The statement of the problem.

What is the statement of the problem, what is holding you back?

Find the problem.

Once you can define The statement of the problem you know what you need to work with. Often when we do not reach our goals, it is because we feel that there is something more important, you need to find out what it is, to protect the values, but still reach your goals.

The statement of the problem.

What is holding you back in retrieving your goals and dreams, what is more important? The problem is often not at all what it looks like, and people who make it – define the statement of the problem. If you do not have the idea to pull it through some people are willing to fake, cheap, and cheat to get it.

I making a dream come true, you need to define the >> The statement of the problem – you want to solve for people and you need to create the solution, and it is not an easy task.

What is most important:

  • A fantastic business result or good relations to colleagues?
  • Goals in business versus your family?
  • Making sustainable solutions or making profit?
  • A good family a good job?
  • A sustainable business versus profit?

The problem.

You know The statement of the problem – What you want to solve in your job, business or relationship. What do you not know is how to do it wisely and smart to come out even better than you anticipated.

Not true.

Some people know exactly how to outsmart you and to get the results they want in life, how do they do it? and what do you think about it.

Let’s take the example:

Did Mark Zuckerberg steal Facebook, and did Bill Gates steal the heart of DOS, and lasted the story did Google steal google earth?

What is the statement of the problem? can you define it? and why do you believe those questions are raised?

The statement of the problem is, that ideas and how to make dreams come true are not what they look like. It’s an ongoing spin constantly build up on a daily basis. It’s the people you tell, share and shape with, it’s how you keep on going moving forward, responding well to the feedback you get.

The statement of the problems is – How do you define, what is right and wrong in a creative phase, and why do we now ask those questions – what leads to the doubt?

The fact is we need than ever to choose the right people – next questions who are they?

What and how you do it.

I called a lead today, a woman in a copy-machine industry. She told me if you are going to sell anything to me your pitch must be much clearer?


Or maybe she is not in a position to see, what is in the future. People who are not open-minded and care to share will be left behind faster than ever. You seek the people who want ahead in the same direction. Faster than ever I lost interest in her, will I tell, share and shape with a person like that! No. – but when you find someone who wants to go forward, they will listen, tell, share and shape – next problem – when we share what is that?

What is The statement of the problem

In all of the above cases, what was everyone involved looking to do? Improve and change.

Facebook, Google, and Gates were in the spin to improve and they wiped the way to make it happen. Do you believe they asked themselves this question? How do I treat other people? or What do I do to other people?

They had a clear goal and The statement of the problem was none existing.

A new sustainable world.

A new normal is here to stay. How we align together and tell, share and shape, while leaving each other better off. When you get fired, some left you hanging, they will hang the next and next and just push themselves forward, every time. The question is not how good they are, the question is what is left for you.

The change in mindset.

People who fill their own pockets and build empires to their own benefit and gain are that a world we want to live in. Social media has managed to change the world in 23 years, and it is for the better or for their own gain?

Feedback has never been more important, and alignment, engagement, and diversity are strong values every business is missing.

If they ask would you give them feedback?

I use to help support and tell what I see, today, I have decided never to tell anyone. Facebook segmented and categorized the content to optimize its own winning. Have they forgotten what it was they wanted to improve in the world?

Gates, has he forgotten what he wanted to improve?

The problem and the statement.

On the journey, something gets broken. Today the EU initiative the WhistleBlowing directive, and this is the first step to support those who believe better, doing the right thing. Being able to tell without losing it all. If you discover something that is not good at all.

Do not tell management ( I did and paid the price) to do it the right way over a Whistleblower link with an external lawyer.

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