Look with the heart!

There is a huge difference between looking at results or intentions and to those to look with the heart.

How do you respond?

The major difference is not the results, but the way you make people around you feel and experience your judgment. Your kids, often you cannot see their mistakes or you can only see their mistakes.

To look with the heart means!

You see the intention. You share to care. Speak up! dare to let everyone know what you are thinking and how it feels. Why not look with the heart?

If you choose to look with the heart, you gain so much more power, insight, and facts into your own life.

It’s a journey for all of us.

What you see is not what you get, you got it all wrong. Life will fool you if you do not fool life. Often it is the opposite of what you see.

If everyone knows, where they are going and how they need to behave there would never be any problems. Life would be on a string and easy to lead.


People who do not like all on a string, people like to feel life, feel that they are living.

How to solve the problems in a life coach forum
The only reason we stress.
This is because we cannot get alignment with what we want in what we do.

The world can do without you

But you cannot do without the world


How we chose to listen.

The first thing is to make a decision to look with the heart and respond with kindness and openness to avoid misunderstandings and a war arising.

For your need, you need to leave the situation dynamic, smarter, and wise.

If not, you are opening for a personal attack, you are changing the situation from being about the subject to being personal.

Seek peace not because you do not want to – get your points through, but because you do not want to open up for a personal attack.

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