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To act professionally is to handle a situation based on insight and facts, while your personal opinion or temper does not show, impact and influence the situation and outcome.



Can be learned and to master a skill you need learning training and practice.


Skills are defined as the knowledge or know-how you process.


Most often a business will hire you for your skills and fire you due to your soft skills. Knowing how to act professionally helps you ahead to make the right choices for yourself.


Share what you know:

To share professional skills is the most important asset you hold. How to gain alignment and optimize business performance. As a professional, you gain the insight and facts needed to pivot and enhance the situation.

Here are 7 ways why we should encourage Sharing
  1. Bring it forward ask the right questions to the right people and get the answers you need is acting professionally
  2. Sharing is a puzzle you bring together to provide incentives.
  3. Align to create the space for sharing to happen and build the puzzle.
  4. Evaluate your insight and facts to ensure the right training and methods
  5. Find the business drivers that will invest in the long-term strategy.
  6. Build a knowledge library where employees can get training and tools faster
  7. Implement knowledge sharing into the organization – get the good ideas forward as long as they are done well.



Add your skills settings together and know where your strength is is to be professional. We team up to get different skills and insights than we are capable of bringing to the tables ourselves.


The better you know your own strength and value the more value you will bring to the business where you are


Soft Skills:

Your way of doing, how you interact with people and how the people around you experience you. Soft skills are often challenged by the intention and the results.

The intention was to get it done fast, the result was that it was not done very well.



Is the words you use and how you use your tone. Communication in itself is a course to master and holds many fine-turned details. If people do not want to engage with you for many reasons. They can always say I do not understand.


Results and outcome

In the end, being a professional is all about the result and outcome, it is all about how did you do. What is the result and are you satisfied with the outcome.

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