How Goals Is Going To Change You

Are you changing your way, or are you doing the same as usual?

Just telling yourself a different story may start the change, do you know your life story?

Once you set yourself goal to achieve something, you will feel so wonderful and free, you will know, that you need to do something and if not, you will start spending time on what to do, and you know that it will change you, you will become, what you have always dreamed of and you will feel the inner guidance, when you do things, that you have set your mind out to achieve.

A goal is like love, you must really understand it and it requires that you do, and it is in the doing you will feel, the joy and guidance come to you. People will ask, what you did, they will question your way, because when you have the success that is what others seek, they seek to take the same journey as you. Did you ever ask people with success – what did you do.

Can what they did ever work for you. We all know that it cannot and yet we still seek, to find the solution that will work for us, it is difficult to give advice, but to give information through the story we tell, opens the mind for the reader and it is gives clarity to the one who is writing.

When writing we have to organize our mind in a way that the strategy we use is telling the strategy we have and what we want to achieve the power of the story is enormous because of the words and the order, gives an outsider the opportunity to ask us questions that we would never imagine ourselves.

  • We see the world through our eyes, and from the values that we have.
  • We see the world as taught, we see the world as we understand it.


Telling your story will make people ask and there is nothing wrong with asking questions. One of the good things by telling your story in ME-MEMBER is that you do under a good set of decent replies, I know that when I feel vulnerable, I know that I should tell my story to feel better and get good input’s to what I can improve through using my skills and knowledge in a different way. Yes, I often decide to keep things to myself, and I know I could have changed and done so much better had I told my story, and gotten the good feedback. Because knowing that you are so much more than the trouble you think you face, and knowing that skills can be achieved fast so you can change, that is the wise knowledge to keep in mind.


How To Leave Goals Without Being Noticed.

Thinking about it, how many times did you set a goal, and then forgot about it, How many of your goals have you left without even paying attention to them, and did you ever see the eyes of someone who you have told several goals that never has come to anything but the wish.

That is why you hear the saying, a goal without a plan is just a wish, but a wish with a plan is a goal. It is the same words, just put different together. Most things are life is same but puts differently together. We have to work every day, but finding that work, where we can add passion makes all the difference in the world.

It s not the large decision in life that is going to change the whole outcome of how we will do. It is all the small steps taking every day.

Did you do your homework today, the small things?

Let me give you an example we all can see and understand. You do not get overweight by eating too much at one meal, you get overweight from eating too many calories too many times a year.

Things do not change overnight, they change over time. So when you decide to leave a goal and not do it, it is not clear to everyone that day you make the decision or you decide to move on. It becomes clear when the results are missing.

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Goals.

One thing for sure, looking back you never thought, that the goal you set out to achieve had the impact on you, that they did, that it would change you, the way it did. Looking back the goals that you set, has a much higher impact on you than you can imagine.

That is the bizarre truth about goals is that they have such strong impacts on one. Facts are that the goals that you set for yourself, will define you over time.

If you decide not to pay attention to what you eat, over time this will show on your body and in your heat.

If you decide not to make any goals and just watch tv all day, you will go nowhere and when you look at your friends and see where they are in life, you will see that you are behind. Not because you could not do it, but because you did not set goals to reach.

The bizarre truth about goals is very simple, you need to make up your mind, and if done early in life, you will achieve and do. You cannot stop.

If you set the goal, if you achieve, it is hard to be around people that have no or none in life.

The goal is purpose of life, you become your goals and the way you work them there is no escape. If you have no or none, that is what you show

It is kind of strange, that the bizarre truth of goals is, that you become the goals you set. The goals you set will guide you and the will define you. It will become your way of doing.

That is why it is very important for you to be aware of:


10 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Goals.

  1. Define yourself
  2. Define what you believe, and define what you are not
  3. Know what you want to be even more know what you do not want
  4. You will get a strong will of doing,
  5. You know what to think about all the time
  6. You know how to spend your time
  7. Once you speak out, it changes your words from your mind to reality
  8. There is no return
  9. Know what the outcome will be like
  10. That is following your dreams and making them happen


That is why goals define you, and they are you. Look at everyone you know, and the way they are, you can in a short time tell what kind of goal and achievements that they have had in life. You know, and if you know everyone else knows. So when you tell someone your dreams, make sure either, that you want to pursue them or that you trust them good enough to know the consequences of what you are saying, Because they will define you as whom they see you as.

If you have ME-MEMBER use it to share your way to start making your goals, because it all starts with the GAP you feel today, and your ability to change to make what is right happening for you.

Nothing happens and leaves you off worse, but you must reach out and make the change that you feel inside. If you wanted things to stay the way they were, you would have done what was needed to align and be in congruence you did not make that choice, that is why the change is for you.

You can do what is the right thing for you

Why Is Everyone Talking About Goals?

Goals are what everyone does every day, you get up in the morning and you will fulfill your goals, that is why goals are so important. Either you know what to achieve and you are aware of what to do, or you do and achieve for someone else.

It is not possible to wake up in the morning and not achieve anything. If you sit all day in front of the TV and do nothing. Someone is achieving from that; the rate how many people are watching that program you are on. So they will do more of that. If you decide not to go to work, someone else with being promoted and benefit from your deciding to stay home.

In all you do either, you are moving forward or someone else is.

Time can never be put on hold and while you are here, you have a unique space which you must seek to fill out your best way. There is never any return.


Yes, you can regret that you did not get involved or started up the company, told the girl that you love her, got the children that you wanted. Whatever you do, and decide to be your goals, that we be what you are thinking of, it will give you joy, sorry, worries and growth. Goals are to be achieved if you work them and they will later in life when you turn around define who you are.

You know that the goals you set, gives you many or lots of opportunities in life. They will give you the freedom to work them as you see the best fit.

You now that the goals you set, will give you trouble, hard work, many hours and lots of mind thinking, the mindset you create and fulfill will later in life define you, when people are talking about you.

So knowing all this, what will you decide to do.

  • Who will you decide to be
  • What are will you decide to do
  • Why would you decide to do it


What happens to you if you decide not to decide anything. Where will that take you?

If you are a wave rider that follows the stream and goes with the tide, you will end up being a supporter for others to achieve their goals.


Goals are dreams that come true.

Some goal change direction over time, I myself have been working with coaching and life for more than 18 years and I thought coachingandlife was going to be personal life coaching. Doing my 18 years I have discovered that been a life coach is too lonely for me, I need to share what I know, even though I know you already know it, but I find new things in the story every day, and the stones that I pick today, decide what will happen today for me. The bridges that I decide to cross for many reasons decides what kind of strength and awareness that I achieve. I am the one that makes my life happen.


I growth with the things that I try. I can see and find all on Google, but what makes the difference is the feeling inside, the feeling of knowing how it was.


I see that there is so much that we can learn from knowing, listening to the story of other people. I can not copy their way,  but the information that I get, I can use wisely to make things happen for me, my way.

In the ME-MEMBERSHIP you have a unique opportunity to tell your story, mostly because you tell it in a closed forum, where the other ME-MEMBERS know that you are trying to find out what is your goals in life.


To tell your story, does not mean that you want a 1000 people to tell you – you should do this, that way.

It will never work, what works for me, may not work for you.


The awareness and the knowledge we get from hearing what other people have tried or been through gives up hope, that we ourselves have the strength and courage to do what is right.

Achieve and set goals that match what we see as the right outcome for ourselves and our families.

Know that you have the power to create the difference should make us all what to set the goal and pursue them.

Never let anyone tell you differently because you are so much more than we see.

There is a whole story behind, and it is they story that has taught you lines and borders of life. Your story is the reason for where you are today and if you see a GAP use the MEMBERSHIP to start working on the changes you like to happen.

Knowing that it is not personal life coaching, it is a support to what you decide to do. It is a place to share your goals of life.

is always open and a place to share your story or knowledge.



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