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Our service is to ensure you have what you need and here coaches support coaches and you get support to all things online. We train you using the site, posting, making programs, and events. Here you are never alone we team up so you can free your time and grow your business.


Join Us As Life Coach

Coachingandlife is a portal for where we use coaching tools to optimize, ensure performance, and best practice for our customers and clients and we bring people together to share insight and facts.

With the newest technology analytics in real-time. A Stakeholder management tool to gain information in real-time. And We support the data-driven insight and facts to help organizations succeed. As Life Coach, you can use all our tools Booking, Events, Analytics in Real-time, Habit Tool, Blog, Post, Pages, Shop.

Coach Network

Become part of a network where we align our forces and promote together. As a Life Coach and Mentor, you process unique skills and offer your skills to customers, businesses and you join a network of coaches who share tools and services


Work Here As a Professional

Grown your business here. All Coaches are independent Life Coaches and CoachingAndLIfe is a service provider of tools to always insure professional services. Clients get a safe place to ask, and you get a great place to work. All our services are on-line and as a life coach, you get access to all our tools.

Independent Contractor

Everyone working here are independent contractors and all your customers belong to you. If you leave CoachingAndLife you can get a copy of your profile and we delete all related to you. We are a safe GDPR place to work, and you are the owner of all you bring including you customers.


Analytics In Real-time

Together we offer teams and business Analytics in real-time. For you there is the opportunity to gain weekly training to ensure you can work with data-driven cultures and insight and facts.


Data-driven cultures facts and Insight

Insight and facts in real-time simplifies the decision process and gives an overview of where coaching is in demand to ensure profit, optimization and best practice.

Cal Coachingandlife your tool

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