Why seek the truth.

Did you ever ask yourself the question? – why do you seek the truth? and what, how, and why is that so important to not only to you and me but the whole world?

To understand our behavior, we need to step back for a moment. We always seek the truth, the good, and the strong. It’s part of our nature to believe in the good, the strong, and what is real.

What happens, when we seek the truth.

Humans need to believe, our passion is to drive better, faster, safer, stronger, smarter. In all visions, we have ever discovered or seen; the reason to create a product or service is to improve – not to hurt, hate, harm, threaten, or even kill people. (all with the intention to improve, save or keep something)

What we do, – We do to improve the world – to be a better place, we have a vision, we want to become real. In our journey to make it real, something goes wrong along the way – when looking back – to seek the truth.

Seeing a vision is not the same as being a great businessman/woman. The passion is created from a dream something inside out so strong a passion like:

  • Pharmaceutical medicine is created to help people stay healthy and feeling good.
  • Computer and software is created to work smarter, and be more efficient.
  • Cars, planes, trains, and bycles are made to move humans faster, smarter and better.

The vision and creations are at all times to improve the world and make it better for someone else. At no time does anyone create anything unless the intention is to protect, save or help someone else?

And we seek the truth to know, that it was the best man who won? That we did make the right choice, and we did make the world better.

We do not let fake and cheat win the race. Even the Tour De France has been through the purification of cleaning out what is fake, cheap, and cheat.

We want to know and if we are in doubt we seek the truth.

Are humans by nature fake, cheap and cheat.

Why do we see, so much doubt these days, why are so many people working fake, cheap, and cheat? When we all know, that it is only a question, about time, before the truth hits the surface?

Humans seek the truth, and in the end, the truth finds its way.

Do you ever ask the question, why did every rider in Tour De France have to tell? Or why are cases like this coming to the surface now?

4 cases, where we seek the truth.

Tell me, why are we even asking these questions? 
Where we built on truth, dreams, vision and create improvements - the though to seek the truth is not a question. - How did we end up here??
And even more what happens to us as humans, when we lose faith, and why is it important to us to know the truth. 
seek the truth
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How to seek the truth.

Alone in these 4 cases we see, it is hard to find the truth, and even when you find the truth it is too late. So you might win but you will lose. They wiped everyone along the way to get their way.

Are we asking the wrong question.

The real question is why do we embrace people, who make things happen?

We seek the vision, the strong, the saver, the helper, we seek the truth. Who wants fake love? rise your hands. Who wants a cheating winner? or who want a cheap dinner.

No, we want real winners and real heroes, who make us work harder, believe, and be better of, we want to dream, believe in hope, and work hard to create a better world, and to do that we must start believing.

Believe in yourself.

It’s the people who you are among, who are they, and what do you work for. It is how you and only you believe in yourself and your way – there is no shortcut, there is only doing it the right way to get it right.

With our technology and where we are today, we need more than ever to believe in ourselves in the people we are among because we need to change fake, cheap, and cheat into sustainability and reliability.

We need the leaders who lead, so there is something for everyone – not only for someone.

At Coachingandlife we understand the passion, vision, and need to improve the world. It’s about the people’s why, how, and what to feel good. At Coachingandlife we help humans be real – feel good and do good. The spin of hope, dreams, and belief. We all need to be part of something, we believe in. We need to find passion, dreams, and hope. In the end, we seek the truth.

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