What conquer?

What conquer are we talking about? You do not wake up every morning to achieve nothing? You wake to achieve something?

A question you must ask yourself the question, What conquer? Means to you.

Life is a long string of happenings, and whatever is happening in your life, you make happen, even if you are not doing anything.

Life and time, they are hand in hand. Your life is never standing still, and you can never stop any happenings around you. You are in a string of happenings, no matter what.

What you can control?

The only thing you control is what you eat, the rest is up to the chaos around us, you never in control no matter what you think, you can only control how you react.

This is why coaching is so important to all of us.

It is why, we need to align with the way we want to respond. To respond is all about, how we interpret the questions and what is happening around us.

Often we fail.

Too often we fail.

Why do we fail?

We fail because; we do not understand what to conquer, and we either do not listen or we do not understand our own position. It makes us caught in our own world and mindset.

We are wrong.

What conquer means!

Often we do not think about it, but we never think about things we do right, or where we believe we have done our best.

We think about where we cheat, fake or are cheap. This is what is hunting us over and over. What conquer means is, we did it. We actually manage to do whatever it took to make it true.

Me, I sit in this moment and doubt myself, I doubt Coachingandlife, do you really need a life coach forum to get inspiration, coaching tool, daily alignment, talk it through before you act. Do you?

I do?

What conquer can do?

I love when something good happens, when we have worked hard and we accomplice the results this is to me what conquer means.

And I love when, I know what to conquer, when I know how I can support, help and be the improver. Yes, I do not want to cheat, fake or be cheap. I want to do it the honest way, where I sleep good at night.

I know, it is my peace of mind and I for a fact, that I have still not found my breakthrough in life.

What conquer, we will keep.

You believe you cannot keep what you conquer, but this is not true, what you conquer is yours, and it goes with your name. The Danish Championship in Fencing, it is yours if you have conquered it.

Always you can add it to your C.V.

What conquer can offer.

It’s a feeling of feeling good and you want to know what conquer does. It makes you a winner, a winner in your life.

No matter what anyone tells you, you know within, and it is the strongest feeling you will ever achieve, the love for yourself.

Now, you can love someone else.

Life will open your eyes to a new area you never through was there. The meaning of life. Your life.

The result of what conquer.

It is the difference between. You will never understand the difference between unless you have know what conquer means.

At Coachingandlife, we use the life coach forums to give you the opportunity to gain your inner wisdom and to know what conquer means.

Start a new journey today and make life happen for you.

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