A Trusted Network

Trusted Network; we need each other. It’s the people we surround ourselves with that fill our minds with inspiration and here we grow a worldwide network of the best.

A Resilient Chain

It takes a lifetime to build a trusted network, and some may hold that network themselves from their family or friends, but some of us do not hold that ourselves. There can be many reasons why. A trusted partner network is having the right person to reach out to when you need it. At Coachingandlife we understand the need for a trust partner network and we are growing a trusted network of services for our customers, coaches, and businesses.

Coachingandlife verifies everyone in the trusted network and you are welcome to apply. Each business or person gets to introduce their services to our coaches and members and we use each other for referrals. We unit to do better, in a constantly chaining world it can be tough or easy – easy if you know where to get the right support and guidance.

Trusted Partner network.

We tie it together our mission is to help our customers and clients understand the feedback they get, so they can respond well, smart and dynamic. It’s changing times and faster than ever, today is the slowest day we will experience. How can we help humans adjust, be flexible get the insight and facts they need to respond well and smoothly.

It’s all in the feedback we get, and the more we work with feedback the smarter we become, the sooner we see trends and changes.

Our trusted partner network is to help everyone involved improve for each other and do better, see the trends and get ahead. Alone no one can make it, but together we can make it an experience and craft a lifetime of strength-building resilient solutions. The trusted partner network rely on each other and refer business to each other.

A Good Chain A Trusted Network

Professional Coach or Mentor


Founder & Business Coach

Berit Ladefoged

Business Certified Coach, Procurement Lead
Online Sessions + Forums + Events

Hypnosis Havening

Bryan C. Dunn

Hypnosis and Havening
Online- sessions and Coachingandlife

Certified Life Coach

Shelia Heard

Online Sessions and Masterclasses
Sessions + Master Class + Books

Business Strategist

Mikael J. Poulsson

Project Manager

Life & Emotional Coach

Roxanne B Davidson

Certified Life Coach
Online Sessions + Forums + Events

USA - EU Health Services

EU - Software & Services

USA -EU Lawyer or Attorney

“the legal method”

Maien Kruuse

Phone: +4541292835
Site: Maien@maikme.dk
City: DK

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