It is the decision making to the progress you need and want. It is a method and the energy you add to it. With the wrong method, you get the wrong results, with lack of practice or doing it simply does not get done.

It’s the decision you make to do it 🙂

The decisions you make.

The difference between success and failure is actually very little, life is very simple it is method and talent. What you add to your decision making counts more than you can imagine.

What you can add to your decisions are tools, a method, and practice.

In business, the tools you add, speed the way to get the job done. Wrong tools make it harder for employees to perform the work well and efficient

Tools to your decision making.

What are the 3 basic need to make a sustainable decision?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. How do you want to achieve it?
  3. Why do it?

Achieve with your decision.

What is your decision going to change and give you differently from what you have today? Your decision making as business partber or in your relationship are the same, you want to achieve something better than you hold today.


How do you manage to make the people around you understand your needs, desire and fears. If you are in our life coach forum about stress, how do you make a decision that make you feel good and do good – from clarity and clear mind view.

When what you want is clear, the challenge is clear – you need to find out how to do it? which is the circle you will spin until you get it – how you want to do it.

How to achieve it?

When you know the goals, and the challenges, you need to start practising, aligning with yourself and the people around, what does it actually take to do it.

Start – How to do it – what you do – how you do it.

You bring method and your talents into the plan and start aligning the two. It’s like swiming, swiming is the metod and you are the talent, that do it.

How you swin use the method, will decide how you progress. When we speak about swiming it is easy to understand, it becomes harder when we talk stress.

How to keep a clear mind? with the a sustainable decision making?

The speed you get when you can address and pinpoint right action points at all times. A Coachingandlife we understand the need and desire to make the right decisions and when you hold the facts and insight from an unbroken evidence chain you can be flexible and dynamic the agile way.

The story you tell, is a consolidation of the experience you have.

How you choose to use it, and create a better world for yourself and your business, is all up to you.

At Coachingandlife we use the life coach forum, to understand and align on the way we feel on a daily basis to ensure we gain clarity, vision, dreams, hope and purpose in life.

Join us if you need a safe place to ask, and pitstop to spin your future decisions – with newest technology and the oldest we the humans.

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