Self-discipline arises as your desire

Your self-discipline shows when you want results – When things go your way you ride a wave smoothly. When things do not – you learn your strength and ability you get your self-discipline to support you.

Mindfulness and stress are opponents – think about the discipline that takes you in either direction.

Why is discipline so needed, and when do we use it to control what do we gain. Get feedback to know facts and get documentation.

When we think about it, we all need a way out, a way in, a change, we need to find a way to do it. When thinking back and thinking about all the people, we have met or faced what has always been the right way is a winning way to get the right outcome.

It is when we have been around people who had the capability or self-discipline to listen and hear even understand. Keep everyone in balance.

Self-discipline is the strength to achieve the outcome you want; it is the force you have, the ability to close your eyes and find a power that makes all the difference in the world.

Self-discipline is a stronger value than we can ever imagine. When we use our discipline we use our inner voice, the thing we have inside, that is so strong, we know, we believe, and we use our powers the right way.

Instead of having the focus on what others are doing, and we focus on ourselves and our way, we do it right. If we take a stand and try to keep the people around us in balance we know, where they are, and we see how they react if we, on the other hand, let things get out of control.

Then we lose grip, we do not know what others will do, and we do not know how we will react, this is when we end up losing.

If we listen to the lyrics – do not kill the messenger – facts is that is what we do, the one that says it, is the one we connect to the outcome.

Sometimes, things happen to you, or for you. How did it happen and why, sometimes it is not the person who says it, but people behind that make others do it? 

They are the ones outsmarting the ones going in front.

When does this happen, and does it happen.

Have you ever been so upset, over things that when you think about, really did not have anything to do with you, or you had not yourself thought that much of it, until someone came along and just kept on going, going and going?

You think I have to do something about it, and you do you end up being the one losing your temper, saying things that you usually would not do. Who is on the line where they can go on?

It happens more often than we think, we do things because we are less self-disciplined than the one that comes at us.

What can we do to take over and have the self-discipline, how can we know and make sure that we stay in the comfort zone?

That is the million dollars question and the question we must ask ourselves over and over again until we learn how to stay in our comfort zone. Away get out fast, is to ask the person you are with, what are you going to do about it.

In most cases we know, they are never going to do anything about it, it is a good way for us to be aware of that, it is not our case, it is not our wish. We stay in balance. Doing this will in many cases bring a stop to the telling, the person in from of you will stop and reflect on what you have said.

And the will of many reasons maybe stop, because they understand, that you are not going to do anything about, you are a listener. For some reason, they have picked you, as they have a feeling you will make the change, or you will do something about it.

You will do it, and you will make it happen. Once they discover that this is not the case, they stop, and you will see this can come from a clear sky once you say, so what are you going to do about it. Or how will you move on?

My challenge is to get the right discipline and to use it wisely?

How do we want to unfold discipline? What is it, that we see when people that have strong discipline accomplice? There is one thing that we think we know, that is that they are calm, that they have tolerance, that they seem to be in the balance and very understanding.  

It does not mean.

  That this is, what is going on inside, they use their power to control the most important asset, that they have, = themselves and we all know that what we focus on gives the result and the outcome that we want. By using self-discipline, they are one step ahead of us because they focus on how and what, and stay in balance.

Does discipline build character? For this we all know the answer, practice makes perfect and see when we use our strength and force in situations given to us, we react, we are not proactive, and we are responding to circumstances around us, when we use discipline, and we really start using it, we will see and find that it is very powerful.

We get a chance to think about the outcome we would like, and we get at change, to think about how we want this result to be. We get to be the persons we want to be, we take responsibility for our behavior, and we know how to get it. Does discipline give results?

Oh, we get the best results we can ever imagine and we, even more, we get to enjoy ourselves in a whole different way.

We get to know and understand the reactions so much better and clear.

In many situations we do not know, what is happening, what we step into, we are only a brick, and we have not even thought about if we have rolled, or what and how we would like this roll to be, we get so court up in the story or the telling, we do as we move alone  

Does discipline give tolerance?

  In practice we do, we will see and feel, that we use our skills differently, and when we focus on other things, we get different outcomes. For the surroundings, it will look like we are creating tolerance. Where facts are our focus is just somewhere else, when you tire up you’re doing up in letting go, listening, or just being calm.

Then we have a chance to decide what we want to involve ourselves in and what we do not want to get involved in.

By using discipline to focus on what we want, we decide, we make a choice, and we are aware of what we do, and where this will take us.

It teaches us to be strong.

  It gives us new ways; this provides us with a chance to build up a fashion in a way that is in balance and harmony with our wish for outcomes. How do we work discipline to achieve the outcome that we want? Everything in life is practice and the more we practice, the better we become, and the more we do the closer we get.  

The effort that we put into it is also the level of the outcome we receive, and there is never anything that is as it looks, what we do as people is we do not tell, we forget how hard it was, we let go of doubts, we have built our way our journey. It is why, we understand people on our level so much better, we are tuned in to the same.

We are already there. Discipline used with tolerance is a tie-breaker, gives you a chance to think even better about your outcome, where you are going.

Discipline used for knowledge gives you a chance to know something more or different, and a chance to see if you are making the right steps. To use discipline and practice inner knowledge gives you even better changes on the outside, so when we are talking about self-discipline we talk about our way, our way of making ourselves even better, understanding our thoughts, understanding our feelings.  

Working personal self-discipline, we need for a while to keep silent, we need to find our inner voice and understand what is going on inside ourselves, we use our self-discipline to seek, to learn to understand, and when we know much more, we too know how difficult it is.

What do you do? Start right now, there is no excuse, there is no way out, it is your life, and what we do with our lives is up to us.

Life is a challenge; life is a journey, life is an experience, life is so much once we start exploring it, really When we see, how much we can benefit from self-discipline then ask ourselves – how come you are not using it.  

We all know of discipline rules and how we are measured by a set of rules, this from our early days in school to work or how different families are, one thing that is accepted in one family cannot be allowed in another, what is good can also be wrong.

Therefore, the better we are at seeing our perfect inner picture, the clearer we are. What is at least as impressive is the capability, we have to self-discipline ourselves in everything from what we eat too, what we master, what we believe, or our behavior.

Let’s for a moment look at today, when did we use our self-discipline to control a situation. When did we do the right thing, only because we mastered or self-discipline? The good question? Is who do we become as persons, when we master our self-discipline even better and on a higher level.

Did we not think about it all? A self-Discipline is a powerful tool, how much of the stories that you hear do you tell to someone else, and how much do you know, about a person, where you have not used this information eater to explain or give to someone else. What power is there in the know about people? What effect does self-discipline give you? Why would learn and practice self-discipline? The self-discipline in our storytelling and our capability to keep information at the right level. What is it worth?

How many lines would you give other people? And what happens when you keep it short.

Does high self-discipline give respect? So for a moment let’s think, you do not respect me, then I would have the power to me to change this if I worked my self-discipline? It would again mean, that when we look at respect, we can unfold except to other meanings or measures. Within each value, there is so much to be revealed. When we seek our values, when we attempt to understand ourselves and our way, we will find the best balance and harmony, we will see the peace that will do wonders for us.  

Good feedback what to do

Useful feedback can only come from yourself; you are the only one who can see your perfect inner picture, you are the only one that knows what there is and what is not. Feedback is how you feel; it is your life, your way, your journey. The way you, self-discipline yourself, also determine the trouble, the issues, the things that you will face in life, so what you decide, the choices you make decides what you will meet every day.  

When we use self-discipline we make a decision, we make a choice, and we decide what is in our lives, and if we need to reset something it is always good to go back to level 0, start all over where we do not do anything, we have no opinion, where we are open to all suggestions.  

We have a chance to learn it all over again or if we have areas where we want to build we add all the values and skills we think is needed and we use self-discipline to make sure that we get a chance to change to understand what is happening and if what we are doing is working.

If something is not giving you the outcome that you want, stop and change, stop and listen, stop and learn even more about yourself, you have the capacity, you have the will, you know what it requires, you can do, and you are ready. The changes that you make matter to you, the challenges you take a matter with you, the way to make your choices will make your life.

So be your best practice understand yourself and take your life to where you want to be.

You are the creator, you have all you need, and the best part is that what you do not have today, you have the skills to seek, and this will always be an extreme value that we have the capability to explore, to look, to learn and understand, this is what will take us to our perfect picture, the only thing that matters to our peace and balance.   It is one of the ways to be our best, our way to create and do what is right for us, and the better we are at being who we really want and are, the better, then we will not have to hide and tell stories and do things to avoid, we have it all if we use it right

Good luck and be your best

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