See the 7 Signs that people seek to misunderstand you.

Think about it – can you recall really wanting to explain yourself and are trying to tell someone your story, but whatever you do or however you explain yourself, you feel all the way that they do not want to understand you.

How do you deal with people who want to misunderstand you?

How do you let it go?

Here come 7 signs to see how people seek to misunderstand you.

  1. What you ask

If you want to understand something, what do you do, you ask, and you keep asking until you know, what the person is telling you.

The reason why it can be difficult to find the same platform is that we see things from different angles and our past doings has a different impact. If you really want to understand the other person, you open and tell how you see it, what the past has shown you, and what you did.

If you do not want to understand the other person, you do not tell your past experience and you let many unanswered questions stand open for doubt.

So to avoid misunderstanding you must open up and ask and keep asking

Checking that you understand correctly,

By saying, do I understand correctly that..

  1. How you listen

Listen is one of the most important factors to avoid misunderstandings or listen is one of the most powerful ways to ensure that you end up with a misunderstanding.

Think about a misunderstanding you have had lately. When you think about the situation, how do you feel about the way the person listened to you? – how many times did you explain the same thing new ways and with the same outcome?

How come we know the person in front of us wants to misunderstand us, we know that whatever we do, it is not going anywhere, why is it we do not stop and let go.

It is not you, it is the person in front of you who is playing rude. You know and still, you take upon you the responsibility to try even harder. It is a powerful game to play to let another person sit humiliated – embarrassed and uncomfortable trying to make you understand.

Who are you when you play that game?

If you meet a person and you feel, know that they are not going to listen to you. Let it go, do not enter the game and let them win. That is the power to listen, you listen to them and let them talk, it does not matter whatever you say, they will never understand what you say.

At work, we call in collaboration

In families, we call it to get along

  1. Understand your role

What is your role to the other person, if it is your Boss, let it thinks about if you are in the right position and in the right job, to have a Boss who does not want to understand you, but has an attitude of creating misunderstandings? Think about yourself and find a place to work where employee’s knowledge matter.

A Boss that seeks misunderstandings with you will seek misunderstandings with everyone who is not doing as he/she wants, it has nothing to do with you, it is lack of competence and professional skills set in the field. To draw the card and seek to misunderstand is a game that when you see it and feel you know you can never overcome, because if you have a diverse angle to the topic – there are only one questions to ask, is the person above you or below you.

It is very simple,

Misunderstandings are often used by people who drive management by fear.

Else you would not need it.

  1. Impact on your relation

What impact does it have on your relation that there is a gap between you and in the gap is different values attitude and ways of performance and doing the thing.

To use misunderstanding to correct something is to use the power of misunderstanding for something good and great. What happened why did this or what is ..

It is a way of allowing both parties to move on without losing face.

It is a way of enrolling the trust and compliance to level again.

Misunderstanding is a powerful tool when used in the right terms and with the right approach if you decide to use misunderstanding by being silent, not asking it holds strong challenges to esthetic and integrity.

A person by whom you worked for misunderstanding, that person is never going to trust or rely on you again, there will always be a gap between you.

If it is by a person you are never going to see again be thankful.


  1. Power and ownership

Misunderstanding can only be established by your Boss or by a person above you. It is their way of letting you know that you are out.

It is a form used when competence and ability to do handle diversity is. If you are a good leader you never have misunderstandings if you are a good person who allows your co-workers to say what they see and feel.

If you have misunderstandings, you do not listen, you do not have a style where people can speak their minds and thoughts. The higher excellence the more questions, if you are seeking good enough anything can be used, because good enough can be every possible level.

Excellence takes a lot of practice and the way you establish and structure for all questions to come to the table.

A good way of ensuring that you take ownership and does not abuse your power is by allowing all question and ask questions yourself.

Our service is to support and guide people to achieve the outcome a goal they are seeking and to ensure that people have a place to ask and get answers.

If you feel misunderstood, you know.

It brings out many other feelings in you and the only solution for you if you are not in power is to walk away.

To have a Boss that does not have time to listen to you or does not support you, misunderstanding is what will lead to you being fired. Know it and walk away – it is not you – it has nothing to do with you, it has to do with a lack of competence.

When you seek a misunderstanding – can you recall it is the first stage of bullying and harassing or feeling that someone is irritating you?

It is the same if it is you who does it or it is the other one.

It is a cheap not decent way of acting and still, it is very popular.


  1. Decent and people who seek excellence

People who seek excellence will never use misunderstanding, they will keep asking and keep asking to ensure that they get it right.

They will not use cheap tricks to lock people out if you are seeking to be better you want to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

You bring people to the table and you ask them, and you keep asking them.

Silence is for those who do not want to be challenged and want things their way -often using management by fear.

Our team coaching will clarify why misunderstanding is lack of competence, and our team coaching will give you the signs to be aware of when to stand in a situation where someone can benefit from adding a misunderstanding to you.


  1. What’s in a misunderstanding.

You did not seek to understand the other person thereby you lost an angle of the task.  You must always investigate to know if what the person see’s or understands is above and thereby better as you see and understand it today, and then you must ask yourself if you are going to use that knowledge that there is an opportunity to enroll something even better.

Or the understanding is at a lower level and you will need to explain and find clarity and upgrade the person to your level.

A misunderstanding is a powerful tool and must be used with care, you lose out.

A misunderstanding is a very powerful tool when used to improve a task and open up for questions and clarity, I am so sorry I believe I have misunderstood you.

I see your point, but I am not real clear on how we can benefit from what you are saying.

I am sorry I believe we have a misunderstanding, I see a gap and I do not really know, or I am not aware of what is in the gap.

People you seek to find out what is going on and are investigating often find out all good and all issues, it is not only to know what is really going on, it is also to handle the information you sit with.


Our team coaching is very powerful to ensure KPI’s for companies, and our support groups where you can ask and get answers ensures that misunderstandings are eliminated.

You want to be better and you want to practice and find out what all aspects of a topic or situation are.

You know innovation change and challenges require to collaborate – team up and see hear and work har together.

The power of team coaching is that you get to ask and get answers, and you hear other peoples questions which are going to empower strengthen and commit you at the whole different level.

The chain effect is unbreakable

A misunderstanding is a gap between people

If a misunderstanding was in the supply chain it would create mistakes and cost money.


A misunderstanding is a gap between people.

In our support groups, you can ask and get answers to a gap or a misunderstanding. You will soon discover and find out what is in the gap what agenda the other person has and what your position is.

A gap can play a powerful role and change outcome, nothing is more important than to surround yourself with people who support and guide you. If you have a misunderstanding.

You do not have support and you do not have guidance. It is a powerful tools to use if you want to make a solid gap that will lead to separate lives. A gap between partners is the first solid steps that will lead to a divorce or separation, or a gap between you and your boss is the first steps to you being fired.

Know where you stand and know what kind of impact it has one your situation.


Misunderstanding is a tool used by a person who has power over you as in form of being your boss, or boss boss, or partner, friend.

Misunderstanding is a powerful tool to use to make things even better if you are seeking to improve things and you want to open up for people to trust you or being a team.

In our groups, we use misunderstanding as a tool to understand the gap we come in with. Each member is at a different level and we need to find a common platform and learn from each other.

To discover how we do use our competence and how we drive forward is all about collecting information and using what we know for all the right reason to achieve the right outcome.


People will tell you what they know if they feel they can trust you. People will enroll you and empower you to achieve your goals if you ensure that they can speak their minds and that there are no misunderstandings.

We are people working with people and therefore we aim to eliminate all Gap and we use the power of misunderstanding to achieve clarity and transparency.

If you want to join one of our support groups to work for even better performance join us  our aim is to support and guide people to perform the best possible way for great satisfaction.

We support and guide companies and individuals.

Enroll your membership to ensure your performance and use team coaching to achieve the results.

Be safe and live the life you dream of.


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Written by Berit Lagdefoged, well versed writer at CAL.