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Coach network:

College-bound coaches in an impact coaching network.

An impact coaching network gives you insight, features, inspiration, tools, and much more, we unite working in a college-bound coaches network, to share and shape offers, subscriptions, and plans to customers’ desires and needs.

Coach network for everyone

Starting up your business as a Life and business coach, Life and career coach, Health and life coach, Family and life coach, Life coach for women, or being a Life coach and therapist takes effort and hard work.

In our coach network, we unite to gain more benefits and features than possible if we were on our own.

We offer you:

  • a safe place for our customers and clients GDPR.
  • one point contract
  • one approach
  • feedback solution in real-time
  • booking tools
  • events and retreats

And much more.


Here you find information:

How we support coaches’ needs, desires, and wants.

  • Being a part of Coachingandlife requires a health and life coach certification.
  • From our platform or SharePoint, you can offer Life coaching packages and fees.


The benefits from being in a network

It’s an opportunity to offer more features, empower and improve your coaching faster and get referrals from peers. At Coachingandlife we work with Corporated and when we have set up their feedback structure we offer our coaches to provide clarity and clarity to those who need and desire higher performance.

We offer coaching and feedback solutions.

You will get to join the network and get all the benefits that match the subscription you choose.