How The World Can Change Overnight?

How the world can change overnight and how it changes you?

How did I let it happen, I ask myself that question over and over again. Looking back life can change overnight. How I see the situation and how I see how wrong they are.

I use to admire the management or the so-called leaders until now, out and free I see they are not at all humans I want to be aligned with. Honesty is long over. I actually discovered that management can lie in court all they want, it’s only the witnesses that are under oath. Think about it.

How it changes you: Coaching tools has been the solution to me.

The fact is what happened changes me, and how it changes you all starts with what I think, first I got angry because so many lies so much untruth

How coaching tools all the time helps me look at what is the right thing to do in business and as a person.

I found the power in practicing sharing with humans how I feel and how to improve my mind. What they did is all about who they are.

What I do is all about me.

Coaching teaches why you need to be silent, what it brings to you of positive good things, and how you practice and achieve your outcome and goals.

Coaching And Life

Every time people hurt you, they to because they can.

When a manager fires you? he does because he can

Life And Coaching and How it changes you

Leadership is a conversation where you find clarity and vision for the call to action. An employee in doubt will make mistakes, where there is not trust and believe there can be no progress.

Humans who are fake, lie, and cheat do it because they can and because they get away with it.


Coaching and how it changes you

A positive mind will seek and positive outcome. Whereas a negative mind can never give you a positive outcome. The lesson for me has been that never trust people who lie. That is a joke – even I can hear you think that. I will say it again, never trust people who lie. People who claim to be doing the right thing, people who tell you how it is.

Let me tell you where I have experienced this:

A CEO said Denmark has the world cheapest prices on medicine when the truth is Denmark has the most expensive prices on medicine.

An HR Manager said, trust me we do things the right way here, I am a member of the association

Due to their position, we believe

Listen to your own voice it speaks the truth

Coaching is the strongest tool it is where you listen to your own voice and find your truth in it all. What is right for you and who you want to be.

Let go of all the people who are not there for you and with you.

Coaching tools and alignment offer you the greatest leadership you can imagine because it offers you the ability to gain wisdom

A good leader mentor and coach

Will always bring out better than you were able to alone.