Personal Coaching

Why Personal Coaching is what we all need when we stress, fear and doubt. The FREE mind is why you need personal coaching – TO KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL – AND WHY.

Personal coaching is inner FREEDOM – who you are. ( This blog is not about the war, nor Putin – but we are using them as figures – as we have never had a LOSER show the world what a LOSERSgame is. No, we can see it, feel it and hear about it every day.

Putin is the best figure we see today of the opposite. Just now he has made a law that gives you 15 years in prison if you speak badly about the military ( Oh as he says not the truth). This is the opposite of FREEDOM.

To stay free and embrace FREEDOM we know how hard it can be to speak and communicate, what we feel. It is one of the most difficult things.

Personal Coaching the key to FREEDOM.

Here is why.

Using Personal Coaching is a tool to understand your inner struggle, Putin must be one of the most scared people we have on this planet, because not only does he has to invade, slaughter people, he also has a country where he has it all together with a few friends, and the population has very little.

So his inner fear, doubt, and lack of human belief are growing every day. The more he gets the more he needs because the more he achieves the more he is confirmed in his belief, that he must protect himself.

It’s turning Putin and Russia into losers, who play a loser’s game.

The Loser and Personal Coaching.

What is a loser’s game? A loser’s game is when you fight to get something the wrong way.

The war in Ukraine is wrong. Even if Putin wins he will lose. No sports for his people, no international HERO’s he will 100 years from now be the leader of the dark world. The learning and personal coaching we all need to know how to get what we want. The right way.

A loser’s game in family life is when you hit, bully your way to getting what you want.

Person coaching is about WINNING.

– It is about becoming a true winner.

What is a true WINNER?

A true winner is a person who wins because it is right, compete the right way, and fights to become the best. Leadership is one of the most difficult disciplines because it is about leading People. You must win the people because they chose you. Not because you have a title – look at Putin he can win no one.

A true WINNER the true FORCE.

To be a winner in it self is a game you must master. A loser does like Putin – uses force, treats, war and destruction. A winner shows the belief in dreams, hope, strength, empowerment and light.

A true leader for dreams

The habits we build from personal coaching.

We become what we believe. We act like we feel >> fear brings hate, ware, and destruction.

Love brings dreams, hope and belief.

Teach yourself through personal coaching.

Dare to love, dare to dream, dare to share, and care. Dare to open up for the true forces of life. The desire of people.

We need to believe dream and hope.

Personal coaching is the key to finding yourself and what you love and desire. Putin will die, his time is limited and history will show he was wrong.

Rise to build a free world for everyone. Rise to support well over evil. The best over fear. Rise to be who you are a traveler in time.

May the force be with Ukraine, may white light shine and protect those who fight, and may our prayers be heard.

ZERO is back

It’s what we do that matters, it is how we respond teach ourselves to become winners, true winners.

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