1. Dreams and how we share them
  2. Our personal training to become
  3. Leadership and showing the way
  4. How we engage with each other
  5. The way we handle failure
  6. Fake is a new normal
  7. Friends and family

We use to be so much in love with life and feel the sprinkle of excitement, we use to be people with dreams hope, and desire.

Today all social media is filled with post which underneath show harassment, hate and fear.

What happened to encouragement and believing in each other. How have we let our faith turn into doubt and hate.

Are we no stronger than the weakest person?

Dreams and how we share them

Who can sit today and say? 45 years from this is what my life is going to be and actually make it happen? no one.

Facts are we all try! we believe share dare and dream and along the way, our lives are created.

The life we create, the things we dare to try or even more the possibilities we have because of where we are.

Dreams are inner visions, it is a desire to make something better. Often a dream arise when we feel hurt or someone we know is hurt.

A dream transform from inner vision to something living in you and over time it becomes your passion. The desire to make your dream real.

Everybody dreams, but not everyone has the courage to follow them?

Why do people let go of their dreams, hope and desire? and once you do let it go, something within dies. You become someone else! or something else.

This something no man has ever been able to gain facts about. Who are you when you let go of yourself?

Nobody, and is that not exactly how people who hate want you to feel, like nobody. So, if we dive into dreams and hope if you fail yourself, something within changes how you think, and how you act.

Our personal training to become

Nothing in this world is more important than our training to become. It is our duty to believe our inner vision, it is our duty to trust ourselves and it is our duty to standby our training to become.

Training is why we are here. How to make dreams comes true from working hard to make it happen.

Somewhere during the journey, we changed the game to be: You must like my dream – so I can make money. Did we forget that the reason why they are good at it, is because they do it – are training every single day, hour moment?

If you envy other people, envy their training, their training is what they become.

Do you believe success falls from the sky?

Dreams give success when you from doing the right training succeed and gain the results that make you happy.

When you are happy? you glow and people look at you and say: I want what she is having.

Succeed with your dream is all up to you

It’s the training you choose and the people you choose to be among those are the steps to your success and fulfillment.


You become your training

Leadership and showing the way

Someone has tried before you? been where you are and if you are smart you will listen to their story and hear.

Where they succeed and where they failed. What they wish they had done better and how they new they were on the right path.

Let’s face it, a football coach use to play himself somehow we feel more confident when they person we are talking to is not imagine.

I can only imagine what it is like to be Donald Trump with his wife and children. His lifestyle and creation of life are beyond my imagination. He is the world leader today of, what we all call the free world. It is to me a challenge as I do not see him representing Freedom dreams and hope.

To me it would be difficult to engage on leadership, as our core foundation see things differently. If you are asking why do I bring this up. Let me tell you why. Because often we do not know what we want, but we know what we do not want.

It is the challenge we all face

The doubt in our vision our inner way of being able to create the vision we have.

Most times our vision is only a feeling our training is transforming our feeling into something visual people can see.

Imagination is our dreams and we need to be able to imagine it, to be able to create it. When we start creating it, we become what we are creating and what people see is not what we do, it is who we become.

Let’s take an example

We go to the gym? why, to stay healthy and well, and here it is clear to us, it is not what we do, but what we become that matters.

We see our dream? our vision and passion. Now we need to take same steps as above?

That is not possible?

The road to your dreams has not yet been made. Once they are made everyone can do it. It use to be a few people, who worked out and had strong bodies, when science discovered what was important they road-mapped the journey.

Go to the gym 3 times a week and all of a sudden fitness centers was created the algorithm to succeed was easy and in place.

What we do not know is how many tried to gain a healthy body, stay well before and how many failed doing so.

You are not alone

You may think you are alone? but once you hold on to your dreams and desire, you find people who like you hold on to their dreams and desire.

If you let go of yourself, anything anywhere anytime is as good as anybody.

It’s not about the world, it is about you.

The dream you have belongs to you, and it is all up to you to make it happen.

How we engage with each other

Why would you kill someones dreams and hope?

Who are you to tell anyone anything you cannot do yourself?

Have the way we engage with each other come to the lowest step, we fire and we cut our family and friend.

We have lost the ability to stay together. Listen to different visions, dreams and hope. Support and guide where our skills and performance is needed.

What have we turned into?

Name me one person you dare to tell your dream to? or what you hope for?

Think about it, people make the effort to make fake pictures and stories in the attempt to become? what?

If we go back to the fact that we become our training. Facts are to stay true to yourself and your dreams, needs to be your passion.

A strong desire to do your best.

The way we handle failure

Facts are it is how, we handle failure that determines what kind of people you are among. Zero mistake and perfect does not exist, it is a fragile moment.

Agile and good performance is ongoing and always – it is sustainable.

I remember years ago when I handled transportation and 2 people through they could take over and do smarter and better in a split. Could they do better of course they could, it is always possible to do better?

But most important is the way, how you treat the task, the people, the contract, the result.

Where they heading for failure, big time and did I fail for myself, yes big time. Am I happy I left cheat, cheap and fake. OH yes, fact is had I stayed I would have lost me, and the way I believe people working together are.

I held on to me.

Yes, they threw me out and hacked my data, accused me even the director opens his arms, and said >> yes she is gone.

Think about working with people who act this way, the irony in all this is that people believe multi dollar companies and I am nobody, but see here is where the true difference rise.

I know I am someone, I believe in me and I did not compromise to cheat, cheap, and fake. My Choice, I held on to me and I will rise, I did not fall, I had a wake-up call.

Fake is a new normal

How much of what you see is fake, how much of the information you get is fake and how do you investigate and ensure, that what you do it valid.

Fake has somehow become our new normal, it is okay that huge companies cheat and do illegal things, it is okay to write a fake check, not even the police can do anything.

Have we gone so low and lost sight of the fact that the training is what we become.?

Friends and family

At the end of the day, it is the people we are among, the mindset we create on a daily basis.

It is what we think and how we think about it.

Who we trust and rely on to take us through a long solid life. The only thing that matter is the feeling you have.

How you feel right now?

Be yourself and a good version only because of you can the world be better and you can make it happen, you can support those who needs your skills and training. Today is a new day

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