The city or The Top 4 Cities for digital.

Looking for the city; while there are plenty of popular cities for digital nomads, not all of them will suit your personal needs and goals. Below are four cities that will give you an idea of where to start looking when you’re considering moving from one U.S. city to live somewhere affordable or to live somewhere fun and exciting. Here are some tips and suggestions, courtesy of the experts at Coaching and Life.

1. Denver

Denver is a booming city with relatively low costs of living, great internet connectivity, and lots of fun entertainment. It’s easy to connect with other entrepreneurs and work on your next big idea. The city is a cultural hub filled with young people taking full advantage of what their city has to offer. While Denver is famous for having many breweries and marijuana dispensaries, it also provides great coworking spaces to work remotely. The cost of living can be slightly high but there are ways to make it work. You can find a cheap rent near downtown or live on an expanse of land out in Jefferson County.

2. Tempe

Tempe is one of those cities that has a lot to offer and not much going against it. The city’s population is big enough that you can find just about anything you need but small enough to have a hometown feel. The quality of life is fantastic, with a young population and beautiful sunny weather all year long — ideal for working outside or enjoying everything the area has to offer. Tempe also has its fair share of fun activities like hiking, biking, shopping, and great places to eat. Visiting sites like make it easy to find rentals within your budget; you can also look for pet-friendly places, check the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and find exactly what you need.

3. Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson has excellent internet access, a low cost of living (costs are almost 14% below the national average), tons of outdoor activities, and plenty of things to do. The only downside to the city is that it can be extremely hot during most months of the year. However, with cheap, fast internet services and housing costs as low as $500 per month, Jackson has everything you need, along with friendly locals and a vibrant social scene. 

4. San Diego

San Diego has just about everything a digital nomad could want. It’s warm all year but never gets too hot. The beach is a prime spot to work, and it’s not uncommon to see people working from bars and coffee shops along main thoroughfares like Ocean Boulevard, Mission Boulevard, and La Jolla Village Drive. You can find coworking spaces at great prices, and finding a place to live isn’t difficult because there are lots of apartment buildings. 


Looking to Escape?

Regardless of which city you choose, you can streamline your work by taking advantage of online tools whenever possible. For instance, advertise your services for free via social media. And if you need to alter file formats to suit the needs of your clients, you can use this free tool to convert them to a PDF documents.

If you’re a digital nomad, looking to escape from a more traditional office space, you may want to consider these four options for your next location. There are many perks to choosing one of these cities, including the cost of living and quality of life. 

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