What we are – what we behold.

Time show, what we are and what we behold and we show the world what is important and has value to us.

Your life is a reflection of

what you believe and fight for.

Over time there is no doubt, that we are what we are, even if you try to tell someone something else.

As a leader, how do you lead people to better places, results, and outcomes? and as a family member, how do you create an atmosphere, where people want to join me – share with me and align with me for progress?

It’s not always as easy as it looks, and time will tell whether we are what we are and we are what we behold.

There are some things you cannot talk your way out of. No matter how you try.

  1. Who you are
  2. What you are

It may take years even decades for the world to change wrong into right, but over time slowly, things go into balance no matter how hard humans try to avoid it or keep it as is.

We humans fight for what we believe.


Behind the leaders in the west are the people.

What is the West is known for?

Creativity no one can develop and create new things like the west, in the west, we are constantly improving and building something new.

Leadership is the desire to lead people to follow you, to improve their lives, someone because you believe in what they stand for.

People behind leaders.

The way it makes us feel and live our lives. Take a look at your leader and take a look at their Wife or Man. Here you see their leadership skills and belief.

Behind the leaders in China and Russia is a system.

The best way to see what we are and what we behold; Is by looking – SEE

TODAY, in Ukraine Russian soldiers fight to conquer a country for old men, for a reason they do not know, who by force want to take a country back to a time when they felt good as young men.

Facts are those times, with those beliefs are gone, and they will never return no matter how hard you push or force.

But leaders try with force and systems to push people under them into performing as they desire.

Why would the Russian people want this war?

How can this war ever take the people to better places, journeys, and experiences, when it is done by force, what do those who fight believe?

  • They are in a war – for what?
  • Parents send their kids to fight for what?
  • What does a young man on 20 years believe?
  • Why are they doing it?
  • How can they stop?
  • Who are they if they win?

Can you by force – force someone to gas, oil, or sex if you pay them? – Anything is up for sale if the price is right?

– but that does not make it right

– it makes it wrong and the world will over time take it to the surface and wipe it away.

What you get is – you will never gain love, trust, care, reality, and true respect. For a decade you say goodbye to what life is about the true leaders and

– What makes humans different from animals?

Leaders who take the world into a better place to be.

We are what we are and we are what we behold at the moment, what we are seeing in this time of digital transformation is a huge change in how people want to live, and what they believe.

Systems controlling the people.

By nature people fake it, cheat and are cheap and we spend a lifetime teaching ourselves how to build a friendship, family, and wise competence.


We are not the same.

Our background and where we come from – how nature and man have formed our beliefs and values are not the same.

How can we speak about love, hate, anger, business, or even war if we do not understand where that person is coming from and wants to go?

We are what we are and we are what we behold.

It is more true than ever, more old men want to take the world back to the time, when they controlled it, and where they were the game setters.

No matter what their time is over.

We see it with all the major countries – old men trying to take their countries back to their time.

Soon this will all be over and a new balance will by nature find its way. No empire has ever lasted.

Systems behind leaders.

In every system there is a whole, in every system, it is good and bad, and in every system, not all humans function well. A system is made from a normative point of view, and so is software, it is made by someone who believes that if we do it this way.

There will be ZERO mistakes and we get things done the right way.

Leaders love systems, it’s their tool to navigate and control the process going forward.

The challenge a system has; is if the system no longer matches the people’s needs, wants,s and desires.

Then the leadership changes status; it turns into a dictator with a dictator.

The purpose of leadership is gone, it is no longer leadership. The digital transformation makes it easy for leaders to turn into dictators.

And we faster see that we are what we are and we are what we behold. Because the software accelerates the process to a new speed.

Structure and processes.

The next 200 years will for sure be about coming together – in one world.

There will not be a country there will be diversity and different cultures living together, having small fights to survey?


Because we humans now have one common threat, no matter country.

– how to live on earth and how to breathe fresh air!

At Coachingandlife we believe we as humans need to align and find a way to achieve our goals and dreams in the world we live.

How by listening to how it can be done the right way.

Membership is an alignment on a daily basis to your needs.

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