We have over the last weeks been working with kindness, thankfulness and you know if you think:


You that what you were about to do changes and your outcome is the strength of who you are.

You want to be your best, and you want to achieve what is best for you. The best for your is not to argue, fight, get angry or be upset, the best for you is to know, what you want and how you want it, and let everyone around you feel and do the same.
Know what you want and knowing what you want to do, does not mean that you will need to take it out, or let it go. It says that you follow the path you have in mind. Knowing what you want and what is your way means that you have your plan and achievements in place.

Or one could say: follow your dream.

See the plan, see the journey and do it. You are not in competition with anyone, at the end of the day, the program you make is what matters, what sides of life you get to see.

To have a good program is what will make a strong you. Each time you feel you do something right, you believe in yourself even more.

Every time you do something that makes you feel good, you become stronger in the believes and you will feel the strength inside build up.

Make a list of things where you feel strong and make a list of the things you do where you do not get that feeling.

Make sure you take the list to your life coach with whom you work on your program. Strength and start being aware of what you do every day to support yourself to be an even stronger you will change a lot over time.

This list you are making where you write the things you feel gives you strength is what builds you up, on the list of things that do not give you the feeling of building up yourself, know that there may be things that you need to do, not because of, but because of you need the task done.

If the case is that you have too many things that are draining you and still you need them done. Ask your life coach to help you change the meaning of the doing.

It is all about you and how you see it, it is all about how you feel about it, and how you look at yourself on the other side.

Life is one long string of doing, and if we teach ourselves to love what we do, we show ourselves how to be stronger in how we do, not looking at what we do.

Strength from within is a puzzle, and you do not know your strength until it comes to a test.
Some tests do not have an impact on us. Other trials of life have a significant effect on our soul and mind.

My last challenge involved manipulation, power, lies, money, dignity, decency, truth, family, friends and looking into my files, pictures, e-mails.

Gratitude, thankfulness, kindness, trust, believing, real friends, knowledge and moving on.

Gratitude and thankfulness are words that today give a new meaning to my life. Kindness and believe have a very different sense. There is nothing like being with people you can trust, working for the course of the doing it because it is right and because it is the right thing to do.

The feeling of belonging is strong. Being around people who support your mind and soul. Where what you do, have a positive impact.

That builds strength and the wish to do even more, and do even better. I remember walking down the hallway, being so afraid of meeting the man not know what mood he would be in, I remember the smile of the man and the lies and betray. I remember the voice the women and the man – I am the company’s man. I remember being sick and not being able to talk, I remember not knowing how I could or should go on. I remember being so afraid that I did not even know how to be there for my own family. I was weak, and I did not do anything that was right for me and made me feel the inner strength.
Letting go does not mean that you are weak, it says that you are healthy enough to let it go. I have wasted years not listening to myself – learn from me. Make the list of what makes you feel strong.
From the list, you will see, where you are in life.

A program to support you.
Maybe, you need a program to support you, or perhaps you have what you need from making a list.

Feeling good is what it is about.

It does not mean that you should not face challenges, it means that the challenges you face you can overcome and get out on the other side even better and more as you.

There is nothing like overcoming challenges. It is what we do; we challenge ourselves. We want to grow; we want to do even better.

Life is one long string of challenges and once you have overcome a problem you seldom see or face it again. Does that not make you smile.

To make the list of things that give you strength is also to provide you with an awareness of who you are; and what you are about, it is for you to find out what gives you satisfaction, it is to find out what gives meaning to your life.

We are not the same, none of us, we have some that is the same, but at the end of the day, no one has walked your shoes, and no one has tried in the order you have what you do and have done.

That makes you unique.

It is for all of us to remember that each one of us has our own unique story to tell and plan to follow. We are not in competition with each other. Each one of us has our way and own plan and destination.

Let life show you the best. Open up to see it, by finding your support and strength. If you are strong, you will do more, and you will find out what is you and what is not you.

To know you is to love you. You must show who you are to find love. If you cover yourself up for things, you are not. How can you expect people to see who you are?

To know who you are and to do what is right for you. Is learning we all face at some point in time and once we start working to find out what is ME, you will know how difficult it is and you will see how many are trying.

Once you add your focus to your inner awareness, a new world will come alive. The journey into you. Know what makes you smile, know what is important to you. Know what you are willing to use your strength at, do you want to use all your energy fighting with your partner or do you want to use all your energy on building up your company. You have a sudden amount of energy every day, and the power you use for anger or fighting with your family or friends is all wasted energy that will not take you anywhere.

When you work with your list, see where you add your energy and with whom you get all your good energy. Use your awareness to build up your understanding of what you want to do more of, and what you would like to change or do differently.

Ask yourself what is important to you, and ensure you take that with you in your doings. Follow your way. Believe in yourself, that you have what it takes to make it happen.

You have all the power you need to make yourself the best possible you.

No one can do, and no one knows the power you process inside.
You can work with it, and become the person you always wanted to be.

There is only you.

Change for the better, change is continuous and the difference is what must take place if you are to find something better. More of what I had before, would only have gotten me sick and not able to work.
Burn out and done, I was not me, all was wrong, and still, I did not make the change, I was weak and powerless.

Had I made a list, I would have known in a right way that I was heading the wrong way. I would with myself being able to see that this was not working for me.
Do you know when people keep telling you over and over again, move on and still you do not listen?

What happens, I can tell you what happened to me. The more they told me to move on and let it go, the more I wanted to show them that I could do it.

What I did not see was, it was not at all me and the results that I created, I never got the change to take the credit for it. Someone else came in and ran off with it. I did not lose out I learned so much, I did it right and for the right reasons.

Lesson learned.
Wisdom achieved
Awareness arose

The power of learning that I am not alone, and finding out who supports me, and who is there for me. The different talks that came to the table and the new friends that have found their way into my life. I am grateful; I am thankful that I have managed to take me out doing things that are making me a better person a stronger me.

I can support, and I can help for the right reasons, and I am there.
You can count on me.

Doing things that build your strength has nothing to do with how you treat others, that is not the same game or play. It is silence, and hard work and focus go in not out.

Strength goes in not out.

You want to build you, to be the best possible you. You want to know that you have done the best you could and that what you did gave support to life, to be just a little better.

You have so much to offer to build yourself to be an even better you is what will give you strength to do even better.

To make a choice and know your inner strength and what gives you power is knowing who you are. Once you feel the power from within your dreams and wishes will come live.

Life becomes important to you, and what you do, and how you do it. You will see that it will no longer matter to you how the dishes are done your focus will be on the outcome.

It does not matter how we reach the destination, all the detours all the struggles and all our worries, all forgotten and what is left is the smiles and the laughs we had finding our way.

Think about how many times you laugh about a challenge you are working to overcome.

First understand then seek to be understood – is wise words said by Stephen Covey.

First understand the situation and what they are struggling with, how they tried to solve it, what they did and why and I could go on
No, we do not know, what is happening to other people.
To be understood is a challenge in itself, and for us to practice.

Strength comes when you let go of what is outside and start looking for an inner understanding of the situation and what is happening to you.

The power of strength is within you, and it is your power to explore, discover and use.

If you are feeling weak, unhappy, powerless – make the list of what is giving you strength and what is not.

And if you need it, CAL is here to support you moving on.

With your strength, you will get to see the best part of life.