Welcome to CAL – a Life coaching membership

Enjoy and use the site the forum for making your life great

In CAL we aim to inspire each other. We aim for each other to say. “Because of CAL I didn’t give up”

Welcome to a Life coaching membership

As a me-member you have chosen to join CAL to be a part of a team a network, a forum, where knowledge and sharing are a great part of our lives.

We aim to improve we are on a journey where we want to experience, grow, learn and do better, we know we can make a difference.

We use our skills, we help each other with all in CAL, the whole purpose is to do great in what we do.

Please read the terms of use carefully before starting using the page.

We at CAL hope you will enjoy and make a difference with the site

– take it to great, make a difference for yourself and others.

Be a person you would admire, be the friend you dream of, be the teacher you seek, be the support and help you never got, be the one that makes a difference, we are the difference.

Bylaw in a Life coaching membership

As a me-member you have an agreed to be a part of a forum. Here we exchange the worlds we help, challenge and support each other, this is about making a difference not only in your own life

Among all, and you make a difference. Here we exchange our worlds, our life, here we share and use our skills to improve for the better,

Keywords are:

Difference for Life coaching membership

Together we make a difference by this we mean through acceptance, challenge, value and level we follow each other.

We listen, we hear and we use our skill to move forward in the right direction, only you know your goals in life.

Here you are not alone; here you can bring your life in front and get right help and support for others. Bring your knowledge forward.

Acceptance in a Life coaching membership

We accept each another, we are our best, where we are, and we know we all do the best, the best we know today.

Tomorrow is a new day and we as we grow and learn we do even better than today if we need more skills, more knowledge to do better.

We work through and support each other.

We are here because we want to, and because we want to do it right and make a difference.

Here you are vocal and you matter. Life can be hard and unfair; through CAL we have each other.

The major value in life is not, what you get. The major value in life is what you become. – Jim Rohn –

Challenge in a Life coaching membership

Who can tell you what is right and what is wrong in your life, and what you need to change in order to get the right balance,

As is right for you, only you, in CAL we challenge and ask each other questions.

Here you have the opportunity to be challenged by people you would never meet. This alone is a great benefit and asset.

Think about it –

  • Do not wish, it was easier, wish you were better.
  • Do not wish for less problems, wish for more skills.
  • Do not wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.

– Jim Rohn –

We challenge each other in a good way, making a difference in a positive way, though our commitment to our acceptance through it is all we stay together.

Values in a Life coaching membership

How we value that another person STOP for a moment and takes time for me – take the time to hear my story, my challenges, my weakness or strengths.

We value the things we can read here, and learn from, we treat it right.

Value, what we do, we value all the feedback and support, and we are the difference.     

When we standby one another and we help each other do the right we are challenges with support.

Success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted by the person you become – Jim Rohn –

Levels in a Life coaching membership

The level is a balance in all we do we seek and keep the right level, we are all different, and seek different things in life.

Therefore for each of us, we seek the right level – balance.

In everything we do we keep balance – the right level – the right form, the right way, we do not judge one another

We are polite, we are nice, we keep the level.

This is not a place for dirt, to cuss about bad habits, politics, religion, down talk, cuss at the world, this is not a place to talk bad about anyone.

It is not a place, where you are not responsible, and this is not a place for blame.

This is a place, where we with respect for whatever subject use our skills and us in a good manner use our knowledge to make a difference.

We take responsibility for what we do.

At CAL we do not sell anything to you and your data or e-mail is never exchanged with the third party if you at any time should receive any kind of indication, or anyone would sell you anything on behalf of CAL.

We kindly ask you to send information straight away to info@coachingandlife.com

CAL is for the benefit of exchanging, growing, learning, seeking, discovering ways to do better, CAL is about being a better you, being better at all you want to do in your life.

Helping each other to be better, learn easier, not make the same mistakes as I have. Do not go into the trap by being angry, depressed or any of the things that are down this road. Do better.

The most difficult question we ever face is – try harder or walk away?

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