Coaching The Strongest Tool

Coaching the strongest tool

It is how we transform problems and challenges to solutions and how we use the transformation and Tools to bridge any gap from insight and real-time results to solving the right problems. Here you find all the blogs we write about coaching and why we believe it is the strongest tool we humans process.

How we always manage to adapt, learn and train to what we need in our life.

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The Pain Inside A Strong Voice

The voice inside. Do you hear it or is it silent? The pain inside can be so strong, that it is a strong voice. That we need to listen to, it is not that it is not there it is just that we do not notice it, and it will always be there and can [ Read more …. ]

Strike a pose, take a stance

‘What are you looking at? Strike a pose.’ (Madonna) Written by: Nick Wright Madonna’s musical masterpiece Opened the 90s with classic escapism, a subcultural call to discover freedom, in art, that had evaded people in the midst of blistering life struggles in the real world. To dance, and to pose, felt like a light and [ Read more …. ]


Discipline or even better self-discipline. My challenge is to get right discipline:   How do we want to unfold discipline? Does discipline build character? Does discipline give results? Does discipline give tolerance? How do we work discipline to achieve the outcome that we want? What do you do? We all know of discipline rules and [ Read more …. ]

Clash of Realities and How can we use Coaching

To shift a perspective, to deepen a stance? Take narrative, for instance, By – Nick Wright – A topical theme. Differing narratives around the Corona-drama represent profoundly contrasting perspectives and lived experiences. Unquestioned, unquestioning, and worlds apart. I read and hear people in the wealthier countries panicking about daily infection rates and death tolls; fixated [ Read more …. ]

Your Need Answers: Here is 6 Why you need the answers.

You have one question to ask and here is the answer you need. How can I do better today? I can answer for you? you need to do better today. You want today to have a good impact on your life going forward, so why are you not doing it? What did yesterday add of [ Read more …. ]

How to succeed and how to make it real Remember

It is people who succeed. It is not systems and software. It’s people who share and care about the journey going forward. It is not as Bill Gates says: If a person’s competencies are missing at work they systems are too weak. It’s not about cheat and cheap. Cheat and Cheap is why we are [ Read more …. ]

7 things that have changed in the way we think and act. Here is what:

Dreams and how we share them Our personal training to become Leadership and showing the way How we engage with each other The way we handle failure Fake is a new normal Friends and family We use to be so much in love with life and feel the sprinkle of excitement, we use to be [ Read more …. ]

A Coaching Journey is many choices and decisions to make

Do not make my mistakes a coach holds specific tools and training for you to do better here is a coach journey by Nick A Coaching Journey Interview with Nick Wright C&L                       How did you get into coaching? Nick                      My background was in community development and human rights work before moving into learning and development [ Read more …. ]

Uncertainty and 10 reasons to stay in the winners game in life

Why Coaching is humans strongest tool and How to play the winners game in life Time changes and we change with time. Humans’ strongest tool is the ability to adapt and adjust. We change with time and most of the changes we make happen. There is no digital solution that is not man made and [ Read more …. ]

What is a good advice

Good advice is advice that will leave you better of: Because you were there, I manage to make it! The advice comes from experience and lessons learned Listen to good advice here: In our on-going membership, we aim and strive to fulfill the opportunities and goals you seek. Our sourcing is the right people. [ Read more .... ]