Leaders Success How to have the right people

What we are – what we behold. Time show, what we are and what we [ Read more .... ]

Let the sunshine Treasure to be easy to work with

Let the sunshine and plan your life Let the sunshine and plan your life, be [ Read more .... ]

We are the world and who we are. A FREE MIND

We are the world, who we are. Do we need to be the same or [ Read more .... ]

Personal Coaching FREE mind and improve to GREAT

Personal Coaching Why Personal Coaching is what we all need when we stress, fear and [ Read more .... ]


Freedom Freedom is the key to a great and better world. Have we forgotten how [ Read more .... ]

Life coach community Free your mind with a safe place to ask

Life coach community. Your life coach community is your safe place to ask the questions [ Read more .... ]

Daily mail The affirmation you need to stay well ahead

Daily mail. The daily mail will remind you of what you need to remember and [ Read more .... ]

Group How to create a safe place for good learning .

Group A Safe-Enough Space Group – Action Learning and Vulnerability ‘Trust is a product of [ Read more .... ]

Responsible act and behavior

Responsible act and behavior Responsible act and behavior. Act responsible for your doings, your behavior [ Read more .... ]

Change happens and Change is a gift – A parcel special for you.

Change happens Change happens- You see and feel so much of yourself. When you go [ Read more .... ]

Win or Lose You Do Not Know This Is Not The End

Don’t give up Win or Lose You Do Not Know This Is Not The End [ Read more .... ]

The Power of Stress and Stress gives You Power.

The power of stress and stress gives power. Think about: you can know anything, but [ Read more .... ]

Even coaches face lack of confidence

Even Coaches – Where do we get our confidence from? Does our confidence not come [ Read more .... ]

Medium sized business The best good job to have

Medium sized business A Medium sized business; why is that where you find the best [ Read more .... ]

10 things to think about in your leadership and why

Your leadership How to take your leadership excellence being in a life coaching membership can [ Read more .... ]

Life Coach To Help You Move Past The Challenges

Life coach place – All digital and online – Life Coaching is a strong tool [ Read more .... ]

Are you feeling Stuck in Life – Do you want to move on?

Feeling stuck in life – Are you feeling stuck in life? Feeling stuck in life [ Read more .... ]

See as you feel – 10 Reasons to let go or try harder to succeed.

See as you feel See as you feel – Work harder or let go, how [ Read more .... ]

Sleep Better With Ayurveda

Sleep Better. Sleep Better With Ayurveda Ever wondered how to sleep better? Ask just about [ Read more .... ]


Bully parents What has changed us? Why would you bully other parents? Bully parents, Why [ Read more .... ]

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