You Are Not Alone.



There are many things, events, experience and more that are awful and cause pain. That said, there are many more that are joyous and fulfilling.

Sometimes we merely need to shift our perspective in life and we may find that it is easier to bear the brunt of the negative.

Often, we spend the lion’s share of our time perseverating on what is going wrong, unwilling to see what has been, is, and will be going right.

Today, take a look around you. At this very moment. Consider that if you are reading this, you have Internet access. You have a computer or cell phone that is working…right this moment. You are able to read and comprehend what you are reading. You are in a safe place, at least during this moment. (If you are in danger and are reading this, I am flattered, but FLY YOU FOOLS!)

Take stock, that you have total control over how you react to situations and how you think about them. And yes, while there are many perilous things and dark places out there in the world, you have survived this long and made it this far…and that is heartening and a testament to your inner strength and abilities.

That said, you are not alone. When you are feeling overwhelmed; experiencing anxiety or dealing with trauma or may just need soothing words of support and motivation…reach out.

We have many services and coaches to help you cope and overcome. From Life Coaches, to Hypnotherapists to Havening Practitioners, we have you covered at CAL.

Be well.


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Written by Berit Lagdefoged, well versed writer at CAL.