Freedom is the key to a great and better world. Have we forgotten how important our freedom is, and what the cost is for freedom?

Yesterday a Russian opera singer canceled her performance for more than 5000 people, properly a smart move taking into consideration the situation we are in, in February 2022.

For the opera singer, time is important, she will never get the chance again, so her leader closed doors for her she can never open again.

Leadership and freedom.

Putin is 69 years old in 2022. He is an old man who can maximum live for 20 years more. He can destroy the youth for millions of young people who were looking into a bright future, he can destroy life for everyone in the age 25-45 who has been struggling to where they have come to.

Freedom and achievements.

Will he move into history as a leader who managed to create higher, better, and smarter performance for his people? or what happens when you take the best of your people and you ask them to invade another country. Who do they become and who is their leader?

The wingman and freedom

Look next to you, who is standing next to you. Freedom is not free, freedom comes at a price, and maybe we are lucky to get that mirror lifted to show us, what freedom is and why we value it.

Where is social media, internet, the great of the biggest when it counts, who can use the billions Facebook, Google, Twitter, TikTok, Apple, Microsoft flags with when one man can override it all, and little do we do.

Freedom matters

People are in line to live in America because it is a country where you can be who you are. You can practice the religion you believe, you can fight for what you want and you can achieve your dreams. Think about in the US, everyone can write to the president. It is the country where:

Dreams do come true.

Who wants to live in Russia, where hope, dreams, and achievements are for the few or selected, where you must be as the leader desires, where you are stuck.

Leadership in 2022.

Have we learned, do we know how important our freedom is, and do we use our freedom to pursue the right course forward? Remember the Berlin wall did not fall because the leaders of Moskva wanted it to fall. It fell because the people make wanted it to.

Great leadership of a nation makes the people great, better, and smarter, they build a notation to last, and they do not need walls, treat and war to take over another country. Here people want to be, because this is where you feel good, can achieve greatness, and where you are someone.

Even if Mr. Putin wins over Ukraine, he will lose the people of the world, he will destroy young men’s future and change their lives forever. Who are you when you are willing to force your leadership over people with force?

What kind of a person are you?

Who will follow you?

Are you willing to die for someone for whom you are nothing?

Why are people even fighting for someone like that, and what will it cost them in their lives that they do so. The dark side has shown his face and we must team up together to bring light.

Leadership, freedom and future.

Who we choose as our leaders matter more than ever. Their mindset and where they lead us. Have we forgotten that it is your leader who gets you fired and makes you fail? Just like a country. It is the leader of the country who can open and close doors for you? you may not think about it, but it’s a fact.

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