What happened to our manners and decent ways? How did we end here?

How did we manage to let our integrity, honesty and good manners fade away?

Time is changing and so is our ways and manners. For so long we have been chasing the perfect look and zero mistakes.

What happened to our manners and decent ways?

It’s hard to play a fair game? and it is even harder to play a fair game once you have a position you need to defend. There is always someone who can do it better.

How did we end here?

Scared o losing the job. What if they lose their position, they are afraid they cannot handle the challenge.

To keep the position you are willing to let go of your integrity and decent manners. When did you hear someone be honest?

Good ways and decent manner is the way forward.

We have come to a cross road where digitization is will take over and give humans insight and awareness to make the right decisions.

The digitalization will change the way we work and generate profit and results.

It will change our manners and decent ways.

There will no longer be room for fake, cheap and cheat.

Software always delivers on time and with Zero mistakes.

We stand at a crossroads.

Where the world is in need of leadership to gain our manners back. We need leadership that can connect and engage people.

How we connect and find alliance will never be more important than now. It is a time with Corona and it is a time where digital tools take over and move jobs like never before.

Coming back to our good ways and manners.

Surround yourself with good people who will help, support and guide you and care and share life.

It matters who are and what we become and most of all it matters what you as big-pharma lead as the lead it’s important to make a sustainable solution and stand for things that progress well – right way.

It’s the whole point, that smarter wiser people lead us who are not so smart and wise, and help us do better because we follow their lead.

Lately we have seen what happens when the people rise and take their voice and power back.

To keep on going doing well we need to come together and find alliance in our ways together.

What would you like to change and why do you believe we are facing changes?

Think about our manners how will the world look 2 years – 10 years from now?

When will we realize that changes has started?

How do you see changes in our manners?

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