Trust and believe.

We need to trust and believe it’s a fact. We need to trust and believe to feel good, safe and find hope and dreams. So why are we listening to all the fake news, the people who cheat, the those who do it cheaply?

A good day.

What is a good day for you?

A good day for me is when my family is healthy and doing good, that life is into its normal rhythm and we feel good?

What is a good day for you?

If it is feeling good, why do we listen to people who are fake, cheat, and cheap? – we need to be with people we can trust and believe. We need news, friends, jobs, work, businesses, and family, that we can trust and believe.

Do you get it why have we let go of trust and believe?

It’s so easy to laugh at all the bad jokes, watch people do stupid things, and it is so easy not to get up and work for your own dreams and desires.

Do it

I am so sorry to see what people are willing to do for success, the job, the business it is scary news to all of us how vague and lack of morals people have.

Who are you?

How can we change it or/and will it ever change? How can children of today’s world build friendships, liability, and trust, when what they see on social media is fake, cheap, and cheat?

What are we?

One – What have we created? Two what have we become?

I use to admire my boss, today I know his true face, and I can only say, I do not want to have anything to do with him or the business. I have lost all faith, trust, and belief in them.

It’s not a business that makes good business, it’s a business that makes money on the cost of people’s lives if you ask me. They do not care at all, their morale is so low that there is nothing below.

The mirror is where we see who and what we have become, are you proud of what you see?

Standard and working envirement.

3½ years, this is how long people stay, so in a lifetime you can have between 12-15 places, and you need to seek the job, get the job, know the job, and improve your skills.

Name me 15 businesses you like to work for and give your time?

I can give you 5.

But I cannot find 15 businesses to which I would like to allocate my time. I believe in engagement, alignment, and setting it all up well. How would I possibly be able to engage, know and love 15 companies, who can give so much?

Can you?

Name me how many you would want to work for? and why?

Habits will become our future.

It’s not what we dream of. it’s what we do on a daily basis that makes our dream come true.

If you go to the gym one time and go home and look in the mirror, what will you see, no change still the same fat body. If you go to the gym 20 min a day, what will you see in the mirror today, tomorrow, and one year from now?

Change you can trust and believe.

Cheap, fake and cheat.

The first time you do it, you will feel awful, the second timeless, and the third time you will not even notice it. It’s a habit and part of who you are.

Be careful who you surround yourself with.

Let me give you a story from real life. My boss told me that our country has the cheapest prices on medicine. The facts are that I am in a country where there is not only copy medicine, but there are also parallel imports. How do you keep the right face for a statement like that?

But one thing is for sure, he said with 100% confidence.

To find trust and believe.

It is what we all need, someone to trust and believe to keep us safe and sound. Never has stress, fear, and worry-filled up so many people’s minds. Yet, it is not happening by nature. We do it.

In our life coach forums, we talk about trust and believe. We help each other gain the confidence, trust, and believe to achieve the goals we set out for.

We are each other’s backup.

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