What is coaching Why does it work so efficiently

What is coaching?

We call it coaching when a professional coach and a person (coaches) have a professional conversation.

It’s a conversation where the coach’s side is professional.

The techniques can be used privately but also in the workplace when a manager coaches his employees. These are techniques for creating insight and understanding as well as initiatives.

Why does it work so efficiently

At CoachingAndLife, we support and help get feedback for insight and information. Our software can help align and cross bridges. There are several key points that must be in place before coaching is efficient. Trust commitment and belief

With our forums, software, and knowledge to use coaching, you will have it all.


Coaching is an invitation to reflect and evaluate

It’s an invitation for reflection
It is important that all parties know what is going on and that the coach is always neutral and non-advisory, and that the coach manages the process through open questions.

The strength of coaching is that the receiver himself gets through all the reflections. It is a managed process to create reflection and is therefore not counseling, guidance or therapy, but a managed reflection process.

Who can become a Coach

Coaching is not a protected title and everyone can call themselves a coach. To join Coachingandlife means Commitment, Loyalty and trust. We validate not only our coaches but also companies and customers.

Coaching as a profession or as a tool

In the forums, we use coaching as a tool to make our conversations with good ways and manners. We believe feelings and how we trust each other. How we gain insight and understanding to find our way.

People who work with people can benefit from known coaching tools and techniques, can benefit greatly from knowing coaching tools. The professional and supportive form of conversation produces results in particular in families, management and jobs, which typically have many different and difficult conversations.


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