Dreams and what you need to know

What you need to know

Dream and Dream again and keep on Dreaming >> promise me

What is life without dreams and hope? Only light can take away darkness and only hope and dreams can swipe away fear and evil. Do not let them win and do not become like them. Rise and believe who you are and stand by yourself no matter what. Dreams are about you and your life. Where you are going and what you want to see while you are here. You have on a good day 700.000 hours, how are you going to spend them?

Share your dreams and hope with us and if we can support and help you everyone here at CAL is behind you.

Share your dreams and tells us what we need of how you coach your life achieving it

At CAL we believe the transformation and how data-driven insight opens our insights from analytics in real-time

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How to make HOPE REAL

Light in darkness Make hope real in 2021 – let’s face truth gently, with courage and humility, and make hope real ‘To the existentialist, life is like a small child, lost and alone in a deep, dark forest. And the child means nothing to the forest.’ (Peter Hicks) Hicks’ bleak depiction of the human condition, [ Read more …. ]

Courage occurs when you can stand for what you believe

No matter the consequence The #1 Secret To Develop Courage Courage occurs when you can stand for what you believe no matter the consequence. Courage intensifies when you have faith for what you believe which means you do not need evidence for things to happen with patience to endure. When one possesses a strong faith [ Read more …. ]

I choose I make a choice

Make a choice – choose IF you want it all – you might end up with nothing Make a choice, choose. What life do I get, if I do not make a choice? We choose every day, every hour, every minute. The people that are good at making choices get what they want? Is this [ Read more …. ]

How Goals Is Going To Change You

Are you changing your way, or are you doing the same as usual? Just telling yourself a different story may start the change, do you know your life story? Once you set yourself goal to achieve something, you will feel so wonderful and free, you will know, that you need to do something and if [ Read more …. ]

Radical ‘Sanity is the downfall of man.’ (Pete Claxton)

Radical ‘Sanity is the downfall of man.’ (Pete Claxton) We are standing in a queue outside of a shop. I look around and see her beside me, looking up and pulling funny, comical faces, yet without saying a word. ‘’Erm…what are you doing?”, I ask, quizzically. She points to a security camera ahead of us, [ Read more …. ]

Life Rules And How We Play Them: It is about You and Me and our dream journey.

The first step that comes to mind is; Is it perfect? Is it the best? No, nothing on this site is complete, or the best, that is what CAL is all about seeking our way, Finding out if you or I have opportunities to support one another to improve our understanding and thereby improve our [ Read more …. ]

Design your way

Design your way.          Make it happen to make the difference you need in order to make it happen, only you can do, only you know what it requires to make it happen. Within coaching, we believe that each goal or outcome starts with the Congruence, you need to be congruent with what you want. Positively [ Read more …. ]

Reasons Why Dreams Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

If a vision is to come true, if a goal is to be achieved if you set your mind out for it? If you hold your destiny in your hand, if you are what you really desire. Then it all started out as a dream, you may have adjusted your dream many times, but you [ Read more …. ]

The Angle Of Reason Work For Your Dreams

The angle of reason. Having said that it all make good sense, you see the world as you see it and as you feel. It can never be in any other way. You are unique in all you do and in all you experience. The algorithm you have is unique, no one has ever tied [ Read more …. ]

Engage – commit – do it.

Engage – commit – do it. Engagement steps towards commitment Why do some have success and others not, what is the difference between the two? What determines for it to be a success,  I am, sure that there is more than one reason. One major reason is the difference between making it happen and just [ Read more …. ]

Dreams and what you need to know

10 reason why it helps
1. It is how you change your mindset to become positive
2. They take fear and worries away and bring on hope and wishes
3. You find your desire and what really means something to you
4. Fight for what you believe and what you stand for. Make your dream come true
5. Dreams do come true if you work for them
6. Believe and do what it takes, make the agenda and see it happening
7. Your life your time and you accomplishment
8. Invest in yourself in your life and what you want
9. Stop given your energy and love likes to people you do not even care for
10. Come together with people who want to support you and your life who brings out good sides and show you good things
They are our strongest tool. We can move mountains with dreams and just now are you thinking about what you dream of and do you want to share how to make them happen. Or even better are they coming alive?
The best investment you can ever do is in yourself and the people around you, if you want a world you know, you need to know the people in it. People change faster than light.

It’s not easy and if you want to be come excellent it takes time and effort and you must find yourself a mentor to share and care with. Practicing to become great takes effort insight and facts. You need to find the tools and experience to learn from.

It’s like building a new habit to support your dreams.