How to succeed and how to succeed in business.

Why how to succeed and how to succeed in business are a question you must ask yourself at all times. It is how you enter a conversation, and it is how you navigate through problems, money-making, work, and business.

They key is how to succeed.

When you succeed you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. Let’s take the chain the other way around. Do good, to do good you must do something that makes you feel better, stronger, smarter, and wiser.

3 basic things we do on a daily basis

Helping other people makes you feel better, smarter, stronger, and wiser.

Collaborating makes you feel better, stronger, smarter, and wiser.

Hurting other people makes you feel stronger, smarter and wiser, but it does not make you feel better.

Life is smarter than you think.

Did you ever wonder how the truth always finds its way to the surface? How after years and years the truth comes out even if it is after your lifetime.

Think about the 17 world goals, black lives matters, sustainability, GDPR, whistle-blowing directives. For so long people have had focused on doing something for personal gain and now we see, the opposite maybe not in the majority of our doings, but more and more we see the importance of doing the right thing.

What are you willing to do?

When you need to fire someone, what really happens is, you tell the world that you as a manager are not able to align and get people to see your vision and way ahead. The person you fire is not able to show you he/her skills and why you need them.

Facts are: You both lose out and learn very little, we do not learn from life when we quit.

You are selling software and you want to show a potential customer, how smart your new tool is, and he says, I do not understand what it does and why it is smart.

Facts are: You both lost and did not feel better. You as sales did not manage to get a report with your customer, and the customer never opened up to listen to you. You did not learn anything in your sales and customers lost the chance for a new smart tool to improve their performance.

How do you feel?

Facts are: It does not matter what the talk is, how the circumstance or what you do, if you make people feel less, worse, and hurt. You win when you make people feel good and get peace of mind.

When do you succeed?

Facts are: You succeed when people feel good around you and you give them peace of mind. It does not matter if you are a manager, CEO, or employee. It’s all in how we make each other feel.

First, get the report then start aligning.

The life you live?

Getting fired, being hurt by other people can never lead to a good life. You cannot hurt people and get success and peace of mind. For a short time yes, but not in the long run, life is smarter than you think, and you cannot outsmart life. You are only here for a short period, and your life matters.

Better, stronger, smarter, and wiser is the chain to improve life no matter who we are and what we do.

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