Life coaching is a powerful tool to achieve the outcome, we are seeking and some may call it spiritual life coach or some may call it hard work to achieve the outcome we seek in life.

Seven Spiritual Life Coach, That Will Actually Make Your Life Better, because you have within seven spiritual thoughts of how to. You know and that is the difference

Life and time

Life and time is changing and for some faster than other depending on what input you have in life, what input you get from other experienced people, what they work with what the achieve how they do it, facts for all of us is, that what is around us is, what has an impact on us, we become what we sound us with.

Therefore; to get a better life we need to make good and wise decisions, and there are 7 things to think about when making a decision. A good start is to know about the spiritual life coach and the values behind.

What do you want

The outcome is the way we are going and how we see it to be, the live picture inside, how can we get the right outcome if we have not active thought through, how it is going to be. Let’s take an easy case, I want to be a millionaire make loads of money, have you thought through how much you need to control, how controlled you must be, how the money is going to come in, what are you doing to control and keep everything, when all the money comes, what is it that other think you are so great at, that they are willing to pay you. What do you deliver that they are eager to pay for?

Sometime when we think of things, we want, we do not think, what comes with this outcome or goal. We think of, what the sun is shining at, we do not see the shade.

We think of our lives today, what we do and we complain that it is not like we want it to be, how far out are we from where we want to be. How much do you want to change your life?

All inside out.

Or just 20% or do you want to change 80% – where are you?

The outcome is your decision, there is something, that makes you read this right now, you have a desire or a wish for something to be different from what it is today. Think about we need to fold out the wish see it, look at it, feel it, hold it, change it, look at it in a different light, ad a color to it, laugh about it, when we look at our outcome it is important, that no matter what we do to the outcome, we are still attracted to it, this is what we want, and there is nothing that can stop us.

Think about it, dream it, and be it.

When you come to that stage you know your outcome, and that this is what you really want, you know this feeling from many small decisions you take every day, you have no doubt, you know. You would not even consider challenging yourself because you know.

The values

In each decision, we make there are strong values and our values make us do, our values make us believe and can carry us far. So, in the topic, you are facing what is the values, and what we really have to think about is, is there values that change or get a different order. When you know your outcome, you also know what values you need to have to be able to carry out the task to come to the outcome you aim for.

If there are values that change, it is important for us to understand what impact this will have on us, especially if this means that some of our top values should change or change order.

Values are you inside out, the values keep you going and makes you hold on, they are your believes and they serve you.

Change of values

To change values is hard work and we need to work the gab tool and we need to work out our knowledge about our own values.

What is most important in life, and you can ask yourselves what is the most important strength or knowledge, and we keep on going until we know what is most important of all – love.

We do all we do in our whole life for the love we have for ourselves and our loved once. After this what is then most important, and already here at level 1 we get to be different, for some it is knowledge, for some it is strength, for some it is awareness, for some it is doing, for some it is perfect.

We can never ever think, that we have the same values as others, we can investigate and discover new worlds and new meaning.

What can I learn

There is so much to learn from the order of our values, and there are some orders of values that are more appropriate than others, and therefore the first thing to look at is, when we are making a decision, is to know for ourselves that we follow our values, what we do support and serve us in an appropriate way, or we have to face is there something we need to learn, work or change.

Any new values or different order, here if we neglect this work we will never be able to reach the goal and we will never be able to get the full awareness of what it requires to fore fill the outcome we are seeking.

The change with a spiritual life coach

Change is new, change is something different, and when we think about how much do we really change, what happens at work, when new people arrive and there are organizational changes, how hard is that, how do we manage to say that this is never going to work, no we have always done like this.

See change is hard work, development comes by itself, there is nothing we can do, if we think about it 35 years ago, people said that we would never need more than 64 KBIT and where are we today our whole life is changing and it is going fast especially when we look at IT, there are other areas that are not as innovational. Facts are for us that change that happens every day we do not see, when we talk inner change a new outcome, we will feel it, it will be different and there is hard work to be done to achieve it. A spiritual life coach is a gamechanger and a great way to start life coach training – the right way!

What do we feel

We will feel it all the way to our inner bones and heart, it will be inside out. We know within our mind and soul that what we are doing will make us feel in balance and at the right level of what we feel like.

This is not about acceptance from others this is about our own inner balance and mindfulness, there is only one true balance and inner joy is when our soul smiles and gives us the feeling of peace inside.

Depending on what kind of decision we are facing, this determines how we will work it, what we will do, what story we will tell others and we have to know and understand the gab, use the gab tool to find your true guidance, your story matters and if you tell it for us to know, we can learn from your story. Read the story of other for you to learn and get wiser.

In knowledge and awareness lays that ability to make wise decisions, think about where you want to go and be, know what effort it requires and work for that.

Acceptance includes spirituality

Accept that others are on a different path than you and that your spirit is strong and of value.

The gab tool is a power stones to be picked or let alone and if you do not make any decisions that is too a strong decision to take. Pick at stones and it is your choice what you hold in your hand.

And What if….

Seven Spiritual Life Coach That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

What if the change and the difference is –  to be, what if all you have to do is?

What if you know and all you have to do is listen

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