Welcome to this training about mindfulness based stress reduction. Be who you are and listen to your inner, be who you are, where you are, be who you are and do your best, look inside for what gives you a mind filled with peace.Those are wise words, and yet so difficult to achieve, mindfulness is a tool for stress reduction.

Mindfulness for stress reduction.

Because you stress if you are using your energy to find out how to be, what to be, and how to do it. If what you are doing is not your natural way, then you are in a learning and phase to achieve, and that is hard work.

Feel yourself how to stress down

Just STOP for one second and feel yourself…. Wait ….wait … feel that is stress reduction based on a peaceful mind.

Mindfulness based stress reduction is so simple to say and yet so difficult practice and train.

We are challenged, in many ways every day and we have decision to make, and we have many things to do. The pressure can be hard and it can be difficult for us to do, what is right for ourselves in that moment.

This moment is all we have, whatever we think and tell ourselves. This moment and this second and therefore to use a simple tool as mindfulness for stress reduction is a strong tool to achieve good results.

What pressure us to think, that we can push things to the limit or to something else. Do we use our strength and life powers well do we do what is right for ourselves?

Those are good questions to have in mind.

Steps for mindfulness based stress reduction training

Let’s get into mindfulness based stress reduction: First step to stress down. To have a mind, that is mindful is to be, where you are, and be who you are, but it is also to recognize yourself. How that is, you are the only one who can know. Sometimes we let go of ourselves to help others, to do for others, a place where this is often seen is, think about what you do for love, for your children. For some of us, we must find a way to come to turns with, that we are the most important ones in our lives, we have to know, that we cannot look at a perfect world if our own behavior is some else. It all starts with what I do myself.

We look, at how the world sees us, we can feel alive and well and we can feel rejected and alone, either way – why do we feel that way.

To understand ourselves, we must know, what kind of peace we are seeking, when our minds are at peace, we are calm and we have a state of mind, where we feel that we are one the right way. We do things the right way for us within we get a good feeling.

Mindfulness based stress reduction is about training, to work hard, to run, to stay in, or do anything can be at the moment in time be right for us, each given day each moment is a chance for us to do the right thing. The right thing can be anything, only you know, what is right for you, and when you start thinking about it you do not have to do all for yourself every moment, as long as the steps goes in the direction you with your inner are aiming for.

It is, when the journey of your life goes in directions, where you do not feel at peace, that you take yourself out on thin ice. To stress down and use mindfulness as a tool is to build up your inner integrity for a strong foundation.

A way for stress reduction

We can be among many people and we can have many kinds of friends, and none of them should be like us, we can accept many things to be different, but we must respect and acknowledge the differences we have, each one of us contributes with something, different skills make stronger. This is ability to acknowledge and find the awareness in the diversity, is a revelation that one can always use.

Ones we see and understand that it is because of the diversity, that we get a chance to see so many different colors and adventures in life. Then we respect and go about it in a very different way.

Because, if we had a lot of the same, we get a lot of the same, if we add many different things, we get the diversity and it is within the diversity, that there is room for all of us.

Why, do we seek mindfulness? Why do need to learn the awareness and attention to this moment in time, what takes us so far away from the one thing that we have, ourselves, our way and our mind? As you read this about mindfulness based stress reduction, think about how much it means to you, that you are accepted from many people in your life. We have facebook, we have network on many levels, and we are face to face with so many more people, than ever before, how can we stay who we are unless we use a tool like “mindfulness based stress reduction training” to ensure that we do not stress if get challenged, or things are different from us.

What have we listened to since, we think that there is something more important, than what is going on in our mind. Most of our thinking and understanding of what is right comes from what we have learned early in life, and this we take with us. If we feel that what we are doing does not take us to places where we feel good, we are the only one who can change it and do what will make us feel good.

Ask yourself good questions

You may ask the question, but I do not know what makes me feel good, I am not sure that I know what I want. Coming to that point where you say, I do not know what makes me feel good about myself, that is far. Most of us try and then we see that this was not what we wanted, we take real hard times and often we are stuck and do not know how to move ourselves to back on track.

Did you ever hear someone say, it’s like I lost myself, or this is not what I wanted? We let it happen. We lose ourselves for many reasons, and it does not matter for how long or why, what matters is that once we discover, that we are stressed, that what we do is not the actions that we want, once we start listening to ourselves and having the awareness of our inner wishes, we start working for the right things.

Did you ever think about how someone can go on a tour for more than a year, or sit 15 hours at the office or clime Monte Everest are those some of the adventures you like.

If not, what are yours?

We are all different and we all do differently and what we do, we succeed with if we do it for the right reasons the good inner picture,

This does not mean that there is no hard times, life is a journey of learning and we have to try many things, to really understand what is right for us. Once we know, we know.

Once you find what gives you right feeling you get energy and you find peace of mind. When you have peace of mind you know that others are or have been seeking like you.

We learn from what we try, and we get an awareness from what we do, once we have tried it, we know if that if for us, and if we have done it over time, we know how it makes us feel.

Mindfulness is a way of finding

There are moves or steps before we reach mindfulness and the definition of mindfulness, we read a lot about what it is and tools to us to be mindful, one of the steps used  is the awareness of where we are what we do, to be fully aware of ourselves.

Facts is, that before we know, that we need mindfulness there is something within that tells us, that we are not aware of what we do, and where we are right now in this moment in time. Where does it come from that feeling or the signal that we get since our minds are worried?

To be where we are, to be who we are, with all that is, whatever that means? Mindfulness is about: here and now, knowing where you are right now, a feeling what is going on right now, learning to understand yourself inside out.

Inside out.

To let go, where you stand right now,

  • Is something happening to you right now, or is what you are thinking in your imagination?
  • Is what you are thinking and doing making you feel better? Will you be at peace at the end of the day?
  • You think, you worry, you imagine, you act from what you imagine and think is happening around you, and do you for a fact know, that this is, what is going on, or are you in doubt?

What is a stress the voice of

When we feel stress, what is that we feel, what is stress, can it be too much doubts, things or ways to do and go. We get overstressed and over thinker because too much is in doubt, we are not sure what is right and what is wrong. We do not understand the consequences of what is happening and why.

Mindfulness is in all, it is terms and the way we do with a peaceful mind, a mind that is in harmony with what is happening around us.

Doing the right thing, does not mean, that we all must do the same thing, and doing the right thing does not mean, that we will not meat hard times or challenges in life. It means, that when we do and when we seek adventures in our lives, that are right for us, and we practice and know ourselves inside out. We do the right thing for the right reasons.

Equine assisted therapy with horses is a great guidance, when we do not know, what to do or how, if we want to stress down and know and find the mindfulness.

Starting doing, you seek back to yourself with life without words, words are great to use because we can understand so much with the use of words, but words can also hurt and words create much misunderstanding.

To choose to do the right thing, to choose to follow your own inner wisdom and to choose to use the guidance that comes from within, you use those aware steps in mindfulness.

You pay attention to this moment and time. This will make you stress down, we are not stressed over the things we do, we are stressed over all the things we do, that are not leading us anywhere, or are not right things for us,

You would say that you are doing too much, and YES you could be right, if you take upon yourself too many task, then that is correct, but then it is a different story.

If you spend your time helping others and thereby necklet your own path and your own goals in life,

Mindfulness based stress reduction is about to help other people. We help each other every day, we standup for our friends and we help our family members. All this is also what we should do, be good and kind to each other. The trouble is when the helping takes over and it becomes what we do, we seek to help other and through that doing, we forget who we are and what is right for ourselves. It changes phase and crosses the line.

To do for others, is only if they ask us, if we help friends and family and they ask us, then we have there acceptance and we can do it. In the doing there is learning and understanding, that we need and therefore sometimes family or friends cross the line, and for all the right reasons we must find our own way, live our own lives without involvement, and there is nothing wrong with that. We should all listen to our inner, and find the right way and respect that for each other.

If we help other achieve there outcomes, and we do not keep our own outcome in focus, we become dogs without a master.

We are the master in our lives, and this is the focus, we have to keep, we do not stress out, when we do things that are right for ourselves. We stress out, when we lose our peace of mind.

We can take on many task, we can take on a huge workload and we can make things happen, if it is the right things for us.

Did you ever notice that when you do something you enjoy, that times flies and you smile all inside out!

You have an awareness that is so strong, you involve yourself, and you do and say things to interact even more and you want more of it. It is right for you, your inner is enjoying what you are doing and it gives your mind peace.

That is what we seek, and for sure to start working with mindfulness will make you stress down and it will make you aware of what you need to do more of, and what you must do less or even let go.

We can do it, and we can make what we want happen, if we just listen to our inner and follow our own way.  We have what it takes, what we do not know today we can learn, and what we know today we can use for our venture tomorrow.

Each day, we take one more step towards what is our way, and we see and feel when we use inside out, all we know to move ourselves, those are the days, that count and make us feel mindful and stress will not be part of our life.

Mindfulness based stress reduction is a training tool to use to see our wisdom and to choose is for ourselves to decide.

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