits. A habit is formed when one become accustomed to doing something. It is usually done with no thought after a while because it becomes easy with little or no effort. However, you must determine if the habit … Read the rest

Courage occurs when you can stand for what you believe

No matter the consequence

The #1 Secret To Develop Courage

Courage occurs when you can stand for what you believe no matter the consequence. Courage intensifies when you have faith for what you believe which means you do not need evidence for things to happen with patience to endure.

When one possesses a strong faith (the kind that will not shake the foundation), the ability to have what you want becomes endless. No matter what or who tries to stop … Read the rest

CAL’s Divya Parekh, interview on WRAL.

Expert to Influencer: How to get what you truly desire

Our very own Master Coach and best selling author, Divya Parekh has knocked it out of the ballpark again with her new book, “Expert to Influencer.”

Enjoy this nice and informative interview and be certain to grab Divya’s book which is already on its way to being her 10th best seller.

blob:https://www.wral.com/96381ace-b489-4d49-8ac8-a913ace5adabRead the rest

Meet the Coach

CALTV Interview with Berit Ladefoged, the CEO of Coaching and Life


In today’s interview, Bryan C Dunn, has a great converstation with the illustrious CEO and Founder of CAL, Coaching and Life. Berit took her vision and put her ideas into action starting CAL a few years ago.

Berit decided that what the world needed was Coaching and Life; a new shift in the coaching paradigm. Her teamwork approach to coaching is manifested in Coaching and Life.

 … Read the rest

Leadership to success. 7 tools to think about in your leadership

Successful people don’t whine and blame others.

The team of
1. Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)
2. Adele Stickland
3. Karen Hover
4. Heidi Garrett
Deborah Thorne
6. Bryan C Dunn
7. Shelia Heard
8. Flooris van der Walt
9. Mike Wynm
10. Omkar Velankar
11. Berit Ladefoged

Successful people work hard and adjust.

Successful people don’t take themselves so seriously, successful people focus on target. Successful people have success because the know what it takes to keep a good … Read the rest

Many times, we forget how the simplest things have the biggest meaning

Discover How To Simplify Your Life

By: Shelia Heard

Show us the dream you have inside

Many times, in life, we forget about how the simplest things in life has the biggest meaning or impact. It’s simply because we get caught up with this thing called life, then tend to put our values on the back burner while losing our focus. As a result, our beliefs are no longer our own and begin to operate on limitless power because we … Read the rest

Seeing what appears. If you prefer plans, predictability and structure

Seeing what appears

‘An emergent strategy is a pattern of action that develops over time in the absence of a specific mission and goals, or despite a mission and goals.’ (Mintzberg)

If you prefer plans, predictability, and structure, the emergence of emergency can give rise to a headache. Emergence is what happens when our carefully-laid strategies and plans collide with reality. ‘The map is not the territory’ (Korzybski) and ‘no plan survives first contact with the enemy’ (van Moltke). Sudden or unanticipated change can leave people … Read the rest

What is Great leadership? A dear word, used by many

Future leadership and the next version of our meetup from around the world

Leadership is a dear word, used by many practiced by few or very hard to practice and how do you see it.

This blog is about corporate people coming together and talking and sharing what leadership is and how it has impacted their lives.

What they see at the cores values and drives of great leadership.

With the theme

Your business leadership: Acknowledgement versus Encouragement

The team Read the rest

All change

I remember their faces vividly.

All change

I was invited to work as team coach with a leadership team that was experiencing significant conflict. Our introductory meeting was filled with deafening silences, with team members looking around or down at their notes to avoid painful eye contact. The next step was to meet with each team member individually. A resounding, recurring theme emerged: the conflict was between 2 team members, with each of the 2 attributing the blame to the … Read the rest

A life Coach Mentor In Your Pocket

The Power of Challenges with support.

We can never be prepared for it all. Life is constantly changing and most of the times we are prepared for what will happen.

But the facts are that life is changing faster and faster and we can not keep knowing and being prepared.

Did you know it was going to happen?

Did you know how you would react

Did … Read the rest


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