You Can Only See What You Know – Do You Agree?

If not, how would you define something you see, that you do not know what is?

If you see a lion, you know what a lion looks like, and you define the lion.

If you see a fat person;

You know what a fat person looks like, and you define that person who is fat as you have been taught fat is.

If you see a person;

Who is different from you, and you cannot define what that person does or why they do what they do, then what do you do?

How do you define people who are different from you.

You call them divergent, are they divergent or are you missing terms in your mind to define them?

Who is right or who is wrong?

Or is life just so much more than we can ever imagine.

I think of my work;

I see people define each other every day, how they smile, how the seek to be accepted as who they are.

Why is it so difficult for us to accept someone who is different from us?

Coming back to the topic, you see what you know.

Ask yourself next time someone comes to you.

Do you know what they want, and do you know how you will answer!

– What is your answer? Do you listen to the reply, or do you listen to try and understand how the person in front of you feels, what is the story doing to the person?

– and why are you the chosen one?

Did you ever stop and think about that the person who is telling you, could have chosen anyone else.

Chose you, why what can you offer to make the person who is telling feeling better.

You are the chosen one.

Coming back to the topic, you see what you know:

And you answer for what you see, and what you know. How could you do anything else, if you are to be a good listener you must:

  1. Strive for and ask – did I understand correctly
  2. Find out what you have in common
  3. Listen to know and find out what you know to align
  4. Be open to being wrong
  5. Seek what you both know
  6. Try and test if you both know – like is this how it is
  7. Seek the power in what the other person is explaining to you
  8. Stay open

Did you listen to the story they had to tell you, or did you transform it into a story of your mind?

Did you really listen?

To what the other person said, or did you listen to reply.

If you listen to reply you focus too much on yourself and what you see, hear and feel about it that you forget the person in front of you.

What is important to him or her?

Why are they telling you?

He or she could tell their story to anyone, anyone and yet they chose to tell it to you. Why do you think that is?

The most impressive thing in life is when you become a person that other people like to tell their story, you have friend yes?

and you have the family yes – do they choose to tell you?

That is a good question to ask ourselves?

If you want your best, you will seek people who like you are seeking the best in life. You know the true color of people, and you know what it is all about if you chose to listen.

Coming back to the topic!

Why can you only see what you know?

Within you have an agenda, and that is what you follow, my son is cannot see he has very little sight, and it has taken us more than 10 years to discover that he has very little sight.

The school said he was not sitting still in classrooms, that he was getting up, and that he did not tell the truth.

Why because he could not see, yet all by coincidence we find out that he cannot see, by him taking on his father’s glasses and saying I can see.

Over the years in school, we have struggled a lot with many different challenges but the hardest is the bullying and harassment even from other parents.

We listened too much to the agenda that the school had to even listen to ourselves, we did not at all listen to common sense.

You can only see what you know because that is the agenda you have within.

Yes ago I was flying home, and coming back in the airport we had a delay, and there were some issues that needed to be attended.

All passengers needed to wait and then go through a tunnel to get out, yet when we can to the end, the door was locked and we could not get out.

People started to jump to make the sensor react to us being there, people started calling and pressing the bottom to have the door open.

All this was happening and then a voice comes from the back have you tried to open with the handle.

The door was open, and we could all get out.

We can only see and understand what we know.

We do as we understand it. If it is different, we cannot twist our minds to it.

Solutions from another angle come from someone else, it can never come from you.

If you do not know it, you can not see it and use that solution.

The good question is can you only see what you know?

No, you cannot say you are a human and you can be taught anything, be it requires that you are open and willing to learn and really listen.

Just as we sit here you and me.

When is the last time you were with someone and you had the feeling they were listening to you?

– Me writing this I can recall or remember that someone listened to me.

I feel within how I just let people’s conversation pass through. I do not listen.

I do not pay attention, the agenda is often an agenda I do not like, and therefore I just smile and wave, or I might say something that they do not like and then it is over for always.

So can You only see what you know?  – you tell me?

What happens to you if you have a conversation with someone so different from you and the way they understand and see the world.

How do you react, are you open to understanding them or what do you do.

Please write and tell me how you do? and if you feel that you can cope with people that are different from yourself.

Can you see and understand their mindset?

The challenge is – How do you know you only see what you know?

Think about for a second they way people kiss ass, people who do that knows exactly how to say what the other person wants to hear, they know what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.

They turn in like on a radio channel and they do something to achieve something else. It is impressive to see,

Did you ever watch a person kissing ass, and after woods – if you say a bit about it, they do not understand at all what you are talking about?

I see it every day, no one – not even one speaks up and tells how it is, it is fake smiles and fake attitudes because of the way management runs it. What happened to be me, as I am, for what I am.

That is none existent today, today fitting and adapting has taken over and it is about kissing to achieve.

What challenges you when you only see what you know?

You will never see the world as it is, the question is do you need to, if people do not speak their differences and people only tell you what you want to hear.

Then your world becomes a stream of happenings that matches your mind-set and you become narrow in your world.

Life is the difference, life is challenging, life is seeing things differently.

Life is a journey and your journey is yours solely, your life with the way you live it is a unique combination and there can only be one.

If you think you are like anyone else, then think again.

You are the actor of your life, you are the life coach of your life.

Whatever you say will happen, will happen and will be as you say it, you can change it all and you can decide to keep it all

How can you change what you know, and see something different?

By finding people, who like you are seeking to discover the best parts of life.

Yyou can if you know that you are among people who want the best for you, who wants to make a difference for the right reasons.

Then you know what to expect:

It does not matter what people tell you if you know that they do it out of a good heart, then you can cope with it.

It is why we have the different memberships because you know that even though people might discover life differently and see life from a different angle.

One step ahead because you have the same vision and goal, you are in a membership that is about so much more than the story you tell.

It is about permanent change and understanding.

The support, guidance and help you give to each other is so important to how we go through life, each wave that hits our life, we all seek to cope with and we all seek to find the best of life.

Together we are so much stronger and there is no reason to handle and deal with life challenges by yourself, your story and what is happening to you, share it so that others get the benefit and can learn from you and you get to read and see what is happening for other people, you are never alone, there is always someone out there who has tried something similar and felt a bit like you do.

It is why

You define what you know and from there you lead to where you want to go?

It is the only thing you can do, if you are not challenged by someone who does not know you and does not see your mind set. I love when people challenge me, when they tell me that I am wrong I love to investigate and look into issue and challenges.

I do not see the truth I do not have the truth I have a story and I have a life toolbox and what I can do is invite you to see life through my eyes and see hear and feel what I am feeling. It is my invitation into my unique world. If you really would like to understand what it is to be ME with MY toolbox, then the only way is for you to accept my invitation and listen to my side of the story.

Whatever you may think, and whatever you may hear, my story is how I see it and how I feel it, and if I am to change my story and the way I feel I will need to valid input.  I can always be wrong, and I can always do better. If I am to do better, it must be because it makes sense to me.

Same is said for you.

If you are to change what you see and know.

It must make sense to you and you must want to widen your knowledge and world. There is so much out there for us to discover and there is so many journeys you can chose to take.

Whatever you decide to do, know that right here right now, you can you see what you know, until someone out of your understanding challenges you to see the world from a different angle.

I love those challenges and I love to improve myself and my way. I love the support, guidance and help I get from the life coaches at CAL. I hope you find the same support, guidance and help and that life is good to you.

Be who you want to be and the best of yourself.

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