Feedback Methods, role, communication, and consulting services.

Feedback methods in business.

The feedback methods in business, role, communication, and consulting services is what we bring forward.

We enroll feedback methods in business to ongoing get the insight and facts you need to communicate and respond flexibly and dynamic as a team and organization.

Coaching feedback performance a coaching network

We are different?

For more than 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to feedback methods in business and compliance through people.

Today we use the newest technology to gain ” feedback, documentation, and analysis in real-time” – we believe that is how the best results are created while saving resources and time.

At Coachingandlife, we have built a professional community of extraordinary people. A community dedicated to achieving professional and personal development. A place where the best gets to play with the best.

Why Signup

Cultivate and craft:  strength liability, compliance agile, and resilience from feedback and coaching.

Gain Compliance through people: Alignment across the business minimize risk and optimize improvements.

The feedback methods in business: The key to gain alignment in an agile way. Sign up and get the tailored feedback methods in business.

Why feedback from the chain?

Feedback from the chain – feedback methods in business.

In business the people are the foundation of any value chain: and the feedback methods in business makes the biggest impact – without your workers, nothing gets done. Without your suppliers and partners in the supply chain, things grind to a halt. Without your customers, there is simply no business.

The feedback methods in business gather and analyze in real-time and give you need documentation to support business flexibility and performance.

At Coachingandlife, we hold solid solutions for ongoing feedback methods in business and the life coach forum offer to practice the role of feedback in business communication and consulting services.



Feedback ” the voice of customers” (VoC)

In changing times, what customers needs, want, and desire changes, and your business needs to know where customers are heading. What kind of changes is impacting your business sales, supply chain, and employees. Have a continuous feedback system that gives you analysis in real-time allows you to stay ahead and make fact-based decisions.


At Coachingandlife we understand the need to gain insight and facts from your customer, listen to customers’ experiences, desires, wants, and needs. We are in changing times and it is not possible, that your customers are not changing, the question is how do you as a business stay informed to adapt and change to customers’ needs and desires.


At Coachingandlife we support you to set up ongoing feedback to gain the voice of customers (VoC). Ongoing feedback will let you see trends. move and changes early and let you get ahead, flexible be able to adjust to needs without losing time and money.

As a strong feature and benefit, we secure the process from end-to-end and support those who need clarity, alignment to respond well to the feedback.

Why Compliance through people?

Feedback methods in business – Compliance through people.

Together we set you up: Our feedback methods in business are tailored to your needs. We take pride in engaging with you to optimize your needs and desires to cultivate the alignment you need across the business.

Get solid feedback methods in business and get the tools, and training to act smart, wise, and better on the feedback you get –  take your business ahead in the curve.

Why does business feedback work?

How does it work –  Feedback methods for business.

A game changer – from a click on a bottom get the answers to your questions to make documentation for your decisions. It lets you get insight and facts without working harder and improve the business from addressing right actions points at all times.

Reach everyone at the same time – and get the feedback – documentation and analysis you need

Compliance through people: Sign up to our feedback coach concept here and join the forums now, to start unlocking hidden knowledge talents, and opportunities to new business success stories.

No business is the same and we tailor your feedback coach solutions to your specific needs. Contact us for more.

We give you the alignment of the agile way by compliance through the people.

Success are feedback methods in business to respond well at all times.

Building Improving Performance

Feedback methods in business – Compliance through people building performance in an agile and resilient way. It is all up to you. We all respond as we know. When you have the feedback, coaching tools let you align the agile way.

Build your improving performance smoothly with feedback methods in business and coaching and gain compliance through people.

Listen to the people you deal with.

Compliance through people comes from feedback methods in business to unlock opportunities, flexibility, and reliability call us or fill out this form.
We’ll be happy to answer your questions, provide a tour of our facilities, and get you started today.

More Benefits From Feedback

Make it clear

Work the agile and resilient feedback concept.

As Business or individual you must fast adapt to changes. We tailor the feedback solution to match your needs. The desire to reach your goals the agile and resilient way.

Ask “How might we perform project management in a way that allows us to create and respond to change and deal with uncertainty?” Agile methodologies are the conventions that a team chooses to follow – get feedback – adjust.

Building Professional Performance

Alignment the agile way

Businesses need feedback from customers, supplier,s and employees. We show you opportunities, new ways, and solutions and we use feedback software and coaching tools to achieve it, are you ready? to take a leap?

Build resilience the agile way with us.

We want to do more than provide feedback solutions and coaching, we “get the job done” – what we are looking for are solutions that can make a difference.

We are proud of our feedback solutions and coaches and the high level of professional expertise they possess – whether it involves complex or new and emerging technologies together with coaching.

Cal Coachingandlife your tool

Feedback methods in business


Feedback is Questions

The agile alignment: From feedback find hidden potential, see new opportunities, overview strength, craft clarity, and insight, and cultivate resilience.

Corporate: As a Business use our feedback software tool to gather and analyze information in real-time.

Private: Join a forum and start crafting a lifetime of strength, clarity from your insight and feedback.


Coaching tools

Coaching: We all need coaching. Online coaching forums are not different from in-person, aside from the short commute. Coaching is a technique designed to help you get insight and specific needs to gain your results and alignment.

Coaching Forums: Ask in the forums, use your coaching tools, you get insight and facts to align with your needs. We offer you a membership forum to practice your new learning and the training to speed your results.

Corporate Solutions: Feedback software to gain the analysis in real-time and action plan going forward.

Private Solutions: Join a coach and get tools training and learning to fit your needs.


Find a Coach

Online coach: Online coaching we focus on want and need “. You can be at work, at home, or on the road. We speak virtually through Microsoft teams or Skype. Coaching online allows us to work across the world with many different time zones.

Corporate solutions:  Feedback and gap analysis offers you insight and evidence to your metrics. Clarity the agile way. Strengthen the organization by improving engagement and minimize risk from insight into employees, suppliers, and customers.

Private solutions: We connect where ever you are. Forums, ensure you have a safe place to ask and practice your new opportunities. Use the pit-stop for coaching solutions. Take away fear and start crafting strength clarity and insight. Clear whatever is spinning your mind.

What is life coaching and why do we need it?

What is life coaching?

To understand what life coaching is, we must first understand why we need coaching. Coaching is a tool to use. We use coaching tools to gain alignment or understanding of the problem we are facing.

Here is a simple overview of what needs to be in place to solve a problem, challenge, change, or opportunity.

Manage Complex Change:

If you look at the picture, all the initiatives to solve are something you see, hear or feel. This also means that everyone can do it if they get the right coaching. So managing life going forward is all about the coaching you get.


How to manage complex change in life

The road forward with coaching.

Why are things changing and why are we as human beings changing? Think about it?

I do not hold the answers! and I do not know why. What I do know is, that when a gap rise, we need tools to bridge it. No bridge has even been build by itself.

Every one of us uses coaching tools on a daily basis. It is how we align with our goals, friends, and family. Coaching is a tool we use for alignment to gain clarity and understanding.


A few years back I had a boss, where clarity and responsibilities were unclear. I did not know what to do and in the end, he fired me. The lucky one was me, as I was burning out in trying to build things he did not want.

I do not want to do it!


A gap you see, hear, or feel?

Look above in the picture, every gap leaves a feeling. If you feel confused, the design or vision is missing, and the reason why you are feeling confused is that you do not know what to form, shape, or make. That is why we must always start with the why do you want this? You cannot make it happen unless you know why you want it.

Why do you want to get along with your co-workers? Because you want to feel good at work? or you want to be a good colleague? To bridge a gap, we must know, why you want it, and not only that but where do you want to go, and how do you want to go there. Life is one open book of opportunities.

How to bridge the gap with coaching.

To build a bridge you need a designer, workers, and material. The same goes for a bridge to bridge a gap in life. You can form and shape it any way you like.

Coaching is a tool. It is a proven method to see, what you believe is missing, in the story you tell, you tell what you believe.


I was the head of procurement and my role was to establish a setup that complied with law and legislation. While I investigated over and over, how we could make the setup and I tried to explain, enroll and engage stakeholders to see my points of view. Fact is, I never succeed, I failed I did not have the coaching skills to gain alignment with the people around me.

Leaving years of friendship is a hard decision to make, you stand with the question – try harder or let go. When you believe you cannot change the feeling you get no matter, what you do, you need to let go. You do not let go because you are weak, but because you are strong enough to see you can never align.

Being fired is means my employer believed we would never align, and we sometimes need to understand what coaching did we not get, why did we not find the alignment. Leaving a job is when you believe you can never align with the job you are in.


Coming together

When people team up, come together we use coaching tools on a daily basis to find alignment in what we say, in what we do, and how we do it. We use communication skills the words we use, but coaching is the feeling we get, and that is more powerful than communication.

Here at CoachingAndLife you find tools to align with your life.








Gap Analysis What is a gap analysis and why is it so important

Gap Analysis and Why is it so important.

For you to process the ability to gain insight facts and evidence you get.



We do a gap analysis to get an overview of an area or chain.

It can help you improve your business efficiency, which will also improve your product or services,

and at the end your profitability by allowing you to pinpoint “gaps” present in your company.


Coachingandlife collaborates with

To gain the intelligent software, that can gather and analyze data in real-time.



Once your analysis is complete.

The overview is there. You will be able to focus your resources and energy on the identified areas in order to improve them.

To master is to bridge in good ways and know the action to plan.


What is a gap analysis?

gap analysis is a method of assessing. The differences between what you have today and what you want to have.

Often gaps are meet against KPI’s or to comply with law and legislation.

If they are not, what steps should be taken to ensure they are met successfully.




What is the purpose of a gap analysis?

The purpose of gap analysis is to determine where you are and if you align with where you want to be.

Whereas the purpose of duration analysis is to determine the risk.


Hand in hand with risk

A risk assessment is to give you the likelihood of whatever you are investigating.


The whole process of handling the whole chain end-to-end is and keep on having the compliance you want is have the ability to understand what points you need to address all the time.

To have the insight and facts will allow you to minimize risk in areas but not only will you eliminate risks you will at the same time optimize performance by building the puzzle of the right resources and teams.


Professional team building How to do it

Professional team building How to do it

Here is why it is important for you to process the know-how and skills to build a good performing team.


How do you build a professional team?

  1. First, you need to define and understand what a great team is for you and your organization. Often it is good to make a gap-analyze to define and get an overview of today.
  2. The leadership of the team,  because what matters to the leader becomes the call to actions for the members of the team
  3. Build the connections between yourself and the team members to hold the values that strengthen your performance
  4. Let the team establish a Connection with Each other so they become more than Team Member. …
  5. Be the catalyzer of Collaborations to puzzle the alignment.


How do you build team activities?

Your results depend upon how well your team does and here are Tips To Create Successful Activities.
  1. Why are the team’s Activities important to the business and how can you do things during work hours.
  2. Focus on what you want to Develop.
  3. Get the feedback you need and make a gap-analysis if you need status.
  4. Be clear and be real.
  5. Design your way to be collaborative and engaging for alignment insight to strengthen your performance.
  6. Be open to suggestions.
  7. Be visible and reachable as the lead.


What is the process of team building?

Building a team is a process of understanding, how people work together effectively also known as team development.

Bruce Tuckman identified a five-stage in the team development process to become high-performing.

  1. forming, 2. storming, 3. norming, 4. performing, and 5. adjourning. Using that method will give you insight into your team’s strengths and weaknesses and where you will need to develop methods that make your team align.


What are the roles in an effective team?

The 5 roles a successful team leader must play
  • Clear communication and goals.
  • Able to facilitate and set the agenda.
  • Coach and trainer where it is needed.
  • A motivator to ensure no one loses the spirit and belief.
  • Conflict resolver and bridge builder to align.

Working with the skills to understand why a team is strong what makes the difference can change the ROI  and the whole performance in every corner.

You never know where a negative destructive chain starts.


Functional Life Coaching? What is functional life coaching

What is Functional Life Coaching?

Is a proven method to gain results. It is a way to bridge the gaps and constantly monitor for enhancing improvements.

A whole-systems approach, to addressing an individual’s specific needs, in relation to improving and attaining goals on both a personal and professional level.

Utilizing a variety of techniques, to address personal obstacles, the client and coach create an individualized plan to gain success and prosperity.

A Tools To Solve

A way of supporting the whole human being and not only looking at bits. We believe functional life coaching maximizes the puzzle as an individual and as a business.

We partner with to gain the software that can gather and analyze information in real-time


How to structure the process

How to structure the process

Coaching as a tool is a method

To ask curious, organizational questions that provide momentum and energy for your daily conversations.

Coaching tools and Change management in your organization or team
A strong theoretical foundation that enriches your opportunities for effective and professional communication.

Developing is Coaching

Coaching developments the coached person based on his/her strengths and abilities – not about finding flaws and shortcomings.

How to structure the process:

Working with an understanding of the challenge or the problem as a kind of gamemaster. Because the gamemaster has “ coaching skills and insight” it enables to effectively manage and coordinate conversations towards jointly defined outcomes and goals, while creating spaces for development or improvements through inspiring questions and hypotheses that offer new angles

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What are feedback methods in business to obtain insight from customers, suppliers, and employees?
We help you get documentation, analysis, and validated files from real-time feedback.
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