Putin makes Russia a deemed country.

A leader who leads its people into hate and fear – Putin. What is Putin doing in Ukraine, how can we stand by and watch? How can we let people lose their countries, homes, be slaughtered, and die? While the vest sets back and does nothing.

Why do we watch Putin slaughter a country? Who does Russia think they are? soon the most hated and not wanted people in the world.

They took Krim – is Putin creating a world where we can just take a country if we want, without following rules and nations. Who hates Putin – who wants to deal will Russia, who will trust a Russian? – Putin has 350.000 soldiers to protect him alone – one man. He is so hated that he needs 350.000 to protect him.

Putin a one-man show.

How can one man destroy a whole world, how can we as humans let this happen? This moment our children wait to grow up, do sport compete and start adventuring life. While an old man on 70 years destroys their future. Thank God that no one lives forever.

Decisions from Putin.

The decisions Putin makes will make Russia, the most hated people in the next 40-50 years, and Putin will have been dead for years before the world – if the world will ever forget this invasion of Ukraine. No Russian will be able to buy services and products.

What not to do.

2022 has proven to be a year, where FREEDOM got on the agenda. We want to choose and we want to be people with a choice. FREEDOM to think, FREEDOM to explore who we are. Putin and his people are living in the old days.

Who cares about Russia, if Russia does not care about Russia, and Putin cares about Putin and his luxury, his friends the Russian oligarchs. They took a country’s wealth and turned it into their own. What kind of communistic leader would do that?

A leader what leader?

Leadership to improve our children’s lives and opportunities, leadership to explore and improve the world, improve to know more, see more and be better.

Humans who care for what they are who they are.

We can never ever solve the problems Russia is facing, this is an internal problem that they must solve themselves. Can Russia win the heart of the people or is it too late?

Let’s think for a moment, would you trust a Russian in your living room where we stand today? would you ever want to see with a Russian, play against them in sports – No –

No No No

The FREE WORLD – is here to stay and countries will join forces against the dark side. To be honest, we needed the dark side to show color – to feel FREEDOM to the bones.

People build people and out of good grows better, and light and goodwill find their way. It cannot be stopped.

A country that listens to the old and a man who has never ever given them anything else but hate, fear, and destruction – must rise and solve the problem – it’s a Russian problem.

Russian oligarchs who owns Yates for 140 mia dollars and never worked to create the fortune. That is not the AMERICAN DREAM – that’s the lottery or stealing from someone else.

This is Putin – the wrong man at the wrong seat and it shows even more now when he is doing so much wrong. Close the Gas, and build your wall Mr. Putin – your people do not care about Russia, so why should you – and even better why should we in the west.

To be a great country you must care for who you are and what you are with those you are.

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