Today you can do anything. Everything is possible and everything is up to you.

You need to ask yourself what is right for you, and that can be the tuff part. Get in the forum and start asking your quesitions, if you are not getting the results you want in your life, you are not asking the right questions.

No matter what any one tries to tell you. You are the only one who holds the truth for you. The rest of us can you ask you how your ME feels and when you have piece of mind and balance you are answering to your ME – with the right answers.

ONLINE –  Book an Online call with the life coach of your choice, if you have trouble deciding which life coach you want to find tools and inspiration from. Check them out in their site or webinars

Here is the value you get:

  • Be happy in real life in your everyday.
  • Use the power of health and wellness.
  • Use the power of positive thinking.
  • Master the art of mindfulness
  • Make solid good habits


. is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Gain knowledge and inspiration:

The power is in knowing. CAL opens the gate to knowledge and for you to gain informations as you need.

  • When you empower yourself on a day-to-day basic you grow
  • Be your best where ever you are
  • Gain the strength to be calm and see lifes perspective
  • It’s how you Gain knowledge and learning – SPEND YOUR TIME RIGHT

What do you want !

There can on be ONE balance and that is the cores you are set – your values and your gift is to  Know Your why’s and what is important to you. Know how you add value to yourself and your career

Spotlight your achievements and talk about your Success

Work Health is the power to optimize your performance


Here is how to join

How to get answers to your life and results

Everyone Can Join CAL If your life is on track and you are looking for inspiration and opportunities to do even better,. CAL has you covered. It’s like an insurance you have it, you can always change it – gain life knowledge and inspiration $2.7 a day – $ 79.95 a month

CAL Basic Q/A

  • 24/7 Ask a Life Coach in the closed forum
  • You get the answer straight to your mailbox once a week.
  • Talk to other members and learn from their experiences

Price is  $107 a month.

CAL Gold Q/A

  • 24/7 Fast and Easy answers to your questions
  • 24/7 Ask a Life Coach in the closed forum
  • Get the answer straight to your mailbox 3 times a week
  • Talk to other members and learn from their experience
  • Talk to a coach of your desire – 1x 30 min time a month arrange your call zoom or skype

Price is  $247 a month.

CAL Excellent Q/A

  • 24/7 You can ask a Life Coach in the closed forum
  • Mon-Sat You get the answer straight to your mailbox every day
  • Talk to other members to learn from their experience
  • Go to Teams and get the answers you are seeking
  • Talk to a Life Coach of your desire 1x 60 min. a month Arrange your Call Zoom or Skype

Price is  $455 a month.


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We Inspire and People to

  1. JOIN us as individual or as company
  2. Coaching from different coaches
  3. A validated platform
  4. Certified Coaches
  5. Commitment in membership – DECC

Be inspired – gain knowledge – make choices and grow



$ 21.00$ 22.00


Exclusive CAL

$ 39.95 for 1 month
$ 455.00 for 1 month with a 10-day free trial and a $ 199.00 sign-up fee

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