7 ways to gain the alignment in an agile way with feedback

Feedback to align

What is feedback and why is it so important to us. Feedback tells us how other people experience what we say, and what it makes them feel.

We use feedback to steer and navigate with among each other. Feedback is our agile way of aligning. We want to align to be in harmony. We want other people to understand how we feel and what is important to us.

1. Feedback to align

It’s the feedback that makes you unhappy? it is when you feel the rejection that you bailout. Humans like to align, we love, that people like what we do, and we are scared if we doubt our doings. [ get a feedback software tool to gather and analyze information in real-time >> Here

Fear is bread

Who do you know takes advantage of fear, and seek alignment through the use of fear?

Let me give you an example from my experience.

I worked for a distributor who had monopoly in the market. In all their acts they used fear and worry as at treat to gain the align for their benefits.

They were so proud of the fact that they did not have a signed agreement with the customers even though the law says ” there must be and end to end contract” and even more, here is how far out their mind set it, they said we have the cheapest prices in the word, even though there is parallel important and copy products in the market.

Fear was the driver from suppliers and customers, no one dares to say anything to them because the feedback they got would be a treat.

When feedback is a treat

A boss that wants you to do as he says he will use his feedback with a treat. You are fired. >> guess what been there tried that, and guess again >> it still does not make it right what they do.

A friend that wants you to do things you do not want to, will threaten you and say, then you are no longer my friend >> guess what been there tried that too.

No feedback must be used to improve our way together

Feedback is a dialog tool. You start any learning and training because the feedback you get does not align with the outcome you want.

You need and want the feedback. It is the tool you use to navigate from if used correctly.

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

– Winston Churchill

2. Empower your team with feedback to align

How do you believe your team feels now that they have to come back to work. What is their challenge and what is the strength that they have been home for more than a year.


So use to coming into the office it use to be my daily life, getting up and going to work. As a natural part of me. I did not think much about it.

Now I do!

I am not use to aligning with the boss, co-workers on a daily basis. I am use to solving the challenges “my way” as how I see best fit.

It’s a new normal!

Anything else can not be possible, one year has past and here we are. We need to find out what matters today, if we have the right tools, training and learning to achieve our future goals.

We are not the same! one year has changed much more than we can possible imagine.

Think about it!



Free time?

Work life balance?

Feeling good and peace of mind?

“True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.”

– Daniel Kahneman

3. When Feedback is use the right way to align.

In the pharmaceutical industry, we use feedback to align with compliance. Compliance means law and guidelines as HSE and GMP and GDP.

Feedback is the documentation, that we actually follow the law and that we are reliable in our way of conducting business.

Feedback is a the strongest tool we process and you can always, when you enter a pharmacy ask to see their contract with the distributor, and you can ask to know how their end-to-end Supply Chain evaluation looks.

We navigate from feedback

From Feedback we make major and minor deviation to ensure compliance.

Reading an audit report will always give you a first impression of what kind of supplier, or customer you are facing.

 “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

– Ken Blanchard

4. Negotiation from feedback.

Starting point in a negotiation is always from the feedback.

Who would have though a year ago that we would be taking about re-on-boarding and how it feels to be in the office. One year ago working from home, was like taking a day off. Today we know that people achieve much more when they work from home.

Assumptions was wrong.

The best negotiation always has basis from the facts you hold from feedback. It is how you clear misunderstandings before the rise.

Feedback is needed to make the negotiation work for everyone.

“To become more effective and fulfilled at work, people need a keen understanding of their impact on others and the extent to which they’re achieving their goals in their working relationships. Direct feedback is the most efficient way for them to gather this information and learn from it.”

– Ed Batista

5. Time Why we need feedback tools

We need a feedback software tool to help us gather and analyze information in real-time. Agile alignment calls for action today!

We do no longer hold the key for customers to wait for us ( unless you have monopoly) in the market. Employees, Suppliers and Customers need to know what they are measured on, so they can adapt and react today.

A feedback software tool will smooth the way to gain and analyze the information. It is no longer you as the presenter who has done the analysis. It’s the facts – your boss can not say to you? are you sure there is no mistake in the analysis.

In collaboration with www.flexco.dk

New times call for new feedback tools to ensure the facts and insight going forward.

6. Feedback on the change of fear

Fear, we fear when we do not know what is going to happen. Did you know you were going to get fired? yes you did! you just did not know when.

We know, we always know, we never outsmarted, we are just kind to the other person and letting them get away with their poor and bad behavior.

Because we are kind, and because we do not think bad or evil about the people, we let them get away with their unfair, and bad ways.

It is when you are on top of the world, you show your true character and trust me, I have not seen one act decent and behaved have you. I use to believe that a billion dollar monopoly business – that they had the monopoly because they were smart, clever and wise. No – they have the monopoly because they lie, cheat and are cheaper than you can possible imagine. The hold the >> the saying Fuck you – they do not care about anything or anyone but themselves.

If you get that feeling >> get out.

The feedback you feel is true, and it is why we need a feedback software tool to help us gather and analyze information in real-time. We need to hear the real thing from the real people. If they are not silenced because they are scared.

If you do not want to give feedback – why?

What do you think would happened if you gave your truly feedback?

If people are silent you should worry, then you have hidden and unlocked potential for growth and more opportunities.

The feedback you do not get

– holds you back – not them but you.


7. Feedback the key to align across

Let’s take you to feedback street let start engaging and connecting in an agile way from using feedback solution to gain the insight and overview you need and want.

ROI is suffering from poor and lack insight and facts. We need the right solutions to rise and move forward, we need all these fear drivers to show what they can do instead of keeping the real powerful talented people back.

Feedback software will help you gather and analyze the information in real-time and give you the insight and facts you need to action on.

Do not miss out on the opportunities.

Have faith in the facts and the agile way.

Grow your business

” The reason why people fail, is because they listen to family and friends

– Napoleon Hill

Be smarter and wiser

Use feedback – often it is free….