To me, CAL is the place I seek to find guidance and support to my life. Life brings along many challenges and adventures and some of them; I cannot handle by myself. I need assistance and guidance to solve them best way for me.


To me, CAL is the place where I can tell my side of the story, where I can tell and people listen. I learn from the stories I read and see what other people do; I listen and learn.


To me, CAL is the place where I can discover new life techniques and tools to improve my learning, and I can teach others what I know, we can share life tools. I am in a place in my life where I want to learn. I may not want to look at what I do; I just want to learn.


To me, CAL is the place where I can tell my side of the story and the impact my story has on me. How I feel, what I think and what I do. It is the place where I can invite other members to level with me and help me change my way.


To me CAL is the difference it is where I learn how to be the best of me, It is where I get support and guidance for life tools and life knowledge.

I can choose; what level I  want to talk to members on! – If what I want is to tell my side of the story and listen to the story of others!  I join ME level.

If what I want to share life tools and knowledge I join MY level.

If what I want is to tell share and shape my life through interact, challenges, and change I join BY-INVITATION-ONLY.


To me, CAL is a lifestyle ongoing support and guidance through my life. I need to find my way, and I want to do well in life, I want to be my best.

I do not need to hear what I do wrong; I need you to reach out to me and with support and guidance to improve my way to achieve the outcome I seek.

I do not want to destroy something permanently because I am temporarily upset. I want to show you the best sides of me, and I want to show you the best sides of life. I want to make it happen, and for that, I need support and guidance and cannot do it without you.


It is why CAL has three different member levels because depending on what challenge I face; each challenge has a different impact on my life.

When, my son, was bullied and harassed by a parenting father over two years all the accusements, the blame, the guilt and the impacts on my life and family were crucial. How people are to you and your children? How do we as a family move on doing good?

When I lost my job and all the accusements the impact it had on myself, my family and my whole way of life. It showed me what I am not, and what I do not want to be, in life. How do I move on in good manners and ways?


That to me is CAL the place where you have a chance to change a challenge to a better outcome for you and yours.

Never destroy something permanently because you are temporarily upset.

Stop and think and feel

Stop and find support and guidance

Stop and find awareness and strength

Stop and see what you need and want in your life. Seek the right people for you.

Follow and be with people who bring out the best in you and show you the good sides of life.


That to me is CAL