Why Coaching is humans strongest tool and How to play the winners game in life

Time changes and we change with time.

Humans’ strongest tool is the ability to adapt and adjust. We change with time and most of the changes we make happen.

There is no digital solution that is not man made and there is no progress without humans pressuring it. Embrace digital solutions and let easy and simply help you gain insight and facts to solve the right problems.

We use analytics in real-time to help us gain the insight we need.

How does it work. It is self-service analytics for any team-leader or management to gain insight and facts to make the right decision.

Ask customers for the insight you need? Why not? With answers from the customers you know what to do. There is no reason to produce something or change your service if your customers do not need it.

Facts are change comes from what we do.


Sometimes you drive the future and sometime the future drives you.

 The Fact is, the more insight you process to see what is coming to you the better you can prepare.

The uncertainty makes us worry and no one can handle too much uncertainty. It’s a matrix for your likelihood and risk.

We humans like, things we understand and things we know. The uncertainty makes us worry. Why do you believe we worry, fear, and get anxiety over uncertainty?  Because we do not know what resources we need to process or handle.

It is very important to us to know what resources or skills,  we need to have to solve the challenge or the problem.

Right skills give right progress

Wrong skills give frustration

The winners game in life

When the time changes so do the skills that is in demand and right now, we are facing changing times.

We face a common enemy – COVID-19. You and I want to be among the people who will support us make it through and if not, it is better to be alone. We want to be one side where we stand well feeling good. It is the winners game in life

Remember the saying:  It’s better to be alone than join bad company.

Maybe this comes from similar situations like we face. If you do not come out of this alive all your struggle is going to be worthless. Get up and get going with what is the right thing to do – no matter what they try to tell you.

Different skills in demand are one of the core things you need to keep in focus, just because someone needs what you have. It does not automatically reflect that they get it from you.

Who you give what to be a decision you hold?

It is your choice to know who to choose. You are in the winner’s game in life. If you fail in your choice you end up among the wrong people or the company and it will end badly.

Good people for you, take you good places.

When the sport team matches, they win. The coach manages to combine the right mix of skills and capabilities.

 Progress and clean up are core drivers as everyone right now looks at what are the right skills to be among. You want to be in the winners game in life

If you hold tools and skills to solve the problem or the challenge, you know what to do.

A life Coach or A Mentor

To break the uncertainty gain insight and facts to navigate your way forward, but even more important you need to steer the process.

Insight and facts come from a new angle of reason and the ability to ask new questions to solve the problem in a new way using different forces and capabilities from within.

Burn out stress and stuck

You stress and fail if you keep using the same force within all the time. We need to look at the problem in a different way.

If it does not work do something else.

What is that something else?

That is the major deviation, it is not possible for you to see who is in the game. Why do you think all great players have a coach? It is not because they do not know the game.

No, it is because looking outside in you can see what is not working and what needs to change.

A life coach helps you solve

What is a life coach, that is a person who holds techniques in life to solve certain problem not life coach can solve all?

Insight into how you want to solve your problem

Facts to you about what the situation is

Example from my world:

Fired from work ready and not prepared

I knew they were going to fire me, what I did not know was how they were going to play the game. How they would hurt my name, hack my data, and use it against me. I was ready to move on and let go. To give you a bit background what level we are in, a director went down in the office lifted his arms up and said – yes, she is gone.

When we face problems and challenges, we face them with the same angle of reason as we play ourselves. Here I was facing a management that is willing to hack data, call everyone I know and hurt not what I do, that they still use. No, it is personal it was me as a person.

When it becomes personal you need a life coach to give you other angles of reason. Powerful people use the lowest tricks and are extremely basic in their approach of how to solve problems.

It’s why a life coach is important and the coaching you gain in insight to steer and navigate. This for me right now has been a process of 2 years and I am still in the recover phase from what they did.

The life coach support to gain insight and facts change what resources I use and help me to see what is really happening without being personally involved. See I did not create this situation they did, they open a ball for a loser’s game.

What is a loser’s game?

It is a game where ability and capability become basic.


Professional businesses always play a win-win game, it’s what drives you forward and keeps on supporting you to win gain and progress.

Going back to the example and the learning and coaching is very important you need to know if you play with the winner or you play with losers (who believe they are a winner)

It’s the first insight, you need to gain to know how to steer and navigate.

With our tools for self-service analytics you can get any insight into customer, employees, partner or supplier.

Gain the facts and insight to know what skills and abilities you need to steer and navigate.

Why uncertainty

When things are uncertain, they are also new and exciting, and no one wants to do the same things repeatedly. We are born with an inner gift to keep seeking change.

Humans love change it’s a fact you love everything that makes it easier smarter and better. We all do, what we do not all process is the ability to see our own power to achieve what we want and how we want it.

As humans, we face two constantly problems and yes, it is problems. We face what we want, and we face, how to get it.

That sentence seems simply whereas a fact, it is not. When speaking about food a cook serves what we expect, but when it comes to business and results of work. How many are not fired because a boss says you did not do what I ask you to.

Yes, you did. The manager has a self-low image awareness to see, that people do not do as you say, people do as you do. It is the trick of life.

How to work the trick will always be the uncertainty that we cannot foresee, and that part will always be a huge uncertainty and is not for this blog. (Contact me if you like to know more or gain leadership skills)

Good uncertainty is a good challenge

Uncertainty, where you do not process the skills and tools will lead to stress, worries, anxiety and can lead people wrong places.

Team up with us if you feel you need a change – trust me, I know what it means to get into the insight and facts to steer and navigate doing well.

It is not luck, it is awareness and coaching.

Coaching is humans’ strongest tools and you can do it too.

How we think about the future

The future is here every morning, the facts are we never know what today brings so each of us wakes up every morning with uncertainty and coaching is humans’ strongest tool to get insight and facts. We want to believe we control and most days the day is just as we expected them to be.


There are days where happenings are happening that we are not prepared for.

Those days can ruin it all.

Most people steer and navigate wrong:


Hate, fear, worries and stress often brings out a different person in you. A person that acts on how you feel.

They hurt me, what they did is cheap cheating and fake, and thank heavens I am not among lies and cheaters today.  What is good for cheap cheat and fake people is if they can get you to fail. Lose control for a moment and do something stupid.

Example of cheating:

 If your wife cheats on you, you beat up the guy and you end up doing something wrong and that is wrong. Right is to thank the guy for showing you the true color of your wife.

Example cheap:

Cheap people who fire you and use dirty tricks and hack your data and call up everyone, they want you to fail and do something stupid. Whereas what you need to do is relax and steer the process.

Example of Fake

If people talk about you and lie about you, they are fake and be thankful that you are not among fake people you cannot trust. We are all learners no one holds the truth, but everyone holds part of it. Facts are for all of us we are on the journey of discovery and nothing lasts forever.

The only thing you have power over is how you steer and navigate through the problems and challenges you face. How you stay in the winners game in life.

They will determine what kind of a person you are and what your children become.

What a difference – coaching is humans’ strongest tool

Have self-service analytics in real-time is a game changer for business and you as a person. New skills and knowledge will be in demand. The need for having people to get thing done or analyze will fade away. People who work together will be in demand, who can steer and make smarter decision with people.

It is people who succeed, and it is people who change and right now the world is changing from cheap cheat and fake into sustainability and ability.

Businesses are cleaning out and up and the businesses who will be here  years from now are the companies who manage to embrace the digital transformation and gain the insight and facts to make the right decision, solve the problems and expand the profit.

It is basic it is people who succeed, and the facts are that coaching is humans’ strongest tool to steer and navigate through stressful changing times.

Humans even process the tool habits where you can learn and do things without giving it much though.

We are in a winner’s game joining us and know-how

Every one of us is in an ongoing training and learning as we do not know what problems and challenges comes tomorrow.

Fact and insight is that the winners game in life is about the people you surround yourself with.

Insight to know what the winners game in life is

Results is that being in the winners game in life is much more fun.

Join us at coaching and life and stay in the winners game in life

Gain self-service analytics for your business to gain the insight and facts you need to simplify the decisions time while you save money.

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