Feeling Great.

It is all about how we feel, feeling great is the best feeling we can achieve. We fly, dream and all our hopes become our reality.

If we are out of balance we must find a way to get back to feeling great and often we choose to stress to impress and believe that, that will take us back.

It will not.

Problems and feeling great.

We no longer address our problems as problems, but as challenges, or opportunities. There is nothing wrong with that, except that we may not be prepared to have all these choices.

At Coachingandlife we will start up our PODCAST with small session to improve your life, which you can listen to on the road, while you walk or sit in the train.

A problem is a problem no matter what disguise you try to give it.

Feeling great with a challenge.

Sports you choose the challenge and you fight for it, you have been practicing, you are prepared and you want to win the challenge.

Get fencing to your party next time and test yourself. (We arrange in Copenhagen area DK)

But life challenges often you did not pick them and more often you are not aware if you are good at the challenge that life brings you.

I know for at fact, that I have faced more challenges than I feel good is. I have worked for a CEO who humiliated me as most can be for a woman, together with the finance director and HR director took hard core retaliation out on me. They hacked my personal data and abused them as on seeing in movies.

Challenges are not always making us “feeling great”.

A Problem or a challenge.

Life is different chapters and even in different stages of a journey. We do not have the same problems/challenges or opportunities a different ages.

When you are 20 what is your problem? Going for 30 what is your challenge? At 40 what is your opportunity? Taking it to 50 what is your desire? Living in the 60 what is your peace?

Yes, we live on the earth, but no we do not live in the same world. The world we live in depends on what problems, challenges and opportunities we meet, and it all depends on feeling great at most times.

Is feeling great for everyone.

We would all love to say, but feeling great is a stage of mind that depends on many small happenings.

Which is why we who are at Coachingandlife believe daily alignment, it is not the big decisions in life that are going to change your life. No, it is the small decision you make on a daily basis. The way you are right now. If you get a chance to align with someone, with whom you can speak and align with before you talk to your boss, or you go home to your partner.

The spinning in your head is not making feeling great come easy.

How to prevent stress

We stress to impress to get to the feeling great stage, but as you read this, you see so clearly that stress to impress will not take you there. Still we do it.

It’s a fact that stress to impress is an act of panic. You do not know what else to do you and your court in a trap of eyes looking at you.

But they are not, they do not even care how you feel, what you do or even if you fail or succeed. The only one it matters to is you.

Let it go.

Letting go does not mean that you are weak, it means that you are strong enough to let it go- Proceed your own dreams and visions. I know – it’s hard and it is so easy to be part of a feeling great when someone else has done the job.

Who does that make you?

No, we must rise and listen to our own voice and when your mind is at peace it will speak, and you will listen. It is an awakening call. That is the day when feeling great comes to you from within.

Inside out, people will see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, feel when around you. You have become the star you want.

To keep this feeling great stage, you need to align with yourself on a daily basis, and facts for all of us is that it can be hard. We need support and help, and this is where Coachingandlife comes into the picture, with online Life coach forums a life coach forum is the strongest tool you can give yourself.

Support when you need it and with inspiration from more sources.

Here you are moving forward everyday. Take all the help and support you can get to improve your life fast and easy. People who want to see you succeed will support you succeed.

You see them faster than you can imagine, but people who do not care, they will smile and wave and let you stand where you are today.

No, don’t stop, Believe in yourself and believe in yourself and keep moving forward.

Coming together with one purpose, to support each other gain the success with aim for.

That is Coachingandlife – and if that is for you – join us.

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