Silence, what is it and how to use silence

Silence is a powerful tool we all need to have insight into. Silence brings misunderstandings, let go, and I do not care into mind

How to use silence?

One of the first things to understand is why people make the choice to use silence. It is always where you do not want a discussion, an other opinion or the engagement. Silence is a powerful tool and must be used very carefully but it also brings along misunderstandings, gaps and a choice of you decide.

Silence in discussion or in a meeting

If you are silent in a meeting or in a discussion.

1. If you choose to be silent you choose not to tell what you experience and discover.

It means you follow along and do not engage in the conversation and you do not have an opinion about what will and do happen. One can not say you are neutral because you are in the room, but one can say you do not engage.

2. When you face silence. Make sure you handle the circumstances well.

Silence will bring out doubt and fear within you and you will need to choose or decide if that is true?

If it does not bring our fear and doubt it is because this is how you want it and this is how it is going to be.

When silence is used in management we call it management by fear. A leader, boss often thinks they are strong and the best, where in fact they are very weak because they do not really know if they stand alone.

Silence and How to use it

We all use silence, it is how to use silence better and smarter that can help you make smarter decisions. If you are in your family and you use silence how can you ever get to know yourself and your dreams? how to use silence is very important to know for yourself and your kids. When you use silence right you steer and navigate and engage in matters that make a difference for you.

A leader

If you are a leader you do not want silence, because the chances are that your tasks are going to fail are much higher. From the people who disagree with you, your learning and sales methods are. They are no different from customers or suppliers and the better you know your own performance and ability the higher a chance you have to gain the goals and outcome.

Find where people are silent and solve the problems. Soon the family or the company will rise.

With your family

As humans, we learn from most of what we do not want. We are a long time in life not really sure of what we want and how we want our lives to be. Silence is when we observe, we look at what other people are doing and are learning from them. Your kids look at you every day. That’s why they do not do as you say, but they do as you do. Problems are that we humans do not always see what we do. We have a wrong picture of who we are.

Let me give you an example – a CEO in a huge Pharmaceutical company – who is going to tell him his opinion? Or a the president of the USA who is going to tell him what you think? Or when you are in love – do you tell what you really think?

Facts are in our family we need to steer and navigate well using silence. The silence is very powerful when we use it to observe but if we use to not engage or get court in the fire, it is a very different story.

In health

How do you use silence with your health, we all do it a little every day, when we choose not to exercise, when we eat the wrong food and when we choose not to take care of ourselves.

There are two major factors in health:

One that you do with yourself and how you use silence.

Two how you use your silence with the people you are among. You see what they do, and do you tell them or are you silent

Your mindset

It is Facts it is your mindset – how to use silence – is very important to know and teach your family and kids. When we know how to use silence we know how to navigate and steer towards our own goals and desire. The challenges are to know how to balance it – how to use silence – can make more damage than good if used wrong and with a lack of insight.

The facts insight and evidence are what make the right decisions. We often make decisions based on historical data or from a lack of insight and evidence.

Time for Digital Solutions to support you

From the facts and insight you can always make the right decisions it is always the next step and if you are in doubt – gain the insight and facts you need. Do not spend your life wasting time and making the wrong decision due to being blinded.