Life Coach Shelia Heard

“Transforming challenges into opportunities, gaining wisdom from lessons experienced, and making profits."

To empower 2 million women to take the world by storm by magnetizing their gift within that will spread love, peace, joy, and harmony around the world with God’s help.


About Me

Shelia Heard, a retired Army veteran and founder of the Awaken Leaders™ Movement is notorious for refusing to give up on Self despite the circumstances (daughter with an neurological illness leaving her blind and limited use of arms and legs, and son with a mental illness charged with brother death). Her resilience will inspire you. You will feel power boiling up inside your gut, until it bursts open, freeing you from the control suffering and sorrow once had over you. That’s because Sheila believes that while pain is unavoidable, suffering is a choice. She will invite you to choose freedom, to choose happiness, to choose life…on your own terms.

Developing the practice of resilience saved me as I faced so many obstacles in my life one after the other. I chose to retired from the military to care for my daughter who I helped overcame a neurological illness which left her blind with no use of her arms and legs.

Later my son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. During an altercation between my two sons my son, who was, diagnosed with a mental disorder was charged with the death of my other son.

Of course I was devastated by the loss of my son but I knew I had to make a decision regarding how I would live the rest of my life. I decided to dig deep and to rise up over the challenges and in fact use those challenges. The tools I learned on my journey, when you apply them daily, can help you as well to overcome obstacles in your life.

Now, you are ready to embark on a journey towards your best self.

Let Me Coach You

  • My life coaching services is 5 Empowering Steps To Find The Resilience And Strength Inside of You, so that no matter what fire comes your way, you know exactly how to navigate the flames.
  • My coaching style is the Secret To Controlling “You” So That You Can Control Your Life (and finally live it on your own terms too)!
  • My coaching process How To Acknowledge When Change Is Necessary, even when it’s painful and feels impossible.