How to ask the questions

It’s not what we say! It’s how we say it!

It’s not what we do! it’s how we do it!

The magic question is?

Did you ever think, that other people can achieve their goals by doing less? with coaching, we teach and practice how to ask the magic question. The magic question is the question that takes you from feeling stuck to knowing what to do and how to do it.


How to ask?

It is not what you want, it is how you want it.

When you know, what do you want in life, your mind starts looking for opportunities to get it. If you are angry and you hate, your mind is stuck and cannot seek solutions. You are not looking to feel good, you are looking to make the world feel like you do inside.


Let me give you an example:

When you share a piece of cake with someone, and you get a small tiny piece. The first time you think okay, next time you think, hmm what is going to be left for me. You feel there is not enough, you start worrying, is there enough, and will I get anything, why do I not get anything? and you may even start saying it.

The magic question is

– what’s left to you, when the person, you share with has been there? the person you are sharing with takes, what he wants, needs and desires, and you get the leftovers.

That’s not a nice feeling to feel you get the leftovers and it all comes out wrong because you will fear, worry where the facts are “it’s his grid”  that makes you feel there is not enough when we know there is more than enough if we share.


The magic question will always be an eye-opener.

Let it go! – the first time you need to respond to the grid.



How to ask will Free your mind.

The magic question will free your mind, open you to new opportunities, and set you free.



The magic question is How you ask!

It is the feeling is the same, you feel stuck, stress, unhappy, lost, alone, burn out.

Hey, you are not stuck and you are not alone. Trust me you have more people around you than you can possibly imagine. All you need to find is the magic question that can unlock your mind.

What is the magic question you are looking for today!




Here are a few examples:

The relationship with my boss: How can I ask?

My goal:  A normal and good relationship with my boss, so I feel confident and can relax.

  1. How is my relationship today?
  2. What is the magic question that can unlock your mind?


We have the goal, the goal is not defined very clear as we do not know what it takes for you to feel confident to relax. I will not go so specific but I want you to know, that working with you I would ask the magic questions – what you do need to have, hold or see to feel confident.



The way we ask how?

My boss is a perfectionist, and all that he cares about is being amazed and problem-free. He wants results and to be the best, and he does not care about how people feel, who they are, and what they say.

How do you align on a daily basis with a person like that?



Honestly – I did not know at the time.

Here my learning, never give away yourself and never offer them help. They will eat you alive. If you challenge a person like this, he will fire you instantly. Trust me I know, and his hate will properly not stop there, he will need to hurt you because one of the worst things you can do to a person like this, challenges them.

The magic question is how to ask!

Let there be no doubt, you can challenge a person like this if you master the way, they want to hear the questions!



Magic is the question you ask

You get people with you – or against you.