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The best life coach program.

The best life coach program will offer you the insight and facts you need to steer with a clear mind towards your goals.

Goals are not reached from fake, cheap and cheat, but from trying and adjusting on a daily basis. The best life coach program will offer you the insight you need to adjust before you fail, start over stronger and smarter.

No one succeeds from one attempt, success is a choice you must choose. Just like quitting is. The best life coach forum will support quit quitting, but raise and believe in yourself. Join CoachingAndLife and quit quitting.

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Life coach program: What Is Between You And Your Goals?


Start Dreaming And Feeling The Success You Will Achieve


As Brat Pritt said: Fear killed more dreams than failure ever will. That is something to think about. You do not fail because you are stupid or not smart, you fail because you do not dare to try, and to try takes training the right training.


Maybe you are scared to try or maybe someone told you it’s not possible. The life coach program will show you – It’s always possible, you just need to see the road and start walking which you will get from the life coach program.
The fact is you are not trying.


The life coach forum will support your daily trying. Trying is harder than you think, which is why most people do not even care to try, but that is not you. You want to try, and start the journey to make your life a real good life.


To try will make you fail and it will be difficult, if anyone tells you it is not difficult they are lying to you
How can we explain that in a simple way?


Does a monopoly company, know if they provide a good service?

No, there is no alternative. The problem you are facing is just the opposite, right now it’s only you, who can see your dream, and you need to tell it, share it, and shape it to come true. It takes time and effort, but trust me it is worth it. The joy from within is the best joy you will ever experience. It’s all about winning, it’s all about making it happen, not as you think, but because it proves that every time you failed and had the strength to get up, rise, and change it again was worth all the effort – the hard work. It’s a smile, a pleasure from within you will feel when you stand in the gate of your success.

It’s about understanding the feedback you get to adjust and steer towards your dreams, it’s getting the compliance between you and your dreams and goals. When a boss fires you, you know there was no compliance between the two of you. How he fires you tells more about him than it does about you.

Your learning is to make sure you move on in a good way. It’s why you here on this page holds different programs you can join and dive into your desire, dreams, and goals. Start working for what you want in your life and believe it.

The life coach program is your choice to choose to change it.


What Is Between You And Your Goals?

Take The Challenge – Steer And Navigate

The life coach program is a Challenge program is designed to support your results in stressful and changing times. Often we do not ask for the challenge and even sometimes the challenges hits us life a wave in the ocean. The program is designed to help you steer and navigate.

Ride the wave.

Often we get stuck in what happened, they way it happened. When facts are, we did not choice what happened, nor was it our choice how it happened. The life coach program will take you ahead.

Let you dive into your life, and it can turn out to be, one of the best things, that has ever happened.

It happened for and to you. Rise and take the challenge, go “ride the wave” there are two ways out of the wave – make your choice. We we offer you is to join CoachingAndlife a good life coach program.

What Is Between You And Your Goals

Start Dreaming And Feeling The Success You Will Achieve

As Brat Pritt said: Fear killed more dreams than failure ever will. That is something to think about. You do not fail because you are stupid or not smart, you fail because you have not had the right training.

Maybe you are scared to try or maybe someone told you it’s not possible.
Fact is you are not trying.

To try will make you fail and it will be difficult, if anyone tells you it is not difficult they are lying to you
How can we explain that in a simple way?

Does a monopoly company know if they provide a good service? No, there is no alternative.
When a boss fires you, you know there was no compliance between the two of you. How he fires you tells more about him than it does about you.

Your learning is to make sure you move on in a good way. It’s why you here on this page will find different programs you can join and dive into. Find your life coach program and join us Today!


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Use Our Experience

Do Not Make My Mistakes.

I know how I did it does not work – be smarter….

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How to Achieve Business Alignment

Achieve business alignment.

A business is more people who unite to achieve the same goals. To Achieve business alignment you need to communicate the way, or the road you want the team to take, if you are to succeed.

Today, Achieve business alignment.

It is the core driver of how you ensure that people or employees have the same understanding about goals, vision and needs.

We can no longer threaten the employees to gain the desired performance, people will leave and vote with their feet.

The way is to Achieve business alignment in a strong way and manner start building the story you want everyone to turn into.

Tomorrow, Achieve business alignment.

We all believe hope and dream and if you manage as leader to turn into what tomorrow can bring clarity, what they will gain – you know to have to  Achieve business alignment that every business needs.

  • Let is all be clear to everyone.
  • How can everyone be part
  • Take away the fear of failure
  • Join as unite

Often leaders tend to underestimate the power of the people, people will for a long time not unite.

But when they do –

Power rises and you see the true power of what it means to achieving business alignment.

Achieve business alignment together.

It’s something you can be proud of.

When you know how powerful each step is and what it means to the business that employees unite with leadershiop.


Life Coach forum Why Coaching forums work better

Why coaching forums work better.

Daily feedback supported with needs and coaching makes you capable of changing anything to your goals and needs. It can be hard to get told you are overweight, not fit for the job, or not the right partner.

It’s tough out there and it can be hard to stay the person you really are in a world that is constantly trying to change you.



Coaching forums

Life coach forum Why daily support matters the most

Daily support matters from life coach forums.

It’s the smallest decision that changes your life, it is going to the gym. It is taking the education, it is doing what you set out for.

How often do you get up in the morning, and tell yourself I am going to go to the gym today? The daily support matters more than you can possibly imagine. It is not the big decisions that will change your life. It is the small decisions once-on-a-daily basis.


life coaching and coaching and life

A life coach forum as the daily support matters.

Who can give you that support and guidance in your daily life today? no one.

If we had people who could train our talents more, each of us would feel and do so much better.


Focus on your needs.

Often we get angry, fearful, and stress out because we do not focus on our own needs and desire. We give in and listen too much. If your values do not match the business or your partner, you are in a gap where dialog where compromise and alignment need to be in focus.

We never need to bully anyone to get what we want, we need to create understanding and insight into our different needs and desire. Life has always been about exchange, else we would all be the same.

The life coach forum is the place where you gain the insight and facts you need to stay focused on your needs, but also on where you need to align with other people. Daily support matters and makes the difference you need to ensure your not loosing out.



Share your desire.

No one can see how you feel within. Your thought and mind belongs solely to you. It is up to you to tell and share your side of the story or tell the world about your dreams and desire.

Nothing is given to us for free.

FREEDOM is the biggest master of: You must do the right thing. The moment you choose negleck, fake, cheap and cheat. Rules come in and take over the level of standards and requirements. FREEDOM belongs to those who master to work hard with true integrity.

The daily support matters, it builds your mindset to achieve your goals in life.

No business has the luxury to quit, when they do they close the business. If you believe then share your dreams and desire, and let



Life coach forum Why you need it?

Why you need a life coach forum?


Life coach forum Why do you need it?

A life coach forum is where you will meet like-minded. You are not alone, and you are not the only one, who is trying to make your life look perfect. The life coach forums bring people together to unite and share problems, challenges and opportunities that life brings to us.

I have faced more problems, challenges, and opportunities than good is, have you?


A problem is a situation where you do not know what to do. All your skills and training can not solve the problem you are facing.

Some of my problems I wish I have had a life coach forum a safe place to ask! The problems were bigger than I could cope with. That problem destroyed my life and how I see life today.

Have you faced problems bigger than you can handle?


Why you need a life coach forum?

To avoid that situation where you stand alone

– feeling so bad and not knowing what to do – that is why you join a life coach forum to prevent letting yourself down.




A challenge is where you use all your skills and training to solve it. You have just enough skills and training to make it happen to your desire. A challenge is always good because your chances of winning are high.

Once you stand there, you know you did it.

Have you ever faced challenges where you know you could have done it better and achieved more?

To gain more power insight and facts to achieve the results you desire in life you need a life coach forum. Your family and friends do not want to see you move ahead and become even better. They love you as you are and are afraid of losing you if you change.


Why you need a life coach forum?

A life coach forum can support and give you

– the feedback you desire and long for, while you grow stronger and empower yourself.

How to solve the problems in a life coach forum


An opportunity is when something happens and it opens the door for you, for something better, often your opportunity is someone else challenge or problem. There can be no opportunity if there is no problem or challenge for someone else. Everything we do in life is a string of happenings tied together.

When it for you is an opportunity, it is when you get to use all your skills and training to deliver the results you desire and want in your life.

A good opportunity at work can be another person getting fired. This is life.

Have you ever faced opportunities where you wanted to align and ensure yourself – that this was the right thing for you to do?

To give yourself feedback, be able to align with other peers or maybe you like to talk to a life coach, to know how to handle and create the right outcome with this opportunity –


Why you need a life coach forum?

Having someone to talk to and a safe place to ask

the questions which can be holding you back.

Results and feeling good.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you feel good and can go to sleep with a peaceful mind.

That your desire, needs, and want is happening for you.

We are often looking towards someone else, but the facts are that no matter how other people do, the only thing that can have an impact on your life is what you choose.

We must not be fooled by life, but we must fool life.

A dancer looks free and flying, they are not free, they are counting and structured. Are you fooled by the fact that you believe they are FREE?

Fooling life is what we gain insight and facts from in the life coach forums.


How to find a life coach mentor near me; Respond well

A life coach mentor near me!

How to find a life coach mentor near me? – today must life coaches and mentors are worldwide. We no longer live in a time, where you go to see your life coach or mentor. Actually to find a life coach mentor near me?

What are you looking for?

Before you ask the question – how to find a life coach mentor near me? – Ask the question about what you do need? and who can provide this service and how you want it to take place.


At CoachingAndLife we are making up with many of the traditional ways of using life coaching tools.



Near is not as important as chemistry

A life coach mentor near me – what does that mean? and how will you benefit from it? close is not competence, near is not fast. You need to be able to get the support and guidance you need faster than ever.

At CoachingAndLife we understand that, that’s why we have the life coach forums we know the power of support and ability to tell your side of the story –

When you need it.

I know what you are talking about – when the hurt and the pain take over and you need to tell. Trust me – been there. When no one believes what you are saying as when I said – I have reported the billion dollars Pharma distributor to the police. Who cares – it’s not true.

But comes a day, when metoo, or something else happens – and this will come forward.

Your side of the story matters – and it is now you need support to respond well going forward and the cocktail of the people you meet is everything.

Chemistry with your life coach is more important than you can ever imagine.

How find a life coach near me – or mentor is good but finding a life coach who at the same time runs a life coach forum, is a million times better.



I need a life coach near me

If I need a life coach near me – it is because I need to show up. Today none of us needs to show up and we no longer say I need a life coach near me.

A life coach mentor near me is mainly for people, who want and need to sit face to face.

Finding a life coach near me

Finding A life coach mentor near me – may not be the core anymore, now it is speed, how fast can you get the support your need to respond well in the given situation? We need to respond well at work, to our partners, handle business and grow friendships.

All the way around us we need to ensure our performance. Coach tools give you a new angle of supporting yourself.

In our life coach forums – at CoachingAndLife you find the support, when you need it, you do not have to wait or book an appointment. You can do that too.


The Life Coach Forums is easy to access to insight and facts you need to respond to differently.

Why fail with your boss, when you can get alignment ahead? and why get angry when you get home if you can get a different mindset to handle kids, partners, and family?

A Life Coach Forum gives you the backup you need at all times.


Coach tools

Coaching tools are methods to achieve better results in life.

Consistency is the key to any achievement in life, and sometimes you ask where is life coach mentor near me – to support you fast and ease the challenges you face.

Coaching tools are easily achieved in our life coach forums. A life coach forum is a simplified way to achieve fast response and tools to handle daily challenges and decisions faster.




Copenhagen Find a Business coach near you

Business Coach Clarity and tools.

Changing times call for insight and facts join a business coach for clarity and tools, to align and keep building a resilient business. We never know what the next change is going to be or how it is going to impact ourselves and the business. Feedback is the key to align with your surroundings.

Clarity: Use all the skills, knowledge, and techniques your business coach process to achieve the high performance you need. On a daily basis gain the clarity you need to free your mind and perform well. Address the challenges, opportunities with your business coach and respond well to uncertainty and changes. We can all be flexible if we hold the insight and facts to respond to.

Tools: Feedback is the key to your future success and at Coachingandlife we help you gain insight and facts from our feedback solutions in real-time. It uses to take weeks to have the analysis done, now you can have the answers as they reply. Align with you stakeholders worldwide, ensure you fulfill and answer their questions to demands and specification. Not only that you can roadmap changes going forward. Data-driven insight and facts help you make better decision and avoid mistakes, see early trends and get ahead.

Business Coach

What is a business coach and why do you need one? To gain clarity and free your mind. Did you ever think about how calm a CEO is when you are together, or how little is said at the moment? As CEO, HR, CPO, or CFO  align with facts and insight before responding and at Coachingandlife we help you get the feedback set up on regular basis for progress, minimum risk, and maximum outcome. A business coach will ask the questions you need to answer to get the results you need.

Success and performance is built from feedback


Business clarity coach


Business coaching tools

Executive leaders

Executive leaders

As an executive leader, you steer and navigate through territories no one else has done before. We have proven records but there are always circumstances that make this time different. We can learn so much from history and we can share skills, knowledge, and experience.

But as an executive leader, you need to add the puzzle, bring every each thing together to a whole picture.








Lead with care – Share with trust – Shape with commitment.

As an executive leader, the most important thing for you is to have the right insight and facts on which to base your decisions. While incorporating an ongoing changing mindset.

Executive leaders change

Can we do as we did yesterday! can you keep the customers, can you hold on to your employees and can you enroll the right suppliers? It all comes down to results. It’s all in how you do it. How you choose to fire a person, How you decide to lead. How you choose will determine the executive leader you become.

So what is important.

List what you want in your leadership, and you know how you need to act. If you want to have people who do as you say, you will have silence and employees waiting for your command. If you want to have more creativity you will need to find more tools, gain more training to control creativity and if you want fast results, zero mistakes and no questions add as much software to the process as possible.


Executive leaders need to be flexible

Flexibility is the key, being able to use your resources better and smarter, keep moving on.


What is an Executive leader?

The top management has the power to make the decisions, and where the analysis really makes a difference. What decisions are core components in the business? Executive leader’s ability to steer and navigate in constantly changing surroundings must require different skills tools and training compared to a stable and ongoing world. What has changed the last year for executive leaders? what is the biggest fear they face? and how do they fast get the insight and facts from across the business to make >> The decisions that make it alright again?


How to share with Executive leaders

Most important is knowledge – insight, and facts. It’s all in the decision-making. Good decisions to gain a better ROI.

Whomever you are and whatever you do, it is all about getting value for what you invest.


Why is sharing among Executive leaders more important than ever?


Customers change and you must change with them, it is the whole supply chain that changes – from the way people buy products to the way they have their products delivered.


Your employees need new software and training to keep up with today’s activities and changes in demand.


Suppliers change their product portfolio and what impact does this have on your business?


Exclusive coaching training
Executive Coaching Training


Forum: Align today

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Forum with Peers: Share experience with likeminded

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