Bullying and the power of peers!

What are bullying and the power of peers? It is the whole difference in the world. A bully with bully methods is bullying and the power of peers can make the whole world change.

Why do you bully?

One thing could be! because you want people either to be below you or you want to show people you are right.

Why do the leaders of Russia invade Ukraine and tell their country they are helping Ukraine, when in fact what they are doing is bullying a whole country to be under their command. They want the power to create more of what they have in Russia today, a country of people with nothing, no FREEDOM, no FREE speech, or FREE mindset. Luxury for the few and nothing for the people.

But together we can change it, bullying and the power of peers

As long as the grass grows, as long as the river flows, and as long as the sky is blue there is always hope, dreams, and desire for a better way to continue.

The point for a bully is:

To get what he wants as he wants, and he cannot get it in a good decent way, so he must bully his way to be a the top. No leader would ever bully, a leader knows if you build the people they build you.

Where a bully is bullying and the power of peers comes in, the bullying has not change. This is why we bring coaching to your every day life.

bullying and the power of peers
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Bullying and the power of peers.

(Chief Dan George) “You make all things and direct them in their ways, oh Grandfather, and now, you have decided the Human Beings will soon walk a road that leads nowhere.”

Peers are everything, they lead you and the plan is to make a great journey with good memories. They support your mind and beliefs. Therefore, we must all be careful who we surround ourselves with because what we are among you will become.

A good leaders leads you to see things better, smarter and wiser. You become better and better off.

A life coach forum brings different angles to your perspective on a daily basis. Why will Russia lose no matter what, Why will the kids of the leaders in Russia become just as hated. Why do the west accomplice so much more! look at Russia, its like the west in 1920´

Why is war the last solution for FREEDOM.

(Chief Dan George) “There is an endless supply of white men. There has always been a limited number of human beings.”

No man can win, only human beings can win – anything else is not possible.

Control the bullying and the power of peers.

It’s all in the mindset, what we believe we react to, and to control a bully you need to know what his intention and goals are. He will treat you to take you into a position, where he controls the game.

Life becomes what we think – and it all starts with our imagination.

Think about:

“A thief thinks everybody steals.” …

If you believe people steal, cheat, fake, and are cheap, you will respond to this, but if you believe people want your best, you will also respond to that – today we have made a world where fake news makes news hard to trust. ( we have created a room for the cheaters and fake) because we have fake news.

With every opportunity, there is a problem being solved. Fake news will also be solved…

“There is no hand to catch time.” …

Time is the most important thing to control, how you spend your time depends upon the people you are among. There is no hand to catch time…..

Think about the people in Russia, they support a leader who has closed the door for them to join competition, travel, and creates a better life for themselves.

Even if Russia was free today, the young people who had hoped to compete, travel, and live a better life – have lost time, all due to wrong leadership.

But if you want to stay, see things fall apart and grow old – yes, they are in the right spot, as time moves slowly, they go back in time for a moment.

The gap you cannot avoid why bullying and the power of peers.

The people of Russia are stuck in a trap of imagination. Their leader dreams of becoming America, the power, the greatness and the SPOTLIGHT of envy – the all-time ZAR.

“Where the needle goes, the thread follows.” …

Take a look at the country, take a look at their leaders and tell me – do you want that? Who on earth would want a leader that takes it all.

Bullying and the power of peers – the change

“When you have an ass for a friend, expect nothing but kicks.”..

So find the right friend, the right leader, and create a county, business, family, and friendships where there is room for everyone. We do not like the same colors, food, or jobs and we do not hold the same visions and dreams.

The diversity and the desire to make it better, leave room, power, and richness for all of us if we only unite.

Unite for FREEDOM.

A bully will see the power of bullying and the power of peers when we unite and bring forward the FREE desire, hope and dreams. Every dictor faces the power of hope at one point in time.

Only hope can turn off the darkness and the abuse, Only hope can bring forward the desire to be more, and only hope can take the power out of a bully.

A life coach forum is where we bring the strongest tool we as humans know, Coaching into your daily life.

How we manage to keep our dreams alive. How we manage to give each other hope where there is none. Where we support who we are a human beings.

You can never beat a person who does it because it is the right thing to do.

Joining a life coach forum is knowing together we build each other to become better and smarter.

Not sure if you got the memo – we are here to lift each other up, lead each other well forward, we are not competing we are not the same, and we do not want the same in life. Freedom to choose to do better.