You have one question to ask and here is the answer you need. How can I do better today?

I can answer for you? you need to do better today. You want today to have a good impact on your life going forward, so why are you not doing it?

What did yesterday add of good?

The answers you need

Fact is that it is the answer we all need, how can I do better today? but this is so difficult and hard to answer that most people do not even care to ask the question.

What have we done for ourselves?

We have manage to turn the internet into a fake cheap cheat place where you can do anything anytime. That was not hard to do, all we had to do was give the right people access to exactly what they wanted and they did.

Here we are

Today we open the phone, the tablet the computer and sit there more hours than talking to people we should be caring about.

We like things on social media from people we do not even know. We take a fake picture and we give it a like.

What does that say about us – who we are?

Did you see the movie:

“The Fugitive”

with Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Julianne Moor? Instructor: Andrew Davis.

You know what the movie is about: It is about how people are fake, cheap and cheat to achieve the goals and fame they want.

In the movie doing it the right way is too hard so he decides to cheat and be fake and cheap.


It’s daily business today, but when they made the movie, it was not daily business.

We use to believe in the pharmaceutical industry and today, we know for facts that to hold a monopoly in pharma takes means.

Do you think Pharma has killed people to get what they want? It was a very interesting movie and today we lean back and we watch it and we do not even care. We know they kill people and are fake, cheap, and cheat and we just let it go.

Who have become in the journey to fake cheap and cheat

Who are you? – whom am ?

What made it all come here. Today we face the biggest challenges of all. We have COVID-19. Everyone can get sick the disease does not separate rich or poor but separates who does the right thing.

COVID- 19 a Teacher

Why do I say that, because if you do the right thing it is not there? A teacher is always there to guide and help you do better.

That is exactly the answer we need

You need answers

A good place to start is to look among the people you are and are people around you doing better because they know you they do better?

The people you are among cheating you? are you doing better because you know them.

FEEL Good and DO Good

It’s all about love, hope, desire, and feeling good – on top of the world. Somehow we got it all wrong. We have to take fake, cheap, and cheat to get it.

Facts are when people really look at you they do not admire what you have, they are scared that you will treat them fake, cheap and cheat. The rise of FEAR.

Turn it around

What does it take for us to turn it around? can we get decent manners and behaviors back.

Can we admire people who really struggle to make it happen and can we offer to help.

Who are you for your family, friend and business?

It all starts within and it all starts with one…

Start asking the questions you need the answers to: How can I do better..

Are you in?

It is all we work for

Being the new generation of data security and behavior.