How to be well informed.

The key: How to be well informed; to adapt dynamically to the new normal and way of life.

To be well informed; We can all use coaching.

Sustainability and whistleblowing.

The 7 reasons; How to be well informed.

  1. The way your business do?
  2. How customers and employees, experience services and products?
  3. A solid chain of making the right decisions?
  4. Problem solving.
  5. Ask the right people the right questions.
  6. Build sustainable solutions.
  7. Fail can cost a whistleblowing case.

The way your business do.

Any business use to be able to handle all circumstances if only they made people feel good. It did not matter what you did, as long as you made people feel good.

Case story:

My boss told me, as head of procurement.

To keep the management group happy. I do not care to know, how you do it, as long as you get aligned and get along to their needs and desire.

Knowing to stay how they work, in those words, there were no limits to management desire nor needs of personal gain. Today the whistleblowing directive would protect me, and I would have a safe place to tell and document, what would be the right actions for the business.

How to be well informed; makes all the difference; not only for you as an employee but also for the business.

How customers and employees, experience services and products.

Improving business is ongoing, customer experience has a direct impact on demands and the Supply Chain, and how you manage to align flexible and dynamic the organization will determine how well the business does.

No; Whistleblowing is needed; where there is an open dialog and natural engagement.

Case story:

Have you ever been in a meeting where it is only your boss who speaks and tells you – how the world looks and what you must do?

How to be well informed about fear, needs, and desire from your team is crucial.

No business, can afford to have people listen to one person’s needs and desires.

Time is everything today, and how fast can you align your teams to the new normal, while finding new business opportunities? How customers and employees, experience services and products are all the matter.

A solid chain of making the right decisions?

No one can wait days, weeks, or months on a person, who needs to send out an e-mail with an excel sheet, wait for the reply, and consolidate the information into the story you need.

Any business today needs a team who does nothing else but as the employees if they have the right software chain and solution to perform their work.

If software solutions are wrong, you lose time. Your employees are stressed, worried, and fear that they do not do a great job. They do an excellent job, it’s the tools that are wrong.

You are trying to build a house with stone aks, or you are offering to sail over the ocean when you know people fly.

A solid chain of making the right decisions come from ongoing feedback in a chain where the story is in real-time.

Problem solving.

We can only solve the problems we know.

How to be well informed is about how to get the feedback, facts and insight you need today.

You can no longer spend days, weeks, and months gathering the information you need to make better decisions, you need information today.

Problems must be solved; before they develop into dilemmas; or great a gap in the business. The Whistleblowing directive is here to support your business build stronger sustainable chains across.

This can only happen with real-time solutions.

Any larger business today needs a team – who’s only scope is to ensure that employees have the right tools, software to perform their jobs. No one can afford a manager who does not listen to the employees.

Ask the right people the right questions.

The problem is not the question? The problem is that you believe from the answers you get?

Case story:

I remember years ago when the business I worked for was going to build a new warehouse.

We went to the attorney to clarify the legal process.

I asked the question, does this mean all warehouses are being closed down. What a shit storm I walked into? My boss told me to shut up and not ask so stupid questions and keep my noisy mouth to myself – in the elevator.

The problem we face is when we ask the right people the right questions, we get answers we do not always like or want to hear.

You need to know, to respond well, what people do not ask, the think. Think about how you think about – the story of Facebook, or the story about Google Earth, or the story about Bill Gates.

Internet, Sofware, and social media is 30 years old. They teach us new ways of life and living and – How to be well informed – is more important than ever.

Fake, cheap, and cheat are terms internet and social media have brought closer to you and me as human beings. To ask the right people the right questions – that the key going forward.

Build sustainable solutions.

Only from insight and facts can we build sustainable solutions whether it is in partnership or business. The key for us today is to get the feedback and be able to think it through to know how to respond well.

A sustainable solution comes from responding well.

And to build sustainable solutions is a chain build, from asking the right people the right questions, and taking their fear and needs into account when responding.

Fail can cost a whistleblowing case.

Where the organization fails to gain the alignment and get the facts and insight, a gap can rise and cost you personally a Whistleblowing case.

When fired there is a gap; when you leave your partner there is a gap when you lose a friend there is a gap when your business gets a Whistle-blowing case there is a gap.

Whistleblowing – is where the sustainable evidence chain is missing.

At Coachingandlife; we understand the need to align.

Therefore we hold tools, training, and forums, where you get more insight and facts on how to be well informed and build your sustainability going forward.

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