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Do you know The Power Your Story Holds ?

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Do you know the power of the story you tell?

Coachingandlife (CAL) uses the questions: to enlighten you

Life is one journey of choices and your self-coaching on a daily basis is what is leading you.
We do not offer you a free ride, this is among the best.

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Be smarter - I have been there - Be smarter - do not make my mistakes - act wisely and share to know ~you are not alone. Decent people do not walk around and destroy others - share your story with us - find guidance, support and learning

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It's your life and it is all up to you. It's Your-Self Coaching and the input you get - that will take you On

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Do you know the power your story holds?

To use the opportunity to discover yourself, to reach out for the journey you want and join others for which your feedback and knowledge makes a difference, most of us learn, when we are in an environment, where we all are learning, where we all are students or all teachers. We are all excellent in something, and when we use those powers and help, support each other, we express ourselves and we discover our own voice,

A coach learns when practicing, here we get to practice a lot, we seek to help each other, notice this is not for one to one coaching. We are all in CAL. Here you see the work of other coaches, you have the opportunity to hear from several other coaches, facts are, a good coaching gives result, here you will discover your own voice, understand your talent in areas, and you will get feedback you never dreamed of.

Hear your own voice and express yourself as you or as a coach.

Cal is about you finding your voice, you being vocal, you finding your right way and journey. We learn when we are interactive, a teacher is learning while teaching, a student is learning when practicing, or teaching all goes into one circle, this is also how we improve, are creative, move on, we circle, we analyze, we look and we move on, when we are ready. When we are where we want to be.

Cal is about you learning, growing, about your discovering your own talents, wisdom and opportunities.

With respect we recognize and create ways for each other to hear and give a voice to all five parts of our nature

Physically, mentally emotionally, socially, spiritually – we seek being our best

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