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10 things for good balance and success

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Here you find all you need to succeed and to have the balance, make the first step

We all want to be successful in our way, at our work, and with our family, friends.

We all want to feel, that we succeeded and that we get to where we want to be.

We can get there, we only need to know how and what to do, we do this within CAL through our questions to each other, we help each other find the right coaching tool and we support, guide and help each other through the:

  • Processes
      • when you make the map of your current life
        • when you try to see and clarify your attitudes
        • when look to find out what is your challenges
        • through the search of coaching tools
        • if you, choose to coach yourself
        • your first steps

Within CAL the forum you use each other on the level and in the process where you are.

We all need to feel that we are –

Loved – Accepted – Acknowledged – Among – In


That we can be ourselves, on our journey to where we feel peace of mind and where we know we belong, the place where we are who we are

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In the forum, we trust each other, we trust that each one of us, are truthful, responsible and ourselves, we trust we aim for the better and we are here to make the right choices

We are to others as we would want them to be to us, we follow the guidelines, we keep the level, we keep the balance, we love and stand by ourselves

Books from Martha N. Beck

To make a difference requires strength, to do it requires strength, and not to do it also requires strength, we help each other make the right choice

The forum is a live tool, a  place to reach out, if you feel bad, reach out and give support, comfort, or your best advise to someone who needs it, if you do it, then others will too, and we will all have a chance to feel better, know better, be better