Why We Must Know and Why METOO has Power


In a moment of reflection, the kick back of what is happening not only for me but for all of us, we have taken steps on the scale to know what is right and what is wrong and hold the truth not only knowing we know better, but we have to pursue and chase it.

Who are you


What is happening when you judge a person you do not even know. Today I read about motherhood, how we try to do our best, and still we end up being judged and reported.

Why do we choose to report each other? – why is it so important to manifest the right?

Why do you want to be a person who reports other people – who are you?


What is happening right now for so many of us!

We report one another like never seen before!

We accuse one another like never seen before!

We judge one another like never seen before!


What does it mean to report someone else, and what kind of impact does it have on you as a person? Can you ever be trusted by someone?

We are all weak, we are all wrong, we all make mistakes, we are all humans and we are all doing the best we can.

It reminded me of what CAL is about: Our place in private to support and guide each other. It is in private it is a club.

My challenges are mine and for me to solve, and I would never ever tell someone how I feel within unless I know it will not strike back.

Did you ever look at your friends and did they stab you in the back to gain something for themselves; METOO

Did you ever support and spend hours on helping someone and never even got a thank you and they may even have turned their backs at you



Did you ever get accused for doing something for someone else to achieve the goal and out-come, yet you took the blame and the consequences?



Did you ever get reported for a failure which was out of seconds of anger?



Read this story and tell me what you think:



How can it happen


The list can go on and I believe I have taken my share of challenges from people who have tried to bring me know and the stories the tell, the phone calls they made to business partner and the attitude it brought.

My learning has been – it is important to surround yourself with people who like me are doing the best they can and are still moving forward in a good and decent way.

If I empty the lemon take it all, I must find a new lemon, but if I get the lemon to give me a little juice everyday I have what I need.

People judge and use each other up. You use your friends until they say stop and you must find new friends, you work so hard to achieve the goals set that we forget what this life is about.

It is why coming together with other experienced people in CAL has power. We support and guide each other.

We come together in the membership where we know what feedback and involvement we face. We tell share and shape our lives from different levels. You give and you take and we tell share and shape to be improve be better and be who we are.


The learning and the journey.


When you reach the end – it is final, and it is the end.

It is the journey we must focus on, everything in between the start and the end. Whom we meet will have their share of impact on what we think and what we discover.

Listening to the words of Albert Einstein


If you want to live a happy life,

tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Albert Einstein


What is he saying: that we can never be with the same people unless they are on the same journey or we have the same goals.

Which makes so good sense.

All the challenges that I have faced and properly you too, is because I saw something different, I was different and divergent was not acceptable.

Why do we even speak about divergent?

Anything we have today, is created by a different mind-set than what is!

Why it is so important to us that we are right and that we know the right way. Long ago we did not speak before spoken to, not long ago we had ranks and we spoke according to our rank, not long ago we had rich and poor, we had up and down. The last 20 years much of this has equaled out, are we heading in that direction again.

Where there is fractions and we are divided into levels because of where we are in life.


Think about the airlines for a moment. We use, to be able to get service and we use to be able to say that this is unfair.

Who listens today?

Today there is nothing to talk about

What is your number where you are in line and wait until it is your turn? You are what you pay!

Today we do as we are told

We do not think we do what our boss ask us to do, and we do not more, and we do not less, we do exactly what we know will give the star on the shoulder. We kiss up and F… down.

We are in a circle of circumstances where the rules decide? – structure is clear to us, it does not matter what you know as long as you play by the rules and kiss up.

Once a rule is set up you better follow it and go by it, or else you are reported and harassed to a point of destruction.

The power of what you know is at is maximum.


Did you know that you cannot leave a child in the car waiting while you are gone 5 min. and here comes the question what’s a child? – not when you are 0-9 but when you are 9-15 are you then to be considered a child.

19 states say you are not allowed to leave your child in the car.

If you think about it, it is a good thing, but did you ever try and have your 13 years old teenager going with you to the supermarket and not wanting to come in?


You must follow the rules at school

Did you ever try to have your child doing something that the teacher did not like and the school reports you for being a un attendant parent?

Think about it, you run in the hall way, you get told of, what would they have done in the old days

Think about it, you do not do your homework?

What are the consequences?


We have all been there or I guess some of us have, I am not perfect, and I have tried many challenges some I have solved better than others.

Fact is that the support and guidance I get, is what makes the difference for me. To get the right support and guidance and even better when someone knows the laws and what is the right thing to do. You achieve so much better.

It is not only what you are willing to do, it is also how well do you know legislation and the state law.

For some the things I have been accused I did not even know. I did not know that when I did not have a computer and I had to give in reports and numbers, that I could not work from home. I just did not know it.

Had I known – I would have spent my precious time with my family and doing things that matters to me. I worked my inside out to make things right and deliver on time, and what is there to say about it today.

They could, and they did.

It is how people are today, if they can they do it, if it is doable go for it, take the lemon out and who cares if we have to find a new one, there are so many out there.

Is that the attitude. Our attitude is so important to how other people will see us.

Coming back to what this is all about – it is about you and me, and how we live our lives. Life is not black or white, life is all the colors in between.

You are special and what is special about you

It is the way you see things

It is the way you feel what is happening

It is the way you hear and what you get out of it


It is the story you Tell it is how you share what you see and feel, and it is the way you decide to shape your life forward.

If you want a machine and you want things to be the same. Why be human.

If you want to be around people like yourself who has something they are good at and a good portion of things they are not good at. Then you are in the right lane.

But if you like all the colors and you need support and guidance to make your dreams come true, then join us at CAL. Not because you are perfect, but because your trying something new and that you have dreams  you like to fulfill.


If you know that you can not possible do it by yourself and you need someone to talk to and guide you, who like you are on the roller-coaster of life.

If you know that life goes in waves and that you have your ups and downs and when you are up you can support and guide other members forward who is going through something you have tried and if you are in a waves dale you know you need support and guidance to find your inner strength and trust to take you up.

No one can fail in life. We have in common that we all start as babies and we all grow to our end.

We are our rules of life in common.


How we decide to support and guide each other forward is what makes the difference.

I can learn from the computer

I can see everything the computer shows me


But what I feel when I meet another person is something deep inside and this cannot be controlled by anyone but me.


What I feel inside is for me to know only.

What I think is for me to know only

How I feel is for me to know only

What I want is for me to know only

What I am willing to do is for me to know only

What effort I am willing to give it is for me to know only

I have the power over me.

You may judge me, you may bully me, you may harass me, you may report me

But what I am – I am, and I think, and I do.


In a world with so much fear that we have created ourselves, how are we to know what is right and what is wrong.

It is impossible we cannot possible do this by ourselves, know all rules and know what is right, we need to relate on one another and it must be where we can ask.

CAL offers many answers


or the forum where you can ask, and if you are not a member here is a good place


To stand up and be alone in the world we are in today does not make sense, to join other experienced people who like you, just need a place to ask and have a closed place to tell, share and shape life.

It is nothing fancy it you and me what we face in life and how we manage to coach ourselves through.


To be a mother or a father today is not easy. It is not easy because there is no where you can be and relax. You are on – you are in the game – and it is on 24/7

But you are you and you need to relax and be who you are – join us and find the support you need and be the support someone else has been longing for.

Use what you have learned, your discoveries in life are important and it is important that we share what we know.

Think about, you do not know what can happen tomorrow because you do not know the rules!

Today some people do it, just because they can. They have the power and they are willing to do it for their moment in glory.


Life is so much more than a moment in glory it is a long good journey to the end. It is what you learn and it is what you teach not only your children but the people you surround yourself with.


Everyday is a new chapter in your journey and if you surround yourself with good people who follows you towards the end. You have proof of what you saw, and you have someone to share the history with someone who can laugh of you and what you did.

Life is to be lived, and we must all do the best we can.

How we support and guide each other in need is what makes the difference.

If you want us to be among us – join us and share your journey forward – or heal what has happened to your so you can get over it and move on.


CAL is you and me

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